How to know if your CBD Oil is Pure

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How to Know if your CBD Oil is Pure

There are a few things you can look at to help determine if your CBD oil is pure. With so many CBD manufacturers and distribution companies flooding the industry, it can be hard to tell if your product is pure. With these tips, you’ll be shopping for hemp CBD products like a pro in no time.

Tips for Knowing if your CBD Oil is Pure

With these tips, you should be able to check off a few boxes pretty quickly to determine if CBD oil is pure in the products you’re buying.

Look for the Method of Cultivation

The method of cultivation does play a role in knowing if your CBD oil is pure. At Canna Trading Co. we only work with American hemp farmers that have organic farming practices. Our goal is to provide the purest, cleanest and freshest hemp CBD extracts possible.

It is best if you purchase hemp CBD products that are grown on American soil. It is also ideal if the CBD manufacturer chooses hemp farmers that have organic farming practices. This reduces the potential for you to be exposed to residual chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and some fertilizers.

How is the CBD Product Made?

Does the CBD manufacturer make their products in large batches, having them ready on a shelf for shipping? Manufacturing in large batches can play a role in even distribution of the hemp CBD extract evenly in all of the products. Also, pre-manufacturing and having product sitting on a shelf waiting to be ordered is a common practice – but is it the best method?

At Canna Trading Co., we manufacture in small batches. This helps us ensure that you receive an accurate amount of hemp CBD extract with every purchase. We also prefer not to have our products sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We like to manufacture in small batches because it enables us to ship the freshest hemp CBD extract products to our customers.

What you may not know is that CBD can crystallize naturally over time, so products sitting on a shelf may be subject to crystallization depending on how they are stored and what the additional ingredients are.

Canna Trading Co product line

View Lab Reports

Don’t just look to see that a CBD company tests their products; actually view the third-party lab results. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the CBD oil is pure. There are a few things that you should look for, and we’ll help you understand what the sections of lab reports mean.

What is <LOQ? When you see this on a lab report it means less than the limit or level of quantification – under the detectable limit, in other words. This is what you want to see for sections involving solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial sections, herbicides, chemicals, contaminants and other impurities.

Cannabinoid profiles are also important to review because this tells you every single cannabinoid that is in your product. You’ll want to pay close attention to THC concentrations since a legal hemp-derived CBD product must contain 0.3% or less THC.

Terpene profiles are also important to pay attention to. While a finished product lab result may not be available so that the manufacturer can protect the ingredients used against the competition, some companies do post end product results. This is where you’ll look to see what terpenes are in the formula and how much of each is in them. Terpenes help with flavor and aroma but also have accepted therapeutic benefits.

Additional elements to pay attention to on third-party lab results:

  • Lab license number
  • Batch number
  • Type of sample received
  • When the sample was received
  • When the sample was tested
  • A live ink signature certifying the results
  • Contact information for the lab
  • The date the results were certified
  • Ensure that the CBD manufacturer is not financially invested in the lab to ensure that the results are not “fixed’

Yes, there have been instances where a CBD manufacturer has had financial interest in the lab they use – which is controversial because it leaves the lab incapable of being impartial and producing true results. Some labs have been paid to “fix” results. This is not the case with Canna Trading Co. We are not financially invested in nor do we have any specific affiliation with our third-party lab. Our results are true to what’s shown on our lab reports. We provide our lab results as a layer of transparency.

Canna Trading Lab Test Image

Example of a Third-Party Lab Results Sheet

Have Products Tested Yourself

If you’re still unsure if your CBD oil is pure, contact a local laboratory and ask if they allow consumers to bring in products for testing. Yes, there is a charge for this. With so many companies flooding the CBD space, it can be hard to know which company or companies to trust. This is why we suggest that you do take the time to have products tested yourself.

If you are purchasing from a reputable company, like Canna Trading Co., you should have no worries. We take making hemp CBD extract products very seriously. We use our CBD products. Our friends and family members use our products. We take great pride in offering our customers the purest, cleanest and freshest CBD products on the market.

Extraction Method

One more element you should pay attention to when it comes to knowing if your CBD oil is pure is the extraction method. Ethanol, CO2 and Supercritical CO2 extraction methods are the preferred methods. Supercritical CO2 and CO2 extraction methods are the superior extraction methods. There are no residual solvents or chemicals left behind using these methods.

If an extraction method is not mentioned, ask the manufacturer.

Closing Thoughts

Buying CBD oil products is a little bit of a process, but we hope that these tips will help you know if your CBD oil is pure. The CBD is still fairly new. Individual states have regulations, and these regulations can vary from state-to-state. Doing this little bit of homework before you make a purchase can be the determining factor in whether your CBD oil is pure or if you’re buying something that isn’t what it says it is.

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