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Cannabis Subscription Boxes you should Try

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cannabis subscription boxes

Monthly cannabis subscription boxes won’t deliver cannabis to your door. The boxes will, however, make sure that you have the accessories you need and perhaps even a few munchies. Packages range in price from very affordable to upscale for the more discerning cannabis user. These are the best cannabis subscription boxes to try.

Our Top Picks of Cannabis Subscription Boxes

There are a lot of cannabis subscription boxes to choose from. These are our top pics for value and variety. 


AuBox is for the more discerning and upscale cannabis user. You have several options with AuBox, you can choose just to get your favorite each month or you can go into your account each month before the box ships and select a new theme. Selecting a new theme may help you ensure that you have the accessories you need on-hand at all times.

There are also items that you can order a la carte like vape pen batteries, vape cartridges and 24k Gold rolling papers. In Fact, AuBox has several gold options so that your cannabis use accessories are just as fancy as the product you buy.

You don’t have to commit to a monthly subscription. You can order a one-time box. There are also 3-month, 6-month and 1-year plans available.

Some of the boxes available include:

  • Day and Night
  • Intimates
  • Edibles
  • Pets
  • Sampler
  • Beauty
  • Man Box

If budget isn’t an issue, this is the subscription service for you.

If you’re planning a party and want a more upscale feel, AuBox might be the right service for you. Yes, some of their products and boxes are a little expensive, but they are high-quality and are made to stand the test of time. You can feel like a celebrity – even if it’s just for one night with one blunt or joint with some of their products.

The Hemper Box

The Hemper Box is one of the highest rated cannabis industry subscription box services available. Hemper also allows members to choose their plan from a month-to-month plan or up to 12-months. Delivery frequencies can also be customized.

There are different boxes to choose from, so you can pick the type of box that best suits your needs. The boxes are affordable at just $29.99. If glass or pipes are your thing, you’d select the appropriate box. If you prefer other types of accessories and limited edition items, that would be the box for you.

The thrill of surprise makes this one of the more fun subscription box services. It is affordable for most budgets. Consider splitting the subscription with a friend. You might need something one month but they might need something the next. Sharing is caring.

rolling papers in cannabis subscription boxesSensiBox

SensiBox offers two different types of boxes. The SensiLight Box choice offers five products per month. The Original SensiBox contains 7 or more products each month. Each box has essentials and a glass item in it. Choose your plan too. If you don’t want to commit, try a month-to-month plan first. You can always switch your subscription type later.

The difference between the boxes is simple. The Original SensiBox is more of a themed box and the SensiLight box contains smaller glass items and is a bit more randomized.  Munchies and cannabis-themed gear are included in some of the boxes.

Price varies from $20/mo to $325 depending on the package you select.

If you’re looking for something fun, SensiBox also offers a small shop with fun items that you can order.

Kush Crate

Kush Crate caters to multiple types of cannabis users. There are boxes for different “categories” of smokers. Whether you prefer blunts, bongs or vaporizers – there’s an option for you. The Top Shelf Crate subscription will get 10 to 15 items delivered discreetly to your door every month. It includes a high-quality glass pipe every month. If you don’t need a new pipe every month – they’re great for gifting.

If you’re looking for smoking gear but not a subscription service, they have a section where you can purchase individual items too.

The different types of crates they offer include:

  • The Top Shelf Crate – $34.99/mo
  • The Necessities Crate – starts at $10/mo
  • The Bowl Smoker’s Crate – starts at $24.99/mo
  • The Paper Rollers Crate – starts at $25.99/mo
  • The Dabber’s Crate – starts at $74.99/mo
  • The Bong Crate – starts at $49.99/mo

When gear is your passion – Kush Crate is ideal. It’s affordable and you can find what you need for a specific type of concentrate, flower or your preferred smoking method.

cannabis subscription boxes

CannaBake Box

CannaBake Box is a bit unique. Not only do they offer a monthly subscription box service, but they also have a referral program. When your friends sign up and use your referral link, you earn $5 right to your PayPal when they make a purchase. It’s their way of thanking you for bring new customers their way.

There are two types of boxes that you can order. The first is the Smoker’s Essential box. It is $21.95/month and delivers between 3 and 7 items to your door each month. The BakeBox is a little different. This box includes munchies and an array of items from past subscription boxes. This is not a subscription and the boxes ship within 2 days of ordering. These are fun and are just like Christmas morning when they arrive – what’s in the box is a total surprise. These also make short-notice gifts for cannabis-friendly friends too. They start at $36.00/box.

Hippie Butler

This is one of the more popular cannabis subscription boxes. Their name and variety make subscribing fun. The Hippie Butler may be another one of the most well-known cannabis subscription boxes out there. There’s an option for every budget from $1/month to $139.99/month. The Party Favor service provides the basics for the smoker that isn’t that fancy.

What many like about the Hippie Butler is that you can choose some of the items in your box. For example – you can choose wraps, papers or a mix of the two. If you step up your service to the Butler Box, your box will be customized depending on your preferred product such as flower or concentrates. The Master’s Club gives you an option for the accessories you receive. You can choose items for flower, concentrates or a blend for both.

Closing Thoughts

Cannabis subscription boxes  really can be fun and worth the cost. Knowing that you have a box coming every month can take some of the stress out of having to go buy accessories, papers, wraps and other items all of the time. What you don’t use one month, keep on-hand for the next month. Give one or two of these a try. They’re a lot of fun.

 Canna Trading Co. doesn’t have a subscription box service, but if you love our CBD oil, you can subscribe and have your favorites sent to you monthly. Subscribing also gets you a little discount on the price. 



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