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Cannabis Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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If you have a few cannabis lovers in your circle, consider a stocking of themed items just for them. Cannabis, and some cannabis products, can be expensive, so providing accessories and other small gifts may be a good option – especially if you don’t have access to cannabis yourself or are not a cannabis user. These ideas will help you add to an already amazing stocking for the cannabis lover in your life.

Rolling Papers or Cones

If you know that your friend or loved one is a joint smoker, rolling papers or cones that they can fill with ground flower are ideal. They are very inexpensive and can be ordered online. One popular brand for rolling papers is Raw.

Some cannabis users prefer organic or natural paper. Some may prefer recycled products. It is important to order the largest size the company offers as not everyone is the best at rolling joints – some may need more paper to work with.

Cones are an ideal option because there is no rolling involved. For those with hand strength or usage issues, the cones make it easier for them to prepare their medicine for use. With the cones, they just grind the flower finely and sprinkle it into the cone. Tapping the tip helps pack the cone for a tighter pre-roll. When the cone is filled enough, all the user has to do is twist the top to make it tight.

A Pipe Poker

Cannabis users that prefer pipes and bongs likely need a poker. A poker is something that is used to stir the bowl portion of the pipe or bong to bring the unburned flower to the top. The poker can also be used to scrape resin and ash from the bowl.

A glass poker is ideal as it is sturdy and can withstand pressure. You can find pipe pokers online and in some head shops or smoke shops. Glass is easier to clean than other materials. Some pokers are sold in sets, so that the cannabis lover in your life has backups in case one is lost.

Some people may prefer something more simple and disposable. If that is the case, consider toothpicks, but make sure they are the thicker, party style. Regular toothpicks are often too brittle to work well when it comes to scraping resin.


Grinders make getting flower ready for pipes, bongs and joints easier. Not every batch of cannabis is able to be ground with just fingers, only extra dry cannabis grinds with pressure from your hands. Strains that are extra resinous are sticky and hard to break up by hand.

Consider a grinder that has a kief keeper at the bottom. Kief is the “golden dust” that comes off of the cannabis buds. It’s still full of cannabinoids and may actually boost the potency of weaker strains. When extra relief is needed, a sprinkle of kief may be just what the doctor ordered.

My favorite brand of grinder is EZ Grind. I have arthritis in my hands, and this grinder works great even when my hands don’t want to. The top portion where the flower goes has magnetic closure technology, so even if the lid isn’t on straight, or a hand slips or can’t grip, the lid goes on. I have had my grinder for 3 and a half years – it’s durable and works just as great as it did the first time I used it.

Vape Pen Battery

A backup vape pen battery is important to cannabis vape lovers. It’s good to have a backup in the car, at the office and at home. Cannabis industry vape pens charge using a USB port, so they can be charged on any USB port – even your cell phone’s breakaway USB charger or your laptop.

Vape pens help cannabis users partake discreetly since there is minimal, if any, cannabis odor emitted upon exhale. The pens are lightweight, are portable and aren’t designed to give away that you’re using cannabis just from the design of the pen.

The cannabis industry uses a standard 510-threaded pattern so that any vape cartridge can be used on any battery. Some cartridges are designed to specifically work with a brand’s battery, but will still work on any 510-threaded device.

Give some storage tips to the vape user too – storing the cartridge upside down with the mouthpiece pointing downward helps preserve the cartridge. It also helps prevent cartridge failure and leaking.


Snacks are always a good stocking stuffer for a cannabis user. Choose things that don’t require refrigeration and are intended for a single serving.

Ideas for munchies in a stocking:

  • Beef jerky
  • Trail mix
  • Beef and cheese snacks
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Dried fruit mixes
  • Packaged cookies
  • Gift cards to local restaurants

Cravings from cannabis aren’t often healthy – but craving something sweet is remedied by having trail mix, dried fruit or some cookies. Salty cravings are remedied with crackers, popcorn and other treats like pretzels. Consider some individual party mix as well. If something more satisfying is a typical craving, cheese and beef jerky are popular.

Consider making a few munchies of your own to include. Handmade treats are appreciated more, and you know what your friends like to eat. Items like homemade granola, cookies, homemade bars with nuts, chocolate, caramel and seeds are also good.

Hemp Products

Many people use the term hemp when referring to cannabis. The two are entirely different plants from the same plant family. Hemp is hemp, cannabis is cannabis, they are not the same. Hemp seeds and other hemp-derived items are good stocking stuffers for cannabis lovers. The hemp plant is nutritious and its seeds are as well.

CBD oil comes mainly from hemp plants, so CBD products are also ideal. The body needs CBD as much as it does THC and most cannabis users don’t get enough CBD – it’s a very much ignored cannabinoids with dozens of benefits for the body. CBD products derived from hemp are available online, just make sure you’re purchasing a quality product. Look for full spectrum hemp CBD products that are not cut with other plant matter or artificial ingredients.

Closing Thoughts

Add a few cannabis accessories or products to a friend or loved one’s stocking this holiday season. A couple of inexpensive stocking stuffers may keep the cannabis lover in your life stocked for a couple of months. Of course, also consider lighters as cannabis users tend to go through them quickly. Be creative, but have fun with your stocking stuffers – after all, cannabis may just help the holidays be more relaxing and enjoyable.

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