CBD Oil and Alcohol Facts

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CBD is popular among those seeking relaxation, pain relief and its nutritional value. Infusing CBD into foods and beverages is quickly becoming a trend. Mixing CBD oil and alcohol is also trending. CBD does not induce a “high”. Mixing alcohol with some medications might not be a good idea, so why mix it with CBD? We’ll discuss that a little bit later.

In this guide we’ll go into detail about some of the facts surrounding CBD oil and alcohol.

Do you want to Combine CBD oil and Alcohol?

The choice to combine CBD oil and alcohol is completely yours. CBD-infused adult beverages are gaining popularity. There are also CBD-infused wine products and a new beer that was just released. Some of these, like the new beer, are alcohol-free. What’s the point of consuming an alcohol-free CBD spirit or beer? No hangover!

The thing about alcohol is – it affects everyone differently. Some people get sleepy and relax, while others might get a little moody when consuming a few drinks. As some research is able to be conducted, the results of some studies support anecdotal claims that CBD reduces stress and helps calm the body.  So, for those that might have adverse reactions to consuming alcohol, adding a dose of CBD might be a good idea.

Studies are, however, contradictory since there are restrictions on research. The results have been mixed regarding combining CBD and alcohol. It is suggested that excessive alcohol consumption results in brain cell death. It’s also scientifically noted that CBD helps protect brain cells and promotes new brain cell growth.

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What do CBD oil and Alcohol have in Common?

While it might seem odd, CBD oil and alcohol do have a few things in common. Alcohol and CBD are both relaxing. Combining CBD oil and alcohol may also increase the length of the effects of alcohol.

Another similarity is higher doses of CBD potentially making you feel sleepy. The same is true with alcohol.

It’s best to know how varying doses of CBD and varying volumes of alcohol affect you individually before you combine the two.

What Happens when Combining CBD oil and Alcohol?

As we mentioned just above, knowing how CBD oil affects you and how alcohol affects you separately is important. Of course, there are no intoxicating effects associated with CBD, but it possesses calming, relaxing and mildly sedative properties. Although CBD is not intoxicating, increasing the “sleepy” feelings associated with alcohol could occur.

One study indicates that CBD may not intensify the effects of alcohol by making a person feel more intoxicated. The same study suggested that CBD may reduce blood alcohol levels, but this was a small-scale study and not a clinical trial.

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Knowing what your Reaction to CBD-Infused Alcohol will be

How can you know for sure how you’ll react to combining CBD oil and alcohol? First, as we mentioned above, it’s best to know how each affects you separately. If alcohol makes you violent or angry, CBD might help reverse those intentions. CBD supports calming responses to stress and other aggravators.

It’s suggested that those that are “happy drinkers” might stay that way when adding CBD oil to their adult beverage.

If you’d like to try a CBD cocktail, we have a few recipes to suggest.

According to Georgetown University Medical Center professor James Giordano, it’s ideal to avoid consuming alcohol and using CBD within 4-8 hours of each other. The professor says that alcohol may intensify the effects of CBD, which could make you sleepier than normal.

Tips for Trying CBD-Infused Alcoholic Beverages

If you wish to try a CBD-infused alcoholic beverage, it’s best to do so at home when you’re in for the night. This is the best way to see how the two interact with your body. Start with just one beverage and a single dose of CBD. A small dose of CBD is ideal.

Give yourself about an hour after you finish the beverage to see how you feel. Take notes so that you can compare how you feel as the night progresses. Try not to overdo it, as we mentioned, combining CBD and alcohol might make you sleepier than normal.

Choose your activities wisely. While CBD does not produce a high, it’s clear interactions with alcohol are unknown due to the lack of ability for researchers to conduct large-scale studies and clinical trials. It’s not ideal to swim, sit in a hot tub or take a bath when you’re new to using CBD and alcohol together – just in case it does make you sleepier. It’s also not suggested to cook either – for the same reason.

Use small amounts of alcohol in your beverage – such as an ounce or less in a mixed drink or a smaller glass of wine. Sip your beverage. Enjoying your adult drink is ideal – it’s not a race to the finish line when you’re drinking.

Tip: Canna Trading Co.’s CBD oil tinctures may be a good addition to your CBD cocktails – especially the vanilla and peppermint options.

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How high will CBD-Infused Drinks Make you?

You won’t get “high” at all from adding CBD oil to your alcoholic beverage. CBD does not induce a high. Some CBD products contain 0.3% or less THC and others are THC-free. Canna Trading Co.’s CBD oil contains 0.1% or less THC. This is not enough to induce a high, even if CBD oil and alcohol are in the same glass.

Your metabolism also plays a role in how CBD affects you. If you have a faster metabolism (which is slowed by alcohol consumption), the CBD may leave your body a little faster than someone with a slower metabolism. Your weight also plays a role. Those that weigh more or have higher body mass indexes may not be impacted at all by combining CBD oil and alcohol. In any case, start slow and low.

Closing Thoughts

There is not enough conclusive information regarding combining CBD oil and alcohol to make a determination of whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It does; however, seem to be trending a bit more lately. Whether you choose to combine the two is entirely your decision, but do so using the tips we’ve suggested so that you don’t have a negative experience.

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