CBD Delivery Methods for Pets

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We talk a lot about CBD delivery methods for humans, but what about the different CBD delivery methods for pets? What is the right option for your pet? As with humans, different CBD products might seem more ideal for your pet than others. When it comes to dose, that is quite different when it comes to pets. We’ll discuss it all in this simple guide.

CBD Dosing for Pets Condensed

When it comes to the ideal dose of CBD for your pet, this is something that is very specific. Pets need an exact measured dose based upon their exact weight. There are three dosing tiers for pets – starting, median and maximum. We are going to condense the main guidelines here, but we also ask that you review our Comprehensive Guide to CBD for Pets.

Dosing breakdown:

  • Small – 0.05 mg per pound
  • Median – 0.125 mg per pound
  • Maximum – 0.25 mg per pound

It is ideal to obtain an oral syringe with the appropriate dosage marks for your pet’s size. Speak with your vet before starting your pet on a CBD regimen. Also, ask your vet about the ideal oral syringe size for the dose that your pet will need.

If your pet is new to CBD, start with the small dose and maintain a dose frequency routine for 2 weeks. Then evaluate your pet’s symptoms and determine if the small dose seems to be ideal or if you think your pet needs an adjustment. Discuss any adjustments with your vet first.

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Measuring the Right Dose

Measuring doses of CBD for pets can be a little hard. As we suggested, make sure you are using an oral syringe. There are different volumes of oral syringes. If you have a small pet, an infant oral syringe is likely going to provide the proper measurements. Your vet can help you with showing you on their oral syringes where the different measurements are. This will help you when it comes time to learning how the milligrams are represented on an oral syringe.

Dose Frequency

For pets, a typical dose frequency is twice daily. It is best to keep the timing of the doses consistent. This will help create a routine for your pet to get used to. Some pets, however, may need smaller, more frequent doses. This should be discussed with you vet first.

Our Suggested CBD Delivery Methods for Pets

Below you will find our suggested CBD delivery methods for pets. We’ve also included our reasoning for these suggestions. Please reach out to us at 760-493-4367, via email at or on one of our social media outlets with questions. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Pet CBD Tinctures

Pet CBD tinctures are high on the list of preferred CBD delivery methods for pets. It is much easier to measure an accurate, exact dose with pet CBD tinctures. Tinctures are also very versatile. They can be administered in your pet’s mouth using the oral syringe, placed over their dry food or added into homemade meals and/or treats.

If you choose to add pet CBD tinctures to homemade meals or treats, make sure that you are creating them so that your pet receives the right dose per serving. This takes a little practice. One tip for completing this successfully is adding a dose of CBD to each serving before giving it to your pet. For dry food or treats, let the CBD soak into the food for a couple of minutes first.

We often suggest tinctures first since they are the best option for ensuring that your pet is getting the proper dose.

Avoid giving your pet a drop or two as this may not be the correct dose. Know what your pet’s exact weight is. Estimating his or her weight or rounding up will not allow your pet to receive the proper dose. We often stress the necessity of your pet receiving an accurate dose based upon his or her exact weight. While all mammals do have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, a pet’s endocannabinoid system and body are a little different.

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Pet CBD Capsules

Pet CBD capsules can be a little tricky to get dosing right. If you are purchasing capsules that have liquid inside, you can extract the proper dose using an oral syringe. For capsules that contain powder or hard capsules, breaking them up to be the proper dose can be very difficult.

Capsules are ideal for larger pets and livestock as the doses in them vary by brand. Some brands carry varying doss of CBD capsules.

If you wish to use pet CBD capsules, speak with your vet first.

Pet CBD Treats and Dry Food

When purchasing pet CBD treats and dry food pay attention to the serving size and the amount of CBD per serving. This is another of the CBD delivery methods for pets that can get tricky. You also have to know what your pet’s ideal dose of CBD is and how to calculate the proper dose in reference to the serving size of the treat or dry food.

Many pet CBD treats are 5 mg per treat. For smaller pets, and some medium size pets, this might be too much. Pets can have a negative reaction from too much CBD – which is why we always stress proper dosing. Some pets may just seem a little lethargic if too much CBD is administered. Yes, their bodies are designed to be accepting of CBD, but there is a threshold.

puppies peeking through a fenceClosing Thoughts

As you can see, from the information we’ve provided, pet CBD tinctures are the easiest of the CBD delivery methods for pets available. It’s easier to get an accurate dose and they’re easier to administer. Pet CBD tinctures can also be made to use pet-safe topicals. It’s okay if they lick them as long as all of the ingredients are pet safe. The variety of pet CBD products is not as extensive as it is for humans because some products just aren’t ideal for pets. Before starting your pet on any CBD product, have a discussion with your vet. Your vet may not be able to suggest a specific product and cannot endorse a specific product, but he or she can provide guidance regarding the potential efficacy of CBD for your pet.

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