CBD Coffee – Worth the Hype?

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CBD coffee

CBD coffee is easily becoming a trend. As the industry evolves, CBD is making its way into more products from health and beauty products to food. The FDA has the industry confused because it says that the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannot be added to food or beverages intended for interstate commerce. The FDA must create regulations for CBD before the cannabinoid can lawfully be added to food or beverages to be sold in wide markets.

Coffee shops around the U.S. were advertising CBD coffee drinks, with several states shutting down those offerings. Celebrities have introduced their own lines of coffee infused with CBD, including coffee pods. What does this mean for the future of CBD coffee?

How is CBD Coffee Made?

One of the easiest ways to blend CBD into coffee is in a latte. The fat in the frothed milk works better with CBD oil. There are healthy fats in CBD oil, as well as the fat in the carrier oil, that allows the oil to blend with the fat from milk.

When you make another type of CBD coffee, without blending the oil with fat, the CBD oil tends to separate from traditional types of coffee. It takes a lot of stirring to prevent the CBD oil from rising to the top and separating from the coffee.


How Much CBD is in CBD Coffee?

The amount of CBD used in coffee varies. Some coffee houses only use a drop or two, which is a very minimal amount – less than the average CBD user would consider a dose. Is the small amount of CBD even beneficial, you might ask? In such a low dose, it gives your body a little bit of the cannabinoid, but one or two drops is more like a dose for a pet or small child than an adult.

CBD Flavor and Sweetener Components for Coffee

Sweeteners and flavor components can be infused with CBD too. Sugar, sugar substitutes, honey and CBD syrups can add flavor and sweetness to your cup of coffee or tea. If you prefer a dairy-free coffee drink, these options would be better to use to prevent oil/water separation.

CBD-infused sweeteners are available, but are currently controversial if they are shipped out of the state they’re produced in. The FDA has gone on a rampage simply because the agency does not understand CBD and has yet to issue regulations.

You can make your own CBD-infused flavor enhancers right at home. Making your own CBD coffee drinks at home is also an option. We’ll give you a few tips a little later.

Infused Coffee Beans?

Yes, CBD-infused coffee beans do exist. It’s a secret process to introduce CBD to the coffee beans following the roasting process. These beans are not easy to find and can be quite expensive, but it saves you the trouble of hunting down recipes and CBD-infused coffee pods.

CBD coffee beans

CBD and Caffeine

A majority of adults consume some type of caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine is known to produce energy and stimulate mental alertness. The chemical has been used for medicinal purposes such as migraine treatment and headache prevention.

Caffeine is also used for:

  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Asthma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Memory
  • Cramping
  • Hepatitis C
  • Stroke
  • Cirrhosis
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low oxygen levels following exercise
  • Newborn shortness of breath
  • Weight loss

It’s a stimulant that is used by professional athletes instead of illegal options for league compliance purposes.

Too much caffeine can have a negative impact on the body such as insomnia, anxiety and some cardiovascular issues.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.

A morning cup of coffee might also bring on the jitters or lead to a caffeine crash.

Some say that infusing coffee with CBD supports calm, instead of anxiety, jitters or crashes.

Studies show that CBD has antioxidant, neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Further research needs to be completed to understand the full scope of these properties.

Craig Leivent PhD said, “The caffeine is itself is the health risk. Drinking more than 4 to 5 cups of coffee can increase your heart rate and cause palpitations. By utilizing the CBD with the caffeine, we are able to have the best of both worlds. The added energy and stimulation from the caffeine with the focus and calming effects of the CBD.”

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Making your Own CBD Coffee Drinks at Home

Since the FDA is cracking down on things, you might not be able to find CBD coffee on any restaurant or coffee shop menus for a while. There are no worries though, you may be able to find coffee pods or other options online that include CBD. You may be able to order these products or use CBD oil to make your own.

Give these options of DIY CBD coffee beverages a try at home:

  • Blended frozen coffee drinks that combine ice, cream, cold coffee, flavorings and CBD oil. Emulsifying these ingredients in a blender helps all of the ingredients to emulsify so that they don’t separate.
  • CBD and Butterscotch sauce hot coffee drinks are great on chilly mornings or in the evening. What you’ll do here is slightly warm the butterscotch sauce so that it’s easier to work with and add either plain or vanilla CBD oil and whisk them together. Add in cream and mix again. Add this to a cup of coffee and enjoy
  • Creamy chocolate coffee can be comforting after a long, stressful day. What you’ll do here is make a very thin ganache by adding just 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate chips to ¼ cup warmed cream and stir until the chocolate dissolves. Add the CBD oil and stir again to incorporate. Blend into a cup of coffee and enjoy.
  • Consider CBD whipped cream to top your decadent coffee drinks. When making whipped cream from heavy cream, add powdered sugar and 1 full dropper of your favorite CBD oil and whip until you have stiff peaks. Top your infused coffees with this and keep the extra in the refrigerator for 1 day.

These coffee drinks will have you becoming your own barista right at home and may not be spending money in coffee shops.

Closing Thoughts

CBD coffee started trending rather quickly and even with the FDA’s interference, it’s not likely to stop consumers from making or obtaining these infused coffee options. But, when all else fails, you can make your own at home. Even Willie Nelson has a line of CBD coffee products.

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