Stock up on CBD Products Before the Holidays

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Stock up on CBD Products Before the Holidays

The holidays will be here before we know it. The time to make sure you have enough CBD to get through them is now. Shipping can take longer during the holiday season simply due to the influx of packages that carriers have to deliver. Sorting facilities can only process so many packages a day. Canna Trading Co. is ready to ship your CBD order to you so that you have it in plenty of time.

Consider Increased CBD Use

During the holidays, increased stress and emotions can arise. This means that your use of CBD might increase. It’s ideal to plan for that so that you can be prepared. Take inventory of your current supply of CBD and determine if that is enough for the next several weeks.

If you are taking Canna Trading Co. 25 mg Full Spectrum Gel Capsules, consider how many you take a day. Will you increase from 1 capsule to 2 capsules daily? Count your capsules and see if you have enough.

If you are using Canna Trading Co. CBD Vape products, how many disposable pens or cartridges do you have? How many do you use a week or a month? You’ll likely be using a little more CBD through the holiday season, so it is a good idea to have one or two extras on hand.

When it comes to Canna Trading Co. CBD Tinctures, what is your frequency of use? While one dropper daily is suggested, during the holiday season, you may need to double or triple your frequency. How long does 1 bottle last? One of the benefits of CBD tinctures is, Canna Trading Co. offers several different options when it comes to milligrams per bottle. For some, ordering a higher milligram bottle might be better for the budget than ordering multiple bottles.

Combining Multiple CBD Delivery Methods

It is common for CBD users to use more than one CBD delivery method. It is okay to do this. You might start the day with a capsule but find that you need a fast delivery method later in the day. This is also typical.

There aren’t many rules when it comes to how to combine CBD delivery methods. The idea is to use the combination of products that best suits your individual needs and lifestyle preferences.

Is there a right or wrong way to use CBD? No, not really. The idea of CBD is to use the products of your choice in the frequency that best works for you. For some, using CBD vape multiple times a day is ideal because it is a fast delivery method. It also allows you to control your use and ration your supply, when needed. Taking smaller doses of CBD tincture a few times a day may also work for some.


We have discussed bioavailability several times. This is the amount of a substance that actually becomes available to your body. Take this into consideration when choosing your holiday CBD delivery method or methods. Each CBD product has a different bioavailability.

This will also play a role in how long your current supply of CBD products will last you.

How to Increase your CBD Intake Safely

Stress during the holidays can be much more significant than it is the rest of the year. This might mean that you‘ll need more CBD during this period of time. It’s okay to increase your CBD intake, but it’s best to do so in small increments. It isn’t that larger doses aren’t okay; your body will just build up a tolerance to larger doses faster. When your body gets used to those larger doses, it might depend on those larger doses.

When returning to your previous normal dose after the holidays are over, it might not suffice.

Increase by a milligram or two at a time when using tinctures or a couple of puffs more of vape.

If you’re dabbing, use smaller, more frequent CBD dabs. Keep in mind that CBD dabs may last longer since the CBD is concentrated more in this form. Inhaled forms of CBD take effect faster since the lungs can distribute the CBD to your bloodstream faster.

When to Use CBD

There is no right or wrong time to use your CBD. You can create a CBD schedule as you would with a pharmaceutical medication or you can choose to use your preferred product at the onset of symptoms. Keep in mind that if you are using CBD capsules, these take longer to take effect in your body. They must go through the digestive process, which can take up to an hour.

With CBD dabs, vape and tinctures, the effects may start within minutes. These are fast delivery methods. Tinctures start to absorb sublingually as the liquid sits under your tongue. With vape and dabs, your lungs are able to distribute the CBD to your bloodstream faster – typically within minutes of inhalation.

You can use inhaled and oral CBD products at the onset of your symptoms. You can use them anywhere. There is no offensive odor when using CBD vape. Step outside if you are at a friend or family member’s home and take a few puffs. Dabs might not be the best option if you are traveling or will be away from home since these will require your dab setup.

Tinctures are also portable and discreet. If you have loved ones that aren’t CBD-friendly, you can use it in the bathroom.

Closing Thoughts

The goal is for you to be comfortable and calm during the holidays. It’s not an easy time for everyone. Some experience depression, stress, anxiety and other emotions. CBD is non-intoxicating. If a friend or family member asks what you’re using and wants to try it – consider letting them. Canna Trading Co. hemp CBD products are broad spectrum and do contain 0.3% THC or less, so it’s best to inform others of this. This small amount of THC will not induce a high. Friends and family members may be curious about CBD; the holidays are the perfect time for them to give it a try.

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