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Coming out to Family and Friends About your Cannabis Use

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coming out to friends and family about cannabis use

Your friends and family may not know about your cannabis use. Although it is becoming more socially acceptable, those in your circle may not be on-board yet. This piece will help you have that conversation with those closest to you in the most comfortable way possible. We’ll help you get through coming out to family and friends about your cannabis use easier.

Gather your Thoughts

First and foremost, you have to have your thoughts in order. It’s important to be organized when you’re going to tell those closest to you that you use cannabis. While it’s really not a huge deal, some people still believe that cannabis is bad.

Write down who you want to tell, what you think their opinion is and how you think they’ll react. Prepare yourself as some may not be as accepting.

Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone that you use cannabis, but some people like to be open with their loved ones.

Think about why you use cannabis, how it helps you and how it’s improved your life. Write down some notes.

Choose the Right Setting

It is important to have this conversation in a relaxed setting. For some, a public setting is more ideal as it would prevent outrageous reactions and tempers flaring. The right time and setting would be a get together that is just for fun. Something with no other meaning than spending time together.

You’ll know when the time is right. 

relaxed setting for coming out about cannabis use

Ask How they Feel about Cannabis

Knowing where your friends and family stand when it comes to cannabis is important. It will help you gauge how they might react when you disclose your use. Once you know their position, ask what they know about cannabis.

You may get responses that are just in line with what’s been said in TV news stories, online rants and misguided writings prior to more research being capable. If this is the case, it just means that they haven’t done any research on their own and just aren’t educated.

It might be helpful to print out some studies and real findings regarding the benefits of cannabis from trusted and reputable resources – such as medical journals, clinical/scientific studies and cannabis reform groups. If you purchase products from a trusted cannabis company, such as Canna Trading Co., print material from those websites to take along with you as well. Have the website/s easily accessible on a mobile source so that your friends and family members can read the product descriptions as well as see that there is ample educational material available on those websites.

Disclose Why you Choose Cannabis

Your loved ones may not understand why you use cannabis. If it is for a medical purpose, explain that and how cannabis relieves your symptoms. Explain how there are hundreds of strains that all work in a different way and that you do your best to find the strains that would best benefit your specific condition.

If you are merely a recreational user, perhaps consider comparing it to alcohol. Many drink to relax but alcoholic beverages are more damaging to the body than cannabis. Drinking may also make you feel sick the next day and may dehydrate you. There are no hangovers with cannabis and it may actually help you stay better hydrated if you are able to obtain a strain that causes dry mouth.

Also explain that cannabis is natural and that the body is designed to work with cannabinoids from the plant naturally. Briefly explain that every mammal has an endocannabinoid system that naturally produces some forms of cannabinoids itself. It doesn’t always produce enough, which is why some imbalances and ailments may exist.

Cannabis buds

Consider printing these articles from the Canna Trading website:  Our Endocannabinoid System and how Cannabidiol (CBD) Aids Its Functionality and The Different Cannabinoids and How They Work in the Body. There are other educational articles available on our website to help educate your loved ones about cannabis. Our article on cannabinoid deficiencies and how cannabis can help may also be helpful to take along with you.

Explain How Cannabis Helps You

Your loved ones need to understand that cannabis is helping you. It is important to explain how traditional medication made you feel and if you experienced side effects, how those impacted your life.  Some medications have significant side effects. In some cases, it may require another medication to combat the side effects of another. This can start a downward spiral of needing new prescriptions, which may turn your medicine cabinet into a mess. A life of pharmaceuticals isn’t ideal for everyone.

If this is what’s happening to you, let your loved ones know. If cannabis has helped improve your medical condition and you’ve lowered doses of or stopped taking pharmaceuticals, it is important that they know. For some loved ones, seeing that an all-natural option has improved your life may open their eyes to your cannabis use. If they can see that you look, feel and just seem better – they may be more accepting.

Be very specific in how this natural option has helped you.

Explain the Frequency of your Use

Many people have the misconception that cannabis users sit around stoned all day. This isn’t the case. There’s also the misconception that cannabis users are lazy and unproductive. It is important to let your loved ones know your frequency of use and how much you use. They’ll see that you use a small amount when your symptoms arise or to help maintain control of your symptoms.

Explain that the effects don’t make you unable to function, that you’re not a drug addict and that your quality of life has improved. Also include information regarding the benefits of microdosing – delivering cannabinoids in smaller amounts a few times a day is often more beneficial. It helps the endocannabinoid system maintain a better balance in your body and keeps the central and peripheral nervous systems functioning properly.

Answer Their Questions

There will likely be questions. Be open to them and do your best to answer them with a calm mind and tone. You will find that a lot of people just don’t understand the plant. There may be questions that you can’t answer, and that’s okay. You may not be an expert in the field. Find resources that can answer your questions and offer them to those with the question.

person finding resources about cannabis

Closing Thoughts

While disclosing cannabis use may be easier to speak about than other substances, it can still be a difficult conversation to have. Approaching the subject in the right way can make the conversation easier and more pleasant. We hope this guide helps you have “the talk” with your loved ones easier.

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