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Activities that are More Fun with Cannabis

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If you and your friends are running out of things to do after using a bit of cannabis, we’ve got some ideas for you. Cannabis does enhance the experience of several different activities. It is best, however, to use a ridesharing service or elect a designated driver if you partake before leaving for the activity. Enjoy these activities – maybe these ideas will inspire you to come up with different ways to spin the activities to make them more specific to your group’s interests.


It’s important not to partake too much when you plan to cook, but being slightly medicated before cooking can enhance your focus and creativity. This may help you make a more satisfying meal with ingredients you wouldn’t normally put together.

You may also be inspired to try a new recipe with a few twists of your own. And, of course, don’t forget to add a little cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil to the dish.

Challenge yourself to cook something fresh, from completely fresh ingredients. The increased focus will help you pay attention to the meal and fine tune it before serving it.

Thrill Rides

Thrill rides and theme parks can be much more fun when slightly medicated. Make sure to arrive via a sober driver and don’t be so medicated that you act out in public – that could get you tossed from the theme park and ruin your entire experience. Roller coaster rides are much more thrilling when your mind is a bit elevated itself.

If you choose the right cannabis strain, you could feel like you’re floating above the earth while flying over the track.

Other thrill rides are equally enjoyable, but try to avoid those that spin. Similar to alcohol, cannabis use may make you a little queasy with excess spinning.


All of the sounds and the bright, colored lights will be more attractive with a little cannabis at a carnival. It may help you succeed at games you wouldn’t normally but you may also spend a little more on food. Try to maintain a budget and share items with friends. Remember – eating brings you down, so if you want to enjoy the carnival a bit longer, visit the attractions and games you like before eating.

3D Movies

Movies in general can be more entertaining with a little cannabis on board, but 3D movies are even more intense. Make sure you catch a ride to the movie theater though. And, only take the amount of cash you want to spend so you don’t overdo it on snacks at the concession stand.

Try to sit a little closer to the front so that the 3D elements really come alive for you. A relaxing strain is ideal for this situation to ensure that you don’t get too anxious when things start flying out of the screen toward you.


Getting some laps in for exercise can be a little boring without any enhancement. A little sativa before a swim can help the experience be more fun, give you enough energy to get a few extra laps in and may enhance the experience. Being in water after a little cannabis may help your body feel lighter while helping you enjoy the water more.


Get out and be one with nature. Make sure your hike is in a safe place without any steep cliffs. Partake just before beginning your hike, but not while driving to your hiking spot. You’ll hear more wildlife, more natural sounds of leaves flowing in the wind and will notice more of your surroundings. Cannabis can help you pay more attention to the world around you, and may help you appreciate it more.

A little cannabis before a hike not only helps you get in some extra exercise, but offers up some great photo opportunities. It also helps you get to know the community you live in while obtaining a greater appreciation for nature in all of its glory.

Creating Music

Jamming with some friends is always better with a little cannabis. You could end up writing the next chart topping song or help your band finally get noticed. Music is wonderful therapy, but creativity can be heightened as new ideas flow as you jam.

Make sure to have recording devices with you. If you create something amazing, you’ll want to remember what it sounded like so it can be written on paper, perfected and recorded again.

Cannabis may also help with creativity in writing lyrics – to make them more meaningful, cohesive or exciting.

Listening to Music

You may have listened to a song a hundred times and know it by heart, but when you listen to music after a little bit of cannabis, you may find things within the song that you didn’t before. You may hear the lyrics clearer, the melodies may stand out more and the song may just get you caught up in the moment while forgetting what is going on around you. Music can be encapsulating, but with cannabis, it can help you completely tune out the world to relax the day’s stresses away.

Earth-Related TV Shows

Have you ever flipped through the TV guide and chosen a show that you just can’t stop watching? Even if it isn’t something you’d normally watch, it may grab your attention if you’ve used a little cannabis. Yes, you’ll retain what you just watched, and may remember it a little more. It seems that earth-related and science-related television is much more interesting when cannabis is involved. For some reason – you just can’t stop watching.

Adult Swim Cartoons

There are some Adult Swim cartoons that just don’t make sense if you’re sober. Watching while using a little cannabis will surely make them funnier, but the storylines may also be a little easier to follow. Many of the late night cartoons are clips of multiple ideas tossed together, and you may not see the connection if you’re watching just because you’re awake. Use a little cannabis, and pay close attention.

Making Art

Dozens of cannabis strains boost creativity. If you’ve been working on a piece of art and are just stuck, cannabis may help you complete it. There may also be ideas for other pieces flowing at the same time. The designs you create may also be more intriguing, brighter, bolder and more detailed.


If you work as a writer or journalist – writer’s block happens. You can stop that block with a little cannabis. It may also help your sentences have more structure, your vocabulary be more diverse and your piece may be more exciting. When you’re stuck on a topic, use a little creativity-boosting cannabis and revisit your topic.

Attending a Social Event

Not all social events are fun and exciting. When you’re struggling to attend an event, use an uplifting cannabis strain to improve your mood. It may also help you be more involved in the event, participate in conversations and possibly make a few new friends.

Closing Thoughts

With better weather approaching, now is the time to get out and enjoy it. Work may deplete all of your energy or you may just have a busy home life, but cannabis can help motivate you to get out and do something. You may just enjoy it more too. We hope that you’ll take some of these suggestions and start enjoying activities more. Remember to consume responsibly.

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