Limitations Coming to the CBD Industry

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Limitations Coming to the CBD Industry

Are there really limitations coming to the CBD industry? Industry experts say that when official, permanent rules and regulations are issued that there will be some limitations. In this guide we’ll discuss some of the potential limitations that CBD manufacturers will have to comply with and adjust to as the industry becomes regulated.

Reduction in “Weedwashing”

Weedwashing has been a big problem. It involves making claims that are unsubstantiated or aren’t accepted by the FDA regarding a product. There are CBD manufacturers out there that say that their products treat or cure something. That’s a huge no-no!

Medical claims are something that cannot be made by anyone in this industry except for GW Pharmaceuticals for their Epidiolex medication. No other company or brand can make any type of medical claim.

When regulations come out for the industry this is something that will be carefully spelled out in black and white.

What are some examples of making medical claims? If you see a company promoting a CBD product that says it will do something such as treat or cure a health condition or symptom – this is a medical claim that cannot be made. You might see something that could say, “Using CBD treats your pain”. That isn’t something that companies can say now and it won’t be permitted when regulations are determined.

Marketing Limitations

There are limitations in place currently that restrict CBD companies from labeling products as dietary supplements. Much of this is because the government doesn’t have the necessary data available (at least according to them), to allow CBD to be marketed and labeled as a dietary supplement.

The government wants to see more information regarding potential risks associated with using CBD. So far, science hasn’t indicated any serious risks. Yes, there are a few drug interactions to know about, but as with anything (even natural options) there are interactions with some pharmaceuticals. Those that take blood thinners and some liver medications should avoid using CBD. Some data indicates that the combination of CBD and blood thinners may potentially increase the efficacy of the blood thinners – making them work too well, which can be dangerous.

It is always suggested to speak with your doctor before starting the use of CBD to ensure that it is a good option for you first.

The FDA is also not allowing CBD to be marketed in food items at this time for interstate sales. The FDA website says that, “It is currently illegal to market CBD by adding it to a food or labeling it as a dietary supplement.”

While Canna Trading Co. cannot sell you CBD-infused edibles, we can give you recipes to make your own at home. We have dozens of recipes available so that you can use your Canna Trading Co. hemp CBD products in more applications.

social media managementAdvertising Limitations

Consumers might think that it’s easy to advertise CBD, but it really isn’t. CBD companies have many limitations and restrictions when it comes to advertising. There are several platforms that do not allow any type of CBD advertising. Facebook does allow some ads to come through, but they aren’t very compelling.

Facebook limits what language can be used to advertise CBD. Of course, no medical claims can be made. That leaves the wording of the advertising tricky for CBD companies. Some companies make CBD products that might support a specific response in the body, as Canna Trading Co. does with our target tinctures. But, we cannot say that they treat or will cure anything because we do not have the science to back up anything – as we mentioned above, only 1 company in the world has the approval to make any type of claim.

Several publications also restrict CBD companies from advertising. Some major events, including the Super Bowl, prohibit the marketing or advertising of any product derived from hemp or cannabis plants.

Predicted Limitations

Speculations are circulating that the FDA will limit the type of CBD products that can be sold. Food items are expected to remain limited and restricted until acceptable testing can be done on the products. This limitation isn’t expected to be resolved for several years because it can take a great deal of time to decipher how much CBD the body is actually getting from different types of CBD-infused foods.

Another one of the most predicted CBD limitations is pesticide bans. Some states already have bans on some pesticides, but this is expected to transfer to federal regulations too. This is a welcomed limitation though. CBD users don’t want chemicals or any dangerous solvents in their products. Testing requirements could become standardized although several states, like Oregon, already have very strict testing regulations in place. The federal government is expected to take the lead of some states that already have strict testing regulations in place.

Limitations on flavorings of some CBD products, like vape, could happen. This would be in line with the current EVALI or vaping lung illness health crisis. However, many CBD companies, like Canna Trading Co. use terpenes and naturally-derived options to flavor their CBD vape products. Our terpenes are plant-derived; they do not contain chemicals and are not synthetic.

CBD vape

Unlikely CBD Limitations

Conversations in online forums suggest that consumers are concerned about being limited on how much CBD they will be able to buy. This is one of the CBD limitations that is unlikely to happen. Part of this is because there is such a variety of CBD products available and majority of CBD users use more than one type of CBD product.

Hemp is legal. It’s hard to put limitations on something that is legal. Alcohol is legal and there are no limits as to how much you can buy – just for comparison.

It also isn’t likely that CBD limitations will include milligrams in a product. Several CBD companies, like Canna Trading Co., are already offering tinctures that are 1500 mg per bottle and more.

Closing Thoughts

While there aren’t that many CBD limitations in place right now, once regulations start to take shape, CBD limitations will increase. Will this strap the industry? Probably not. There are other ways for CBD companies to market and advertise. There are other ingredients to use. There are hemp farmers that already use organic cultivation practices. The industry will survive any limitations that are put on it and will continue to grow, mature and innovate.

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