CBD Water, What Is It?

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Including CBD water into your daily regimen helps your body in two ways – staying hydrated and getting a dose of CBD. This cannabinoid is finding its way into more products every day. Some might ask how you can get oil and water to mix. Well, science – of course! We’ll get into the science part later.

It might seem easier to just take a dose of CBD oil and drink a glass of water, right? Or, why not just add CBD oil to a glass of water? It won’t work quite the same when you try to do it at home. We’ll explain why a little bit later.

What is CBD water?

Several CBD water products are made using CBD isolate. Isolate is made when the raw CBD extract from hemp plants undergoes several filtration processes. Supercritical CO2 extraction is often used. In this process, carbon dioxide stresses the hemp plant through a low-temperature, high-pressure process.

When the CBD oil enters that cold atmosphere, the CBD particles freeze. This is a similar process to touching a frozen pole with a wet finger or tongue – instant freezing. Once the frozen oil is removed from the frigid temperatures, carbon dioxide particles thaw just a little bit. Although the carbon is still slightly frozen, the CBD is able to bind to it.

Additional processes help the CBD become stripped from the carbon. CBD can then be isolated from the remaining cannabinoids and terpenes.

The particles of CBD from this process are much smaller, which makes them easier to combine with water.

CBD water has a significant bioavailability rate. Bioavailability refers to a substance infiltrating circulation as it’s introduced to the body, creating an active effect. The combination of CBD into water helps CBD enter the body in an additional delivery method.

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The Science of Making CBD Water

Remember the science we mentioned above? Here it is.

CBD particles are nano-sized. What this means is that the CBD molecules are reduced to one-millionth of their original size. These extra small particles allegedly help the CBD work its way through the body better.

We also mentioned bioavailability earlier as well. Higher bioavailability means that more CBD is getting into your body since it doesn’t necessarily need to go through the digestive system. A comparison here is edibles. With some edibles, you can lose as much as 90% of the CBD in the edible due to lower bioavailability.

One of the processes used to create CBD water is called micro-emulsion. Emulsions are simply a combination or multiple liquids that typically don’t go together (oil and water, as an example).  

When the nano-size particles of CBD enter the body, more of the actual CBD can be used by the body – meaning that less may actually need to be ingested.

The carbon particles within the CBD water encapsulate the CBD, so-to-speak, which helps prevent the CBD and water from separating.

Why Choose CBD Water?

You might wonder what the point of drinking CBD water is, right? Well, one reason is its ease of use. It’s the same as drinking a bottle of water. You can take it anywhere and consume CBD whenever you need to.

Can your pets have CBD water? Yes, pets can have CBD water too. With pets, however, it will be hard to know how much CBD they’re actually getting. So, what you want to do here is read the amount of CBD in the entire bottle of water. Review the appropriate dose of CBD for pets. Portion out a specific amount of water for your pet based upon the ideal dose for your pet’s size.

When your body takes in cannabinoids that have been nano-sized and emulsified into water, they’re primed for the bloodstream. What this means is that they have a direct path to receptors throughout the body.  With less of the body to pass through, the CBD may be able to start doing its job faster.

Does CBD Change the Flavor of Water?

You might be surprised but CBD water has the same flavor as plain water. Those with a discerning palate may say that there’s a bit of a nutty aftertaste – and that is to be expected. One of the benefits of CBD water is that it can be used in multiple ways.

If you make your own soda, use CBD water instead. This will give you a little fizz in your water. Carbonated water is great for spritzers and fruit-infused drinks.

The water can also be combined with water enhancement drops and instant coffee. It’s important that you use only cold coffee preparations as boiling the water could kill the CBD and make the water just water with dead cannabinoids in it.

Could you make CBD water ice cubes? Absolutely. Add fresh fruit to make fancy ice cubes for party punches and larger containers of drinks. The ice cubes can be used in smoothies and frozen cocktails too.

CBD water ice cubes with fruitIs CBD Water the Best Way to Ingest CBD?

While CBD water is a novel creation, it may not be the best method of delivery for you. This is because most CBD waters are made with isolate – meaning that the rest of the cannabinoids and terpenes that were in the hemp or cannabis plant naturally are now gone. There is no entourage effect, there’s just a single cannabinoid going into your body.

For some people, CBD is the only cannabinoid their bodies need, so CBD water might be ideal for them.

Every type of CBD product has its merits. CBD tinctures and CBD vape both enter the bloodstream rather quickly. CBD water is another type of fast delivery method that doesn’t require going through the digestive process before starting to work in the body.

It’s a matter of personal preference and what combination of cannabinoids and terpenes your body needs.

Closing Thoughts

CBD water is getting more attention as more consumers look for additional ways to get cannabinoids into their bodies. Water is something that your body needs. This is an easy way to get a necessity (water) and a cannabinoid that might help your body at the same time. You may find that it’s an easy delivery method for you.

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