CBD’s Legality in Florida

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Is CBD legal in Florida

Yes, Florida has a medical cannabis program, but is CBD legal in Florida? The state is just as confused as consumers. It’s similar to laws in other parts of the U.S. where some CBD products might be legal and others are not. Florida is working on framework to regulate CBD, but it’s not ready yet.

Several raids on businesses selling CBD flower have happened. Law enforcement officials can’t tell the difference between hemp flower and cannabis flower.

CBD Flower

CBD flower is currently illegal in Florida according to the state Department of Agriculture Chairman Nikki Fried.  One of the reasons being – there is no test to differentiate hemp from marijuana in Florida. Officials say that there isn’t a way to know exactly what’s being sold in stores.

Stores selling raw CBD flower have been raided and have had their products seized. While some stores do have their products tested, like Natural Life, not all stores do.

The distribution manager of Natural Life, Alex Petrick said, “We go out of our way to pay for additional lab testing. Not only do we get lab testing done from the state where it was grown, so in this case Oregon. Those labs are certified by the Department of Agriculture in Oregon. Then it arrives in Florida. We take that flower again and ship it off to another lab flower to another lab located in Florida, so now that you have a lab report from where it was grown, to now from the state where it’s being sold. Overwhelmingly verifying this flower is industrial hemp and not it’s illicit cousin.”

Not all stores that sell CBD flower have had issues.

Although selling CBD flower is currently illegal in Florida, framework to create regulations is being created.

Fried did offer some clarification regarding this in a statement saying, “We are not going to come in and say you cannot sell CBD in the state of Florida. However, what we are going to say is ‘here is the regulated framework that we are going to go under’. And so, give everybody a period of time to start showing on your testing standards all of your labeling requirements and then afterwards then we at least know that there is validation behind what is being sold.”

It isn’t known when this framework will be in place.

Florida seal inside shape of stateOther CBD Products

Is CBD legal in Florida? We’re going to give you another piece of the answer in this section. In order for CBD products to be purchased by someone that does not have a Florida medical marijuana card, it must explicitly be hemp-derived CBD. As long as the CBD product comes from hemp and not cannabis, it’s said to be okay. Several retailers in Florida do sell hemp-derived CBD products.

There are also legal online options for those wanting to use hemp CBD products; including ordering from Canna Trading Co. We can ship our products to Florida because they are derived from hemp. Our hemp CBD oil is sourced from American farmers that have organic growing procedures. Our CBD oil is lab tested for quality and purity, with our lab results proudly displayed within each product description.

It is best, however, to obtain a medical cannabis card in Florida to ensure that the CBD product you’re purchasing is safe and clean. You’ll also know that the product was tested and is what it says it is.

Safety Concerns Buying CBD from Non-Regulated Retailers

Now that we’ve given you two parts of the confusing answer to is CBD legal in Florida, we’ll get into making sure you’re buying a safe product. As we mentioned in the two previous sections discussing is CBD legal in Florida, CBD flower is considered illegal, other CBD products (as long as they are derived from hemp and not cannabis plants) are legal. Yes, this is confusing, we know.

When you’re looking for a quality hemp CBD product in Florida, it’s important to look at the ingredients. The product label should say hemp CBD oil or CBD oil. If you see just hemp seed oil and no mention of CBD or hemp CBD, there are no cannabinoids in the product at all. What a lot of people don’t understand is that there is zero CBD in hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is used in cooking applications, beauty products, in CBD tinctures as a carrier oil and in other CBD products along with CBD oil.

Ask to see lab testing results for the specific product. If none are available, steer clear of this product. You don’t know where it came from, exactly what’s in it or if it really is what it says it is.

Make sure the THC percentage on the packaging says 0.3% or less. This is what’s legally allowed to be purchased without a medical cannabis card in Florida, and per federal guidelines. This should also be backed up with very recent lab testing.

There are concerns that shops selling CBD products aren’t doing their homework to know exactly what is in the product, where it comes from and if it’s tested. Retailers like Natural Health and Hempora are reputable retailers and are safe to purchase hemp CBD products from.

Navigating the Confusion of the Law

We’ve explained, regarding is CBD legal in Florida, that it’s just confusing. On one hand, the Department of Agriculture says that CBD is illegal but they’re working on framework. Other sources say that hemp-derived CBD is okay to purchase and sell.

To help you with this confusion –keep your receipts! Show where you purchased the oil or other CBD product. Sure, an investigation might ensue, but it’ll be a waste of lawmakers and law enforcement’s time. CBD is non-intoxicating.

For now, it seems that it just depends on who you ask is CBD legal in Florida – because there isn’t an exactly clear answer available right now.

Closing Thoughts

The state of Florida is confused and says it needs to create CBD-specific laws. Those are coming, but in the meantime – just make sure you’re buying a CBD product that was made from the hemp plant. Keep your receipts and buy from trusted retailers.

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