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Coping with Social Distancing

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coping with social distancing

Social distancing is something new to most of the world. It’s the new “normal”, at least temporarily. Extroverts and those that thrive the most when they’re surrounded by friends and family might be having a hard time with this new concept. We get it. Spring is a time for barbecues, pot luck dinners, Easter and many other gatherings as the weather improves. This year it’s a little different.

We’ve created this guide for you with tips for coping with social distancing.

Take Things Back a Couple of Decades

Before cell phones and technological advancements, making actual phone calls was a real thing. Instead of texting or using messaging apps, try making a phone call instead. If you have a smartphone or laptop/desktop with a camera, make a video call.

While you may not physically be next to the person you’re talking to, hearing a human voice is comforting. Video calling technology also helps you see the person you’re talking to, which is at least some level of socializing.

Write letters to friends and family to let them know you’re thinking about them. Something handmade or handwritten is quite personal and can easily uplift those you can’t be around. Have your children draw pictures for their grandparents, aunts and uncles. They can also draw pictures for their favorite people. It’s the little things that still help you remain connected to those you can’t hang out with for the time being.

What did everyone do before smartphones and digital technology? That’s right – phone calls, letters, cards and gatherings. We’ve got to nix gatherings from that list for a little while, but you still have other options.

Cook Together Via Video

If you normally get together with friends and family to cook a meal, you can still do that with a little bit of a different approach. Instead of gathering in someone’s kitchen, gather in a video meeting setting. You can all cook, have wine, chat and laugh while making delicious food. Sit down at the same time to eat in your respective homes and keep the conversations going.

This is one alternative way to stay connected doing things that you’d already be doing. Learning to adapt isn’t easy for everyone, but it’s something that can also be done after the pandemic is over when you’re missing someone that doesn’t live close by.

You can also do this with your family. Some families get together once a week for a big family meal. Everyone can gather around a laptop screen, or if you have the capabilities to hook the digital feed to the television, you can do that too. This is also a great way to learn a family secret recipe if you pay close attention. Spend the time talking, joking and sharing stories just as you normally would, but on a screen instead. You can still feel connected to your family by seeing their faces and hearing their voices.

social distancingChecking in on Your Elders

How do you check up on your elders that may be in assisted living situations or other facilities? Find out who their most liked staff members are and try to arrange a video call. It’ll be good for both of you to see each other’s faces.

Not being able to go and visit your elders can add stress and anxiety to your life because you’ll just wonder how they’re doing and if they’re okay. Sure, a phone call will let you hear their voice, but it’s still not actually seeing them. There have been several stories regarding care staff stepping up and helping elders connect with their family members using video chat apps and other video calling methods.

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Our elders are one of our most vulnerable sectors of our communities. We need to keep them safe and healthy. This is why it’s most important for them to stay inside and not be subjected to those that still have to go to work or those that have to do the grocery shopping. It’s been mentioned that this virus can stay on surfaces for several days – your clothing is a surface, your skin is also a surface. To keep them safe and healthy, practicing social distancing is a must.

If you are worried about them getting the necessities such as food, health and beauty products and other necessities, choose the healthiest family member with the strongest immune system to go to the store for them. Make sure this family member protects their eyes, nose, mouth and hands. Every item should be wiped off before it is handed to the elder.

If you must go into your elder’s home, please make sure that you have a change of clothes in your car. Duck down and change. Keep your personal protective gear on, and change it if you’ve got enough supplies. Make sure that you and your clothing are clean and not contaminated. Stay at least 6-feet away from them.

Take up a New Hobby

Hobbies help to keep your mind busy. There are millions of videos available to help teach you something new. You might find that you’ve got a hidden talent. You may find that people might want what you’re making.

Hobbies are also a means of self-care for many. Creating things, writing, drawing or repurposing things might help you clear up some clutter or decorate your home without having to leave the house. Some supplies are still able to be ordered online. Upcycling has become quite popular. Think about it, what can you make from empty spaghetti sauce jars? There are dozens of options from floral arrangements to lights and memorial displays. Get creative with what you have around you.

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Closing Thoughts

Social distancing won’t be something we have to do forever. It’s just for a little while right now. Yes, boredom has set in for many. Anxiety is rising for others. Loss of sleep is an issue for some too. Remember to maintain your supply of CBD products. Canna Trading Co. is available to answer your questions, suggest ideal products and even help you understand when and how to take the CBD product you’ve chosen.

We hope that you make the most of your time at home and stay healthy. Social distancing isn’t punishment – it’s something that could help the overall wellbeing of the nation.

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