Prepping for Black Friday Shopping with CBD

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The dreaded, yet looked forward Black Friday shopping event is upon us. While many would rather be able to shop online and pick up in-store, many stores don’t allow us that convenience. If you want those deals, you have to go to those crowded stores with cranky people and hope that you don’t get hurt in the process. It can induce panic, anxiety attacks and it is stressful. You can only do so much to keep calm in these situations.

After you’ve survived the mass chaos of procuring your items, it’s time to stand in those long lines – which is more frustrating. Then you have to get through the parking lot just to get out onto a crowded street. People can’t seem to remember how to drive, blinkers are out of fluid and of course, there are those that choose to be intoxicated on the roads instead of using a rideshare or public transportation.

Yet, we still seem to be enticed by these deals every year. You can take a few steps, with CBD by your side to help you through this almost traumatic experience.

Plan your Route

Plan your route in the store or stores you plan to visit. It’s much easier on you. Stores like Walmart often post the maps of where things will be for this crazy shopping event online. Make sure you choose the right location so that you know where to go. This will help reduce your stress by just a little bit at least.

Take a Canna Trading Co. Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsule about an hour before you plan to get in line. The capsule should take effect about an hour after you take it, which should be about the time that the lines start getting crazy and people start getting frustrated.

Take your Vape

It’s okay to use your Canna Trading Co. CBD Vape while you’re waiting in line to get into a store on Black Friday. Keep in mind that some stores only allow a few people in at a time to help take the crowd. The lines are already forming for those hot deals. At some stores, like Best Buy, the lines started forming 2 days ago.

Your vape will help you get a little CBD whenever you need it. The capsule is intended to work while you’re inside the store.

Take an Extra Capsule With You

If you’re planning to be a marathon shopper, you might need more than one capsule. So, take one with you. Put your bottle in your purse, or if you are not a purse carrier, stick a capsule in your pocket. Keep in mind that it’ll take a while to take effect, so take it as soon as your previous capsule wears off.

Don’t Forget your Tincture

If you’re not a fan of vaping, Canna Trading Co.’s CBD Tinctures can be a good replacement. They are a fast-acting CBD delivery method that are ideal for Black Friday Shopping. You can take a dose whenever you need it.

All you have to do is hold the liquid under your tongue for one minute and swallow. If you are finding that the stress of Black Friday Shopping is more than you expected, don’t hesitate to take another dose.

CBD tinctures

Should you Share your CBD with a Stranger?

This is totally up to you, but keep in mind that it is cold and flu season. If you look at the person and notice any redness in their nose or cheeks, they’re sniffling or coughing, you might not want to share. Some people might be curious and if you strike up a conversation about staying calm through all of the chaos – tell them you’re using CBD to keep calm.

They might ask you what you use and if they can try it. Tinctures might be easier to share as you can administer it. Just ask them to lift their tongue and open their mouth up well. Then tell them to hold that liquid under their tongue for a full minute and swallow it.

It might also be beneficial to take a few extra capsules along. You can offer a CBD capsule to a stranger easily.

Make sure you let the stranger know that the CBD is derived from hemp but it does contain a small amount of THC (0.3% or less), just in case they have to avoid all THC. During Black Friday shopping, they may not care about that little bit of CBD.

black fridayWhich CBD Product is Right for Black Friday Shopping?

The product you choose to use depends on the circumstances and your preference. If you are looking for something that will last you a while, a capsule or a CBD dab before you head out might be the best options for you. You can always boost your dose with tincture or vape while you’re out and about if you need to.

One of the benefits of CBD vape and tinctures is that they are portable and no one will think anything of you using them. While it shouldn’t matter if you are using CBD vape in public, some might have an issue with it, which can just add to your stress. So, simply explain that it is CBD vape from Canna Trading Co. and that there are no harmful chemicals in it. We do not use Vitamin E Acetate or any other harmful chemicals in our vape products.

When you exhale, nothing harmful will be emitted into the air. There’s no offensive cannabis odor either. Do your best to be polite and not exhale in the direction of anyone when you can help it.

Closing Thoughts

Black Friday shopping with CBD can make things a little easier for you. If you’re a regular Canna Trading Co. CBD product user, you’re well-equipped for this crazy multi-day event. For some, taking advantage of the online deals might be a better option. Some stores do allow you to purchase anything in their ads online and pick up in store at your convenience, since some allow a few days for pickup. While it would be great if all stores did that, not all do. Even shopping online with some mass retailers, like Amazon, can induce anxiety since deals go fast.

Be safe this Black Friday!

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