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California’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains

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"California's most popular cannabis strains"

California’s recreational cannabis market is booming. Medical cannabis has been legal for over 20 years in the state, and of course, the black market has thrived for decades. The California Mountains have long been known as one of the best places in the U.S. to cultivate high-quality cannabis. These are some of California’s most popular cannabis strains.

California’s Most Popular Cannabis Strains

These are just some of California’s most popular cannabis strains. Some of these have history in California. Cultivators in the mountains of Northern California have been using the higher elevation (pun intended) as private cultivation grounds for decades. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a national favorite for its multiple medicinal uses, but it’s also quite popular in California. It has a bright, citrusy flavor with long lasting effects. It is a hybrid strain that can lean a little to the indica side if used in larger doses although it is typically 50/50 strain. The munchies are rather common with this strain.

Some explain the effects as being body numbing, creative and invigorating. The THC percentage of this strain varies between 17-24% on average.

Those dealing with high stress, fatigue, chronic pain and depression may benefit from Blue Dream. It can be quite uplifting.

San Fernando Valley OG

San Fernando Valley OG is often abbreviated to just SFV OG on dispensary menus. It originated in the San Fernando Valley region, making this locally grown option one of California’s most popular cannabis strains.. It is potent and should be avoided by novices.

This strain is a hybrid that leans toward sativa-dominance. It has a complex flavor profile that blends lemon, pine and wood – so earthy with a bit of citrus.

When this strain is properly cultivated, it should reach the high 20s as far as THC percentage. Its buds should be dense and should look like they sparkle. The sparkly effect comes from the exterior being covered in crystal-like trichomes. It should also create an above average amount of resin.

It is ideal for pain relief without inducing couchlock.

San Fernando Valley sunset

West Coast Sour Diesel

While East Coast Sour Diesel is often thought to be superior, West Coast Sour Diesel hails from California. The average THC percentage ranges from 22 to 26%. It is not for the novice user as larger doses may produce effects similar to being drunk (dizzy, unbalanced, head spinning).

West Coast Sour Diesel has a very distinct diesel/kerosene-like aroma that translates to its flavor. It is a strain that you should be able to smell from across the room before you light it.

The effects come on fast and furious and stick around for at least an hour – when properly cultivated. This is also a sticky strain. Under the right growing conditions, you should be able to stick a bud to the wall and come back for it later and it’s still stuck on the wall.

The buds are a darker green color, which varies from the East Coast variety that is typically a brighter green. Orange and/or brownish hairs should be seen throughout the bud.

Coughing is likely, as is dry mouth and an extreme case of the munchies.

There is a serious battle among East Coast Sour Diesel and West Coast Sour Diesel but both are popular cannabis strains on their respective sides of the U.S. 


Gelato is the strain you want if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to actually eat dessert. Its sweet, fruity aroma and flavor are satisfying. With the flavor being so pleasant, it is easy to overdo it with this strain. The THC percentage averages 20-25%.

This is a good daytime strain that helps promote productivity. If you are partaking in some outdoor activities in California, this is a strain to take along.

Novices should consider microdosing as this strain can be overwhelming for someone that is new to cannabis.

The effects are relaxing in the evening and productive during the day. It is ideal for those that deal with a lot of stress, depression and chronic pain. In larger doses in the evening, it may help those with insomnia relax enough to fall asleep a little faster.


Gelato cannabis strain

If you enjoy the Gelato cannabis strain, give Canna Trading Co.’s Gelato CBD Cartridge a try. Same flavor as your favorite strain, but no high. 

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple, also known as just GDP, is another national favorite that remains popular in California. It is an older strain that is often called the daytime indica as it motivates you to get things done. In higher doses, it helps you get a great nap in.

GDP is great for those that suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. At night, use a larger dose to relax and fall asleep.

Purple Urkle and Big Bud were crossbred to create this strain. It’s best known for its body high that often leads to couchlock if you miss that window to get up and do something.

Skywalker OG

Californians are loving the long-lasting effects of Skywalker OG. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can have couchlocking effects in larger doses. It contains the terpenes bisabolol, limonene and caryophyllene. The combination of these terpenes help with pain, inflammation, relaxation and stress – to name just a few.

It has an earthy and citrusy flavor with a pungent aroma that comes from its diesel attributes. It is a heavy hitting strain that can be dizzying for some.

This is a good strain to enjoy and then go on a hike with some friends.

While Skywalker OG is one of the most popular cannabis strains throughout California, it’s more popular in the northern part of the state.

Northern California

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is named after one of the most prominent activists in cannabis history – Jack Herer. This strain is a sativa that crosses Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. The Haze component may induce mild anxiety in some, but Northern Lights #5 tends to mellow that out.

This strain is sticky, produces a ton of resin and is ideal for making homemade infusions. It is a heavy hitting strain with long-lasting effects. Most of the effects are cerebral (heady).

For those with fatigue, depression, pain and stress – this is a strain that you should look for.

Jack Herer happens to be one of the most popular cannabis strains across the country — but more predominantly in California. This strain has history. 

Jet Fuel OG

If you’re a fan of the diesel, gassy tasting and smelling strains – this California grown strain is for you. This is another heavy hitter that you’ll want to try at home first. It is an evening strain that is ideal for melting away a headache and enjoying a California sunset.

The average THC level is 23%. It isn’t around in large supply, so it’s best to stock up when you can find it.

For stress, headaches, depression and pain – this strain is the one-two punch you’re looking for.

lake in California with mountain back drop

Closing Thoughts

These strains are just a handful of California’s most popular cannabis strains. Some are easier to find than others but most are heavy hitters that novices should be careful with. Microdose these first, then allow yourself to expand the dose if you handle the smaller dose well.

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