8 Laughter Inducing Cannabis Strains

Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? Sometimes a good laugh turns a bad day, sad situation or difficult life change into something more manageable. Laughter might just make you feel a little better. We’ve gone on the hunt for 8 laughter inducing cannabis strains to help you turn your frown into laughter and happiness.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha tops the list of strains that induce laughter. With this strain, it’s hard to keep a straight face – even in a serious conversation. It is a sativa that helps keep your mind active and body energized. Use this strain any time of the day or night.

When you need to fix your mood fast, this is a strain to look for. Its effects come on quickly and tend to be long lasting. If you have difficulty in social settings or tend to be quiet in a group setting – Laughing Buddha will change all of that.

It’s best to microdose this strain. A little too much may have you talking too much or be unable to really pay attention to your surroundings.

Purple Elephant

Purple Elephant is a nighttime strain. It is relaxing but also makes everything hilarious. The flavor is complex being grape, earthy and sweet.

When stress and/or depression are weighing you down – this is the strain to look for. Stress and depression can also keep you awake at night, but not with Purple Elephant. You should be able to get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Your morning mood should also be pleasant.

Smaller doses will keep you awake, but larger doses are likely to knock you out cold.

Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo is a pretty unique strain that might be hard to find, but it’s worth looking for. The buds are a beautiful pastel purple and green. Its flavor is mostly berry and fruity but has some hints of floral too. The most dominant fruit flavor is blueberry.

If illness has your mood in the gutter – Blue Magoo will help uplift you and help you laugh.

It’s an ideal hybrid for those with pain, nausea, appetite loss, anxiety and insomnia. There is a little hint of sativa here that may help keep you from falling asleep so that you can enjoy your favorite comedy.

Lucky Charms

The hybrid strain Lucky Charms is an ideal option when you just need to feel happy and uplifted. It’ll also help relax you after a tough day. This is one strain that produces a lot of resin. Keep the resin by scraping your pipe after you’ve used all of the strain. The resin will help boost the intensity of a weaker strain and may help improve your mood at the same time.

The name may make you think it’s a sweet tasting strain, and it is fruity tasting – but it’s a tangy fruit flavor.

Pain sure can put a damper on your mood, but Lucky Charms is a great painkiller. It’s also a good option for getting rid of headaches, reducing stress, improving depression and giving you a little bit of energy.

It’s a good idea to have some munchies handy with this strain. The name and the fruit flavor may have you craving a bowl of cereal.

Church OG

Going to church is usually a serious thing – but Church OG is anything but serious. It’s one of the happiest strains that makes you laugh the most. It’s best used with a group of friends. Be careful though – this is a powerful indica that can absolutely knock you out if you get too greedy and use a large dose.

This is one strain that you really don’t have to worry about mold with – it’s said to be mold-resistant. It grows best in the mountains, so ask your California mountain growers to cultivate a batch.

Its buds have hints of purple with prominent orange hairs and dark green buds. The flavor is earthy, herbal, spicy and has some hints of pine too.

The THC percentage averages 19-percent, but can dip into the mid-20s.


Happy, euphoric and relaxed are three dominant positive effects of Chemdawg. This hybrid can test well above 20-percent THC and should be microdosed to prevent feeling dizzy. It’s a popular strain in the medical cannabis community because it is a heavy hitter. This strain comes from OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

This strain does stink, so it’s best to have some kind of candle or wax burner going in the background. A crockpot meal is also a great way to cover up the aroma of this strain. It may stink up the house just from opening the container.

THC levels tend to be in the teens, but can creep into the low to mid-20s. The effects come on fast and strong – so use smaller doses at first.

It’s hard to not find something to laugh at. This is a great strain to enjoy with friends watching your favorite comedy shows or videos.

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is not only a delicious hybrid; it’s great for inducing laughter and improving your mood. It actually does taste a bit like mangoes when grown right. It might be a good idea to have something mango on-hand for when the munchies kick in. It smells like bananas and mangoes.

This strain possesses all things you need to be happy and laugh – giggles, uplifted, euphoria, happy and relaxed.

Mango Kush is a rather popular strain, so there shouldn’t be much trouble finding it in most cannabis markets.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is another pungently stinky sativa. You should be able to smell it from across the room. When you’re feeling down or generally unhappy, those feelings can induce fatigue. This strain helps pick you back up and give you a little spring in your step.

Ghost Train Haze is a heavy hitter and can be very potent testing in the high 20-percents in THC. Just use a little at first to see how heavy the effects come on for you. It’s a very cerebral high and can make you dizzy if you use too much.

You and your friends may come up with the next great invention in a hilarious discussion since Ghost Train Haze promotes inspiration and creativity.

Closing Thoughts

You can quickly improve your mood and laugh to feel better with cannabis. It’s fast-acting and some strains have long-lasting effects. A few smaller doses may have you in a great mood for hours at a time. The body may react better to a few smaller doses than one larger dose. Look for these strains in your local cannabis market, or contact local growers and request them.