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Cannabis Strains That Taste Like Lime

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These cannabis strains that taste like lime may be hard to find in some markets, but if you do find them — stock up! If you love the flavor of a fresh lime, there are a few cannabis strains that you may enjoy. Every cannabis user has a favorite flavor or aroma. In diverse, legal markets seeking strains that possess those specific flavors may help make your cannabis use more enjoyable. Here are a few cannabis strains that taste like lime.

Key Lime Pie – A Popular Cannabis Strain

This strain might be a given, but it really does possess a fresh lime flavor. This hybrid can have higher THC levels when properly cultivated. It is known for being extra sticky. The excess resin is good to save for when you are low on funds or have a cannabis strain that is too weak for your needs.

Along with bright lime flavors, you should also expect to taste mint and spice. A little bit of chocolate flavor should come through at the end.

What may make this strain confusing to some as it should display hints of purple. Key Lime Pie prefers to grow in cooler temperatures – which helps develop purple hues.

Users can expect to experience body relaxation that helps with difficult insomnia symptoms and stubborn pain.

Novice cannabis users may want to avoid this strain as it can be potent and may be a little overwhelming. If you are trying this strain for the first time – microdose until you are used to the effects.

cannabis strain key lime pie

Lime Skunk

Lime Skunk is a bright sativa cannabis strain. It contains higher concentrations of pinene and limonene – which aid in its bright lime flavor. This sativa boosts energy and may also boost anxiety or make some users feel a little “racy”. This is common with sativa strains.

Even with this strain being slightly racy, having a clear mind is still expected. This strain is helpful when you have a long “to-do” list to accomplish.

The lime flavor of Lime Skunk is strong but is also a bit sour.

Users can expect to engage in productive conversation, feel happy, have energy and focus on the task at hand. This sativa is ideal for those with excessive stress, fatigue and headaches. It may lend a hand to those with minor depression and very mild pain too.

Blackberry Lime Haze

Blackberry Lime Haze is classified as a sativa. It has a sweet lime flavor that is rounded out with peppery spice. Notes of honey, floral and berry are also mixed in the complex flavor profile of this Blackberry and Lime Haze lovechild.

The effects can be described as functional creativity with some happiness mixed in. This is a great strain for daytime use.

Given the haze component, some anxiety and/or paranoia may be experienced. Those with disorders that include these symptoms should avoid this strain.

Blackberry Lime Haze may benefit those with fibromyalgia, headaches, muscle spasms, MS, depression, spinal cord injuries and pain. It may also help those that struggle with fatigue due to insomnia and other health conditions.

The buds should be dense and sticky when properly cultivated.

Lime Haze – One of the Hard to Find Cannabis Strains

Lime Haze is classified as a sativa. It is a sativa-dominant strain with few indica characteristics. For those that experience frequent lack of appetite – this strain may help you finish a meal.

The buds should be mostly green with hints of purple. Its effects come on fast and furious. Novice users may have a difficult time with the intensity of the effects. The effects are felt in the head first but transfers to a nice body high upon mellowing.

Lime permeates through the air and dances on the taste buds.

This is a good strain when you’ve had a stressful day and need a good laugh. It’s a great mood improving strain.

Cherry Limeade

This cannabis strain might have you craving a frozen cherry limeade slushie. Cherry Limeade is an award-winning hybrid. It is a cross of Black Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve. The lime flavor is quite forward but also has hints of sweetness, cherry and citrus mixed in.

This strain is not for the novice user. It is potent and the effects do come on strong. The expected effects include giggly, talkative, tranquilizing and energetic. The tranquilizing effects come on after the energizing and uplifting effects are present. Couchlock is imminent.

The THC averages 25% in Cherry Limeade. The effects last long. Microdosing is suggested as the effects can be too much to handle in larger doses.

cherry limeade cannabis strain

Lime Green Skunk

Lime Green Skunk should have your attention at first glance. Its buds are bright green with dark orange hairs. There should be a hefty amount of trichomes present on the buds.

It has a very strong flavor that is lime-forward with citrus coming in heavy right behind it. There is a little bit of sweetness present too. The aroma is just as strong as the flavor.

This is an ideal daytime hybrid. You might feel a little floaty but calm at the same time. Other expected effects include happiness, uplifted, focused and slightly euphoric. This is a good option for those with stress, depression, pain, headaches and fatigue.

Lime Green Skunk is hard to find, so when you do see it – stock up.

Citrus Sunshine Haze – One of the Super Rare Cannabis Strains

Just the name of this cannabis strain should make you happy. Citrus Sunshine Haze is a crossbreeding of Kosher Tangie #2 and Super Lemon Haze. It tastes like lemon lime candy with a little orange in the background.

It’s hard to know what to expect from this strain as far as effects are concerned as the phenotypes vary. Some breedings may be sativa dominant while others are a more equal blend of indica and sativa.

When smoking this strain, a slight herby flavor might round out the exhale.

This hybrid has a massive average THC percentage of 28%. This is not a strain for the novice user or for those with anxiety disorders. It is a good option for those with minor pain, depression and lack of motivation.

cannabis strain flavors limeClosing Thoughts

It’s a good idea to have some lime-flavored munchies on hand when using these cannabis strains. Their lime flavor profiles are likely to leave you wanting something to snack on that matches the terpene profile of the strain. Not all of these cannabis strains are available in all markets, but are impressive enough to warrant making a request with a trusted, local cultivator.

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