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CBD Dab Cartridge Safety: What you need to Know

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CBD dab cartridge safety: what you need to know

With new CBD products and companies emerging on a regular basis, it’s hard to know what’s safe to buy and what’s not.  The CBD dab cartridge is a rather new item to the market. In this guide, we’ll help you understand what to look for and what to avoid.

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Carefully Review the CBD Dab Cartridge Brand’s Information

When you’re buying CBD dab cartridges online, or even in person, taking the time to read about the brand goes a long way. It’s important to read as much of a brand’s website as possible. What you’ll want to look for is consistency in their text, appropriate use of terminology and complete product descriptions.

If you come across CBD dab cartridges but there is only a sentence written about the product, it might be one to avoid. It’s important, in an industry like this, to give consumers as much information as possible. Although millions of consumers use CBD products already, there are more millions of people that are still unsure about it.

Things that should be included in an appropriate CBD dab cartridges description include:

  • Where the CBD is sourced
  • How it was extracted
  • What form of CBD is used (full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate)
  • If terpenes are added to the CBD dab formula
  • How much CBD is in the entire dab cartridge (this will be measured in milligrams)
  • The purity of the CBD (this will be a percentage)
  • All additional ingredients (although saying a proprietary terpene blend is acceptable because it’s one of the only ways that a CBD company can protect its formula these days)
  • The materials the cartridge is made of
  • The brand of the cartridge
  • How to properly store the cartridge
  • Use instructions

It may seem like this would lead to a long product description, but this isn’t always the case. Some things can be explained in just a couple of words.

Brand Reputation

Do a little searching on social media to help determine the brand’s reputation. Simply searching the brand’s name will bring up any available content or mentions of the brand – positive or negative. It is important to read both positive and negative information, because not all negative commentary is necessarily negative – some consumers may not be familiar enough with a product to know if they had a good experience or not.

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Contacting the CBD Dab Cartridges Brand

Make sure that there is a way to contact a member of the brand’s staff if you have questions. There should at least be a phone number or email address available to contact the brand directly. If none of this is available, it’s best to avoid the brand as their product may be mediocre, at best, and they might just be trying to make money in a popular market.

CBD Dab Cartridge Ingredients

The ingredients used to make CBD dab cartridges are important. Natural ingredients are superior to artificial. CBD plus plant-based terpenes is also ideal because, as long as the dabs are not made from isolate, the entourage effect is possible.

Plant-based terpenes are good to see on the ingredients list for CBD dab cartridges. Plant-based terpenes help give cannabis, hemp and thousands of other plants their flavor and aroma. They also have recognized therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits.

What you don’t want to see is sugar syrups being added as an ingredient as this can cause cartridge failure. It can also pose a danger to those using the cartridges because sugar can crystallize and clog the heating elements – this can cause a cartridge to explode and cause an injury.

Is the CBD Dab Cartridge Authentic?

With CBD dabs gaining popularity, seeing imposter cartridges is becoming commonplace. Some CBD dab cartridge manufacturers make it easy for their cartridge designs to be replicated. This does not mean that the right materials are used to make the cartridges. Some black market dealers will also recreate branding to make it look like they’re selling a product from the leading CBD dab cartridge manufacturers.

A recent report said, “Black market dealers who purchase the cartridges can fill them with whatever they want — pesticide-ridden distillate, heavily-cut oils, synthetic cannabis, to name a few—and consumers would have no way to tell, and little recourse even if they could.”

You’ll want to see information on a CBD dab cartridge company’s website that indicates what brand of cartridge they’re using. You’ll then want to visit the cartridge manufacturer’s website to ensure that the product listed is actually what the dab company says they’re using. If the cartridges from the cartridge manufacturer’s direct website don’t match what’s on the dab company’s website identically, it’s best to avoid the brand.

Materials Used to Make the CBD Dab Cartridge

Carefully scrutinize the list of materials mentioned that the CBD dab cartridge is made of. Ceramic options are superior as they are considered to be a bit safer. Those containing metal and wicks may cause particles of metal to get into the dab material. This would be inhaled in your dab and enter your body. This is not good for your health.

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Lab Results

Before you buy any CBD product, including a CBD dab cartridge, make sure you’re viewing recent lab test results from the dab manufacturer. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. Make sure that the lab used is not part of the company – you always want to see that it is a third-party independent lab.

Things to look for on CBD lab results:

  • The lab’s name, logo and physical location
  • Lab phone number and website address
  • Lab certification number
  • CBD batch number
  • Date of testing
  • Type of sample tested
  • Clear cannabinoid profile
  • Terpene profile (if available)
  • Passing of all heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and solvents (for this you’ll want to look for the action level listed in that section and view that the results are either <LOQ or are listed under the amount listed as the action level. If you see <LOQ, this is good. It means less than the level of quantification or how much a lab can actually detect)
  • Certification of the results
  • A live signature
  • A date of certifying the lab results or certificate of analysis (CoA) are accurate and passing

These items are very important to look for. If you are ever reviewing lab results and aren’t sure what you’re looking at, contact the manufacturer and ask questions, or call the lab that conducted the test directly.

Storage Tips Provided

Is the CBD dab cartridge manufacturer offering safe storage tips? Are they providing a heat warning? It’s important to know how to properly store your CBD dab cartridge to not only prevent device malfunction, but also device failure. Store your dab cartridge with the mouthpiece facing downward. When the contents are still warm, it will prevent them from settling near the heating element and/or wick. This will help prevent leakage, blockage and possibly explosions of the device as well.

Closing Thoughts

If you enjoy dabbing but prefer to stay away from the intoxicating effects of THC, using a CBD dab cartridge might be for you. They are portable and have virtually no odor upon exhale. Keep the tips in this guide in your mind to ensure that you are buying a safe, authentic CBD dab cartridge with quality dab material inside.

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