Why you Should Avoid Purchasing CBD Oil from Europe

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Why you should avoid purchasing CBD oil from Europe

When you’re looking into purchasing CBD oil, we’ve given you numerous guides of what to look for and what to avoid. What we haven’t addressed is specifically why you should avoid purchasing CBD oil that comes from Europe. It’s not that it isn’t safe (well, we don’t know for sure that it really is), but there are a lot of things that make European CBD oil products different from U.S. CBD oil products. It can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to ingredients, product type, potency and proper dosing.

Most European CBD Brands Don’t Post Lab Results

Canna Trading Co. always stresses that if you aren’t purchasing CBD oil from us that you make sure that the company you are buying from posts lab results. Many European CBD brands don’t post lab results. As CBD Oil Review notes of one European CBD oil brand, there are no lab results available. This appears to be common of several EU CBD brands.

Hard to Decipher Labeling

For U.S. residents that aren’t familiar with the metric system, attempting to determine what the right dose or how much CBD is actually in a European-made CBD product can be impossible. While some do make the conversion for you, it’s still confusing. Many of the figures on these labels are in percentages and milliliters.

A common question is, does a percentage of CBD on this label mean that it’s diluted or contains something else? That’s a good question – and because some product descriptions are lacking information for European-made CBD products, there’s no real way to know.

Let’s use these figures as an example: Full  spectrum of cannabinoids 15%, 4500 mg paste/15% CBD. What on earth does this mean? In a 30 ml bottle of this particular example, 15% CBD equals 4500 mg.

This is why it’s so difficult for Americans to determine if European-made CBD oil is real, safe and clean.

With Canna Trading Co., we keep our labeling simple and compliant. For example, we offer a 1500 mg bottle of Organic Olive Oil CBD Tincture. It’s a 1 fl. oz. bottle that has 30 servings. Each serving contains 50 mg of hemp CBD extract. That’s so much easier than looking at percentages and converting metric measurements.

CBD olive oil tincture organic

Different Terminology Used

Some of the biggest differences between European CBD products and U.S. CBD products is the terminology. For example, on some European CBD product labels, you’ll see the word paste. This is how some European CBD manufacturers represent that it’s CBD oil. In thee product descriptions and website menus, it will say CBD oil or CBD oils, but their labels say paste.

This is confusing for U.S. consumers since we will think we’re buying a paste that you spread onto your body or dilute in liquid. When purchasing CBD oil, make sure it says either CBD oil, hemp CBD oil, hemp CBD extract, hemp oil or hemp extract on product labels and on all information pertaining to the product to avoid this kind of confusion.

Also, as we’ve mentioned before – THC-free CBD oil cannot be full spectrum. This is because THC has been removed and has broken the spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant. When CBD products are THC-free, they are either isolate or broad spectrum. Broad spectrum, like ours here at Canna Trading Co., can still contain a small amount of THC. Some CBD manufacturers, however, remove the THC completely but keep all of the other cannabinoids intact, so it still classifies as broad spectrum. Isolate is just that – isolated CBD, so no other cannabinoids are present.

Some European CBD manufacturers will list several cannabinoids but, if THC is not listed – it’s not full spectrum. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the definition, but that is why the most recent classification of broad spectrum is being used.


If you are purchasing CBD oil from a European company, you may notice that their ingredients lists are short. What we’ve found by looking at several European CBD manufacturers’ websites is – their product descriptions are severely lacking. In some of the information, it will mention terpenes, but it’s not listed within the ingredients. Some are flavored but do not list the type or source of the flavoring.

Yes, there are some that are just hemp CBD extract and a cutting agent like hemp seed oil, olive oil or MCT oil – but others do contain additional ingredients that are not mentioned.

While this may be legal and compliant across Europe – it’s frowned upon in the U.S. Consumers must be aware of the ingredients in a product that they’re going to be ingesting.

Source of the CBD Oil

Why is the source of the CBD oil important? When you’re purchasing CBD oil from a European company you must remember that Europe is huge and is comprised of many countries. The growing conditions are not the same in every country. The soil is not the same. What one country deems as organic cultivation may not be in another. Not all European CBD manufacturers will list a country of origin either – so it might just say Europe but you might not have any idea where in Europe that plant was grown.

When it comes to Canna Trading Co., our owner is meticulous in choosing the U.S. hemp farmers he works with. He actually takes the time to visit hemp farms, view how the plants are grown, see the plants up close and view processes from start-to-finish. All CBD that comes into our manufacturing facility has passed stringent lab testing processes to ensure that it is safe, clean, compliant and contains the cannabinoids that are associated with the particular strain of hemp grown. We will not pass anything onto our customers that does not pass our strict quality guidelines. That is one thing that sets Canna Trading Co. apart from other CBD manufacturers – not every company’s owner is going to visit hemp farms across the country to select only the best product to work with from the best and cleanest hemp farms in the country.

Closing Thoughts

On top of paying crazy shipping costs, having to wait for your order to make it through Customs and deciphering how much you’re actually paying – purchasing CBD oil is just easier from a trusted U.S. company like Canna Trading Co. Products arrive to you faster, you know what you’re getting and we’re available to answer your questions and will give you clear, concise answers in a way you can understand them. We have absolutely nothing to hide – our products speak for themselves through testing, customer feedback and the success we’ve had ourselves using our own products.

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