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Cannabis Strains for Depression

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Depression plagues millions of people around the world. For some, it’s temporary and for others, it’s a lifelong battle. Traditional medicine works for many people, but not for everyone. There are cannabis strains for depression that may work to stop your feelings of sadness, loneliness, lowered self-worth and desperation.

The suggested strains below may help improve your mood, uplift your spirit and help you find your smile when it seems impossible.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a hybrid blend of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The aroma is reminiscent of mangoes and apples. It’s flavor is fruity (like pineapple), with hints of earthy pine and cedar. This strain is sativa-dominant, so it is okay to use anytime.

One of the benefits of Pineapple Express is that the effects last a long time. It helps boost creativity and uplifts you. Inducing happiness is this strain’s top priority. If stress is also a factor of your depression, this strain will tackle that too.


XJ-13 is a fun strain. It’s another sativa-dominant hybrid. Jack Herer and G-13 Haze are the parent strains. If you’re a quiet person, this strain will help you participate in a conversation, induce happiness and helps with creativity. XJ-13 is also a great stress reliever.

The aroma and flavor are both very citrusy. For some, citrus aromas and flavors are uplifting, so the smell and flavor alone may help improve a poor mood.

The dominant effect is euphoria, so the “high” will be mainly cerebral. While making you happy, it’ll also help relax you, relieve minor pain and have a little pep in your step.

Blackberry Kush

Afghani and Blackberry create Blackberry Kush – a colorful indica strain. When properly cultivated, purple and orange hairs should be seen on the exterior. This is also a strain that can produce a lot of resin and the buds should look frosty.

It’s a strong indica, so for depression with pain, this would be an ideal option. The effects are mainly in the body as it works to relax both the mind and body. When insomnia tries to get in the way, Blackberry Kush quickly scares it off so that you can sleep.

The flavor takes a little getting used to as it is a bit diesel-like with fruity, berry flavors mixed in.


Pennywise is an indica cannabis strain that is moderate in THC level (ranging in the mid-teens). It is the child of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. Harlequin is a high CBD strain, so this strain may also be beneficial if you have inflammation disorders. The THC to CBD ratio in Pennywise is 1:1.

Depression can also cause you to have trouble concentrating or focusing, but Pennywise is a strain that promotes focus and concentration while allowing your mind to remain alert and clear.

You might smell bubblegum when using this strain as it’s a sweet aroma that is similar to bubble gum. It also has some hints of spice and black pepper.

Sour Kush

Sour Kush is a high THC hybrid strain. It’s a heavy hitter that averages 26-percent THC and has the potential to reach THC percentages above 30-percent. It’s the love child of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The effects are long lasting and come on strong.

The buds are typically tight and produce heavy amounts of resin. Although this is a strong strain, you’ll still be able to think straight. Sour Kush is a feel good strain – meaning it uplifts your mood, reduces pain/inflammation, gives you energy and helps you remember what your laugh is.

Microdose this strain. A few hits at a time is all you’ll probably need. Higher doses may force you to go to bed early or take a long nap. It’s also likely that you’ll get the munchies, so have a snack on-hand.


If you like sweet smelling and tasting cannabis with relaxing effects, Blueberry is a good choice. It’ll help you feel peaceful and euphoric. This is an indica strain, so it’s best to use this one in the evening or later at night.

The buds should have dark blue running through them and the trichomes should be thick, making the buds look fuzzy or sparkly. This should be a strain that you can stick to the wall and it stays there.

Blueberry does more than uplift your spirit and tackle depression, it’s also a good pain reliever and option for muscle spasms. If you have bouts with insomnia, consider larger doses.


Chiesel comes from NYC Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese. It’s a hybrid that makes everything feel okay. It’s hard not to laugh when the effects kick in. It’s close to 50/50 in the indica/sativa respect, so it’s okay to use any time of day, just go a little lighter in the morning.

A benefit for women is – it’s great for cramps and headaches, so if you get the premenstrual blues, this may be your one-stop-shop in terms of cannabis strains.

It’s a funky smelling and tasting strain – somewhere between diesel fuel and cheese. The effects can last for over an hour if a larger dose is used. You’ll also need some munchies on hand after using this strain.

If you have minor anxiety issues, take it easy with this strain. There is a little bit of a chance that you might feel some paranoia or dizziness – maybe even a little anxious but they aren’t dominant negative effects. Not everyone experiences these negative effects from this train.

Closing Thoughts

If you cannot find one of these strains in your local cannabis market, ask the dispensary to consider requesting it from their cultivator. You can also ask your budtender if there is a strain on the menu that would help improve depression or just improve mood. It’s also suggested to use CBD as well. CBD can be used during the day, even if you’re at work, because it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. To achieve relief from cannabis, researching the strain is vital as it helps you understand what to expect, what the strain helps, what the negative effects are and if it has a flavor/aroma you enjoy.

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