Why Should you Choose Canna Trading Co. for Private Label Services?

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Why should you choose Canna Trading Co for Private Label Services?

When you’re ready to start your own CBD business how do you know which manufacturer to work with? It’s ideal to work with a CBD manufacturer that has history in the industry. You also want to work with a company that has a positive reputation in the industry and one that truly cares about what goes into its products. Canna Trading Co. is that company.

When you’re ready to start your own product line with Canna Trading Co., simply visit our Private Label page on our website.

Quality Hemp CBD Extract

Canna Trading Co. only uses the very best quality hemp CBD extract. We work specifically with American farmers that have organic farming practices. Every batch of hemp CBD extract is tested for potency and purity. It is beyond important to us that what we offer our customers is clean, safe and the best available.

Our hemp CBD extract is broad spectrum.

Small Batch Production

We practice small batch production for quality and consistency standards purposes. By not manufacturing in large batches and having products just sitting on shelves, we’re able to provide our customers with the freshest hemp CBD formulas possible. It also ensures that you receive the same formula every time.

Small production practices allow us to have better quality control and consistency.

Plant-Based Terpenes

We use only the best plant-based terpenes. We take the time to research where the terpenes are sourced from as well as the overall quality of the terpenes. Then, we take the extra steps necessary to pair together the right blend of terpenes for each formula. Our proprietary blends of terpenes are different for every formula.

Why do we say proprietary terpene blend and not just list the terpenes? To protect our formulas. We aren’t trying to be sneaky or hide anything from our customers, we’re just doing our very best to keep our formulas safe from being copied.

Wide Variety of Hemp CBD Products

Canna Trading Co. offers more than just hemp CBD tinctures. We also offer dabs, vape, full spectrum capsules and topicals. When it comes to our dabs and vape, there are quite a few flavors to choose from. To create CBD vape and dabs that have the same flavor profiles as some of the popular cannabis strains, we simply take the time to combine the right terpenes together.

Our multiple hemp CBD tinctures all have unique formulas. All of the terpene blends in our target tinctures are different. Our flavorings are natural and are non-alcohol extracted. Using non-alcohol extracted peppermint and vanilla flavors ensures that your palate is not overwhelmed by the flavor, what you experience is just a hint of these flavors.

We’ve even extended our product line to pets. We stress the importance of knowing what the right dose of CBD for pets is and do have a guide available.

If you are interested in offering your customers hemp flower or pre-rolls, we also offer those now. However, we are not able to offer those products on our website at this time. As regulations are put in place for the hemp industry in the coming weeks, we may be able to offer these products on our website, but that is unknown at this time.

Canna Trading Co product lineCustomize your Formulas

Of course you could use our existing formulas but we also allow you the option of creating your own custom formula. We make the entire process of starting your own CBD brand very easy. We have experience, we have knowledge and we have exceptionally high standards.

When you speak with us about creating your own formula, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve with your formula. We’ll discuss what terpenes you might want to include and why. We’ll assist you through the entire process.

Your branding goes on your products, even if you choose to use our existing formulas. Our goal is to help you create a product line that makes sense for your clientele.

Canna Trading Cares

Canna Trading Co. truly cares about what goes into the products we’re offering our customers, and the products you’ll offer your customers. This is why we pay so much attention to cultivation method, terpene source and product formulation. We won’t offer our customers, or yours, anything that we would not be absolutely comfortable taking ourselves. In fact, we do use our own products.

We care about what CBD users are putting in their bodies. This is why we take the time to hand select the American hemp farmers we work with. We won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Affordable for You and Your Customers

There’s a huge misconception that CBD products have to be expensive. This isn’t the case. Canna Trading Co. believes in fair pricing. We believe in offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices possible.

Should you choose to work with us, you will be able to offer your customers products at an affordable price as well.

Canna Tradint Co Vape KitSupport

You might think that you’ll just place an order and provide your graphics and that’s it, the rest is on you. Not so. We take the time to ensure that you have the product line that makes sense for your brand’s goals and customer base. We walk you through every step of the process of getting started. We take the time to answer your questions. We make sure you are set, and we continue to support you.

It is intimidating to get started in such a crowded industry, we absolutely understand that. That is why we give every customer or private label brand the time they need. We don’t want there to be any confusion. We want you to have full knowledge of the product/s you are interested in and will offer. It’s our job to educate you on these products so that you can pass that knowledge onto your customers and your staff.

Closing Thoughts

We invite you to have a conversation with us about the product line you’d like to offer. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp CBD products to our customers and yours. At Canna Trading Co. we understand the importance of ensuring that our products are what they say they are. We are confident that you will appreciate the time that we take to maintain our strict standards.

We look forward to speaking with you soon to get your CBD brand started! Contact us with confidence.

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