4 Reasons why you should Try CBD Dabs

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You’ve heard of cannabis dabs, but CBD dabs are something somewhat new to the industry. Are they worth your time? How big of dab should you take? What should you look for in a CBD dab product? All of those questions will be answered here, along with 4 reasons why you should try CBD dabs.

What are CBD Dabs?

Dabs are thick concentrated forms of hemp CBD or cannabis extract. There are several different forms of dabs, with more options available for cannabis dabbers than CBD dabbers at the moment. Wax is a common name for dabs.

You may also see CBD dabs referred in the form of:

  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Crumble

As the industry evolves and more CBD flower is being made available, more forms of CBD dabs are expected to become available.

The potential types of CBD dabs for the future include:

  • Live resin
  • Rosin
  • Bubble hash

Not all CBD concentrates are made for dabbing.

The process of making concentrates in any form is not easy.

How to Use CBD Dabs

You might think that using dabs is hard, but once you get a rhythm down, it’s really pretty easy. In today’s market there are several different types of dab rigs available. You’ll need to visit a local dispensary or head shop to see the varieties available and decide what setup might be the best for you.

What you’ll need:

  • Torch
  • Nail
  • Dabber
  • Dabbable material
  • Dab rig

Once you’ve chosen your dab rig, you’ll need to select a nail if one doesn’t come with your rig. We suggest glass as it is easier to clean and cools faster than metal. Now, when it comes to the dabber, we suggest the opposite. Metal is sturdier and won’t break if you drop it.

Picking out a torch can be a little scary. There are massive camping torches and small handheld torches. Choose what you are the most comfortable using.

When it comes to the rig – look at how it’s setup. Some dab rigs are very similar in design to bongs. These are likely the easiest type of setup for someone that is new to dabbing. It is best to think about ensuring that the apparatus you choose being safe and easy for you to use.

CBD Dabs vs THC Dabs

Reason number 1 that you should try CBD dabs is that you won’t have an overwhelming high that is associated with dabbing THC. THC dabs can leave you incapacitated or incapable of performing simple tasks for hours. It is important to keep in mind that dabs are concentrates, meaning that the amount of CBD or THC in them is concentrated and is a much higher percentage than you’ll get from hemp or cannabis flower.

Reason Number 2 to Try CBD Dabs

Dabbing is a method of inhalation, so it’s also considered a higher bioavailability option and a fast delivery method. While taking a dab might be a little harsh because it is such a strong concentration – your body might actually get more CBD this way due to that higher concentration of CBD. A positive of using CBD dabs is that you are getting a good dose of cannabinoids quickly without being too intoxicated.

Use it anytime

With THC dabs, you have to be careful about the strain or type of formula that you use at a particular time of the day. With CBD dabs, however, you can use them anytime – even first thing in the morning. You’ll still likely cough if you take a big dab, but you will be able to maintain your composure and be able to perform any task the day has to throw at you.

You Control the Dose

When you’re using CBD dabs, you control the size of the dose you want. For some, a tiny amount – about the size of the tip of a pen, might be just enough. For others, several of those small doses might work best throughout the day. Others may prefer to take a big dab about the size of a pea, or larger.

The idea around using CBD dabs isn’t to see how big of a dab you can take, but to find the right size for you. Even a small dab can end up being several actual hits if you don’t have a large lung capacity or don’t enjoy a coughing fit after a big hit.

Cannabis ConcentrateControlling your Hit

How do you control a dab hit? It starts by trying dabs for the first time with a miniscule amount on your dabber. This ensures that your first hit won’t be overwhelming. If you’re a cannabis user or have used smokable hemp flower in a bong, you may be able to determine how much you’ll inhale from previous experiences. Yes, dabs and flower are different, but many styles of dab rigs are just like bongs and work virtually the same by accumulating smoke or vapor in a long tube and inhaling it.

If you aren’t into taking in all of that vapor in one big hit, just cap the top after you’ve taken a little bit with your hand. This will trap in the remaining vapor for you to take more hits. Keep in mind that you don’t have to worry about taking too many CBD dab hits because you’re not going to get high from it.

Choosing Quality CBD Dabs

If you are going to dab, choosing clean CBD dabs that are made by trusted manufacturers like Canna Trading Co., is ideal. Make sure that the original CBD material is lab tested for purity and quality. The color of the dabs also matters. As with CBD oil, hemp CBD extracts tinctures and vape – the color matters. The color of dabs should be a light golden to light amber color. You should be able to see through the concentrate. It should have color but should also be somewhat translucent. Dark brown or almost black concentrates should be left at the dispensary as these are not high quality.

Closing Thoughts

Using CBD dabs has its merits. Not only are they fun to use, they are tasty when the right terpenes are included. At Canna Trading Co., our CBD dabs include natural plant-based terpenes that emulate the flavors of real cannabis strains. So, if you’re a fan of a particular cannabis strain but want CBD, give our CBD dabs a try!

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