CBD Crystals – What are they?

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CBD crystals - what are they?

CBD crystals are unfamiliar to many that use CBD. Tinctures and CBD vape continue to reign supreme with capsules following closely behind. With the industry rapidly growing, new delivery methods are popping up rather frequently. So, what are CBD crystals? How are they made? How do you use them? In this guide, we’ll explain it all, with a few suggestions for using them too.

What are CBD Crystals?

CBD crystals are made by using CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a preparation of CBD where it is isolated away from all of the other cannabinoids and/or terpenes that occurred naturally in the hemp or cannabis strain. Isolate products cannot achieve the entourage effect since it is just a single cannabinoid.

CBD crystals are considered one of the purest forms of CBD possible. When all of the extraction and purification processes are complete, a white powder is what you’re left with. This powder should be at least 98% pure CBD.

The powder is used to make the CBD crystals. We’ll get into how the crystals are made in the next section.

How do you Make CBD Crystals?

Once the raw oil that has been extracted from the hemp plant has become a powder through extraction and purification processes, the task of making CBD crystals can begin. During the purification process, an additional filtration process removes any additional plant material that remains from the extracted oil. Then winterization of the oil takes place. The winterization process goes even further to remove anything that’s left in the oil except the CBD.

Once the powder is ready to become crystals, very expensive equipment is needed. A chromatography machine is needed. A chromatography machine can also be used to aid in purifying the hemp CBD extract to help it become CBD isolate.

The powder needs to be heated and stirred using an agent such as pentane. The heating process must be carefully monitored so that the CBD isn’t “killed” from being overheated.  Once the oil has reached its optimal temperature of 113 degrees, check to make sure that all of the CBD oil has dissolved.

After this, a “bath” needs to be made to cool the solution. The stirring process also needs to be slowed so that the solution can thicken, but the stirring still needs to be at a pace just above 120 RPM. Through this process crystals will form and will release from the pentane solution. CBD crystals will spontaneously form as the bath cools the solution.

When the precipitation process is complete, the CBD crystals can be retrieved from the container.

It’s quite a process that isn’t easily done at home – but can be if you have time and the ability to put a few simple pieces of hardware together.

The CBD crystals will be opaque and can look like small pebbles. They may look like salt or ice crystals in some forms. The crystals will vary in size and shape.

salt crystals

CBD crystals will look similar to these salt crystals

Using CBD Crystals

One of the biggest benefits of using CBD crystals is that you are able to get an exact dose of CBD every time. You’ll need a digital food scale to measure your dosage of CBD crystals. If your ideal dose is 25 mg of other preparations of CBD, then you’ll want to measure out 25 mg of CBD crystals. The dose here is by weight instead of volume since the crystals are a solid.

There are a variety of ways to use CBD crystals, which we will discuss in the sections below. You may even come up with a few ways to incorporate the crystals in ways we haven’t mentioned here. Get creative!

Use the Crystals Alone

You don’t have to mix CBD crystals into anything to use them. They can be ingested on their own by just allowing them to dissolve on your tongue. Make sure you’re measuring out your dose every time.

For some, measuring out a daily allotment of CBD crystals works well. You can put the amount you need for the entire day into a container and just take a little bit here and there throughout the day. You’re still getting the same amount of CBD, just not all at once.

Add the Crystals to your Liquid Sweeteners

Yes, you can make CBD sweeteners with CBD crystals. You can add the crystals to agave, honey or even simple syrup. Simple syrups can be made in any flavor by combining equal parts of sugar and water into a pan and allowing the sugar to dissolve in the water. You’ll want to reduce the volume by half to thicken it and add natural flavors such as mint leaves, orange zest, lime zest or non-alcohol extracted flavorings.

When using honey or agave, make sure that you heat them first. The crystals need to dissolve into the warmed sweetener. If you are making simple syrup, allow it to cool just a little bit before adding the crystals.

Use the amount of CBD crystals that you’d like to ingest for that specific dose into your sweetener, such as 10 mg of CBD crystals for a 10 mg dose.

Your CBD crystal simple syrup can be used to flavor your iced tea, water or soak a cake. The CBD crystal honey can be used in Greek yogurt and in cooled barbecue sauce.

CBD crystal honeyD cCBD Crystals Vape Liquid

If you mix your own vape liquid, you can add CBD crystals to it. You’ll need to heat the vape liquid slightly so that the crystals can dissolve. If you’d prefer to purchase CBD vape that is ready to go, Canna Trading Co. offers both disposable CBD vape pens and cartridges. Canna Trading Co., however, does not use CBD isolate. Our hemp CBD extract does contain 0.3% THC or less.

Make sure you are dissolving the CBD crystals in warmed coconut oil or another vape-safe oil.

Closing Thoughts

CBD crystals may not be available in all markets. If you do find an online source, make sure you are taking the time to research the company. Make sure that they are using a third-party lab and show those test results clearly. Make sure there are no solvents or residual chemicals left behind. If you choose to make your own, make sure to consult someone with ample experience to help guide you through the do-it-yourself process. CBD crystals are rather versatile and are a good way for those that must refrain from all THC ingestion to get their daily dose of cannabidiol.

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