Choosing the Correct Delivery Method for CBD

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Everyone has an ideal delivery method for CBD. There are several factors to consider and we’ll discuss each one in this guide. For some, a multiple delivery method for CBD system is ideal. We’ll also take a look at how to use more than one delivery method to coincide with your individual needs and lifestyle.

From quality products to understanding the terminology, buying CBD itself is a task. New companies are popping up almost weekly, and the industry is expected to expand even faster as hemp cultivation takes off across the country. Some states are still working out their legal framework and regulatory programs before legal hemp seeds can be sewn.

We’ll explore each different type of CBD product and explain the pros and cons of each one so that you can determine which delivery method for CBD or which combination of methods is ideal for you.

Canna Trading Co.’s Guide to Selecting the Right Delivery Method for CBD

There are a few staple CBD products that have been in use for several years. New types of CBD delivery options have also become available. As the industry matures, more types of CBD products are expected to be available.

Which is right for you?

CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures are one of the most popular choices of delivery method for CBD because they are easy to use and discreet. The tinctures don’t have to be used orally only. They can be added to beverages, food and can be used in some cooking applications.

When using a CBD oil tincture, shake the bottle well and fill the dropper. Empty the liquid under your tongue and hold it there for a full minute. Swallow.

Pros of using CBD oil tinctures:

  • Quick delivery method
  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Versatility of use

Cons of using CBD oil tinctures:

  • Not all tinctures are created equally
  • Not all companies display lab testing results
  • Not all tinctures include all-natural ingredients
  • Not all tinctures include plant-based terpenes
  • Some are very expensive

It is important, as we always stress, to read the list of ingredients as well as the amount of actual CBD in the tincture. If individual terpenes are listed, they may seem like chemicals to you due to their names. However, terpenes have accepted therapeutic benefits and are actually a positive inclusion in CBD oil tinctures.

CBD tinctures

CBD Vape

CBD vape is another popular delivery method for CBD due to its portability and ease of use. It’s another quick delivery method that allows the body to absorb the CBD faster than some other delivery methods. There are a few options for vaping CBD such as disposable pre-filled pen, a pre-filled cartridge or using an appropriately made CBD oil for vaping purposes.

Not all CBD oils are designed to be used in a vape pen – especially when you use a tank-style device that requires you to fill it yourself. See our Guide to Using CBD Oil in a Vape Pen for safety tips.

This is a good delivery method for CBD to combine with tinctures or capsules. Some CBD users choose a vape pen simply to give their bodies a quick dose of CBD between regular doses.

Keep these things in mind when using CBD vape:

  • Research the vape cartridge materials – ceramic are superior and do not shed tiny particles of metal that can enter your lungs
  • Learn how to store your CBD vape to prevent device failure – it’s best to place the vape device in a downward position when not in use to keep the liquid away from the heating element.
  • Ensure that the contents of the oil are designed to be vaped
  • Look at the type of flavoring used – some flavorings can leave residue behind that may cause a tank-style vape pen to malfunction due to buildup.

There is no offensive odor associated with vaping CBD. If you use your vape pen outdoors, no one will think you’re vaping CBD unless you tell them.

Canna Tradint Co Vape Kit

Capsules or Soft Gels

Capsules and soft gels are other delivery methods that are convenient. A capsule or two a day is what most CBD manufacturers suggest. The doses of CBD vary by manufacturer. Canna Trading Co.’s CBD capsules are 25 mg of CBD each. Our CBD oil is also dried before it is made into a capsule to be easier to digest.

Soft gels use CBD oil and a vegetable-based encapsulation. CBD oil is rich. The capsules can be large, so those with difficulty swallowing larger pills (such as vitamins and some prescribed medications) may have difficulty with them.

For those that do have issues with larger pills, Canna Trading Co.’s CBD capsules can be put into a pill crusher or cut into several pieces, if needed.

Canna Trading Co. Capsules


CBD topicals exist in a multitude of formulations. They are convenient and easy to use. If you just need exterior support of a symptom, a topical may be a good idea. Topicals can be combined with several other delivery methods of CBD. For some, using CBD topically and in another form is ideal.

Always wash your hands after applying a CBD topical that contains essential oils or fragrance, just as you would with any other type of topical. Essential oils may be great for your skin, but may irritate your eyes or genital areas if you forget to wash your hands after application.

Transdermal patches also fall into the topicals category. These aren’t available in all markets, but are very easy and discreet to use.

Always read the ingredients to ensure that you are not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of any CBD topical as each manufacturer has a unique recipe.

Canna Trading Co. CBD Topical

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are another way to get your daily dose of CBD. Edibles are not a quick delivery method and take time to digest in your body. It is important to know what your ideal dose is to ensure that you’re ingesting enough.

It’s also important to know that a little bit of the CBD will be lost in the digestion process, but not much at all.

With edibles, it takes 45 minutes to an hour for the effects to be present. Depending on the dose, the effects of CBD may last up to 8 hours. Other factors include your metabolism and body mass.

Edibles include CBD water, beverages and any food item that CBD is infused into or added to.

Closing Thoughts

When determining which delivery method for CBD is right for you, consider your needs and personal preference. Also consider your lifestyle and which method fits it best.  A single delivery method may suffice for some, but many CBD users choose to combine two or more delivery methods – especially for sudden onsets of symptoms.

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