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Creating the Perfect Gift Basket for Cannabis Lovers

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If cannabis is something that a friend or family member loves, make their holiday season by giving them the gift of cannabis. While most markets don’t have gift baskets available, it’s just as easy to make your own. Making your own allows for a more individualized, customized gift. After all, you know your friends and loved ones better than a business does, so make the gift personal.

This guide offers some suggestions for making the perfect gift basket for cannabis lovers.

Choosing the Container

A sturdy container is ideal so that the gift recipient can use it throughout the year. If you can find a cannabis-themed basket, bowl or box it would be a good choice. The container doesn’t have to be cannabis themed, but it would be a welcomed item to a cannabis lover.

Try to have an idea of what you’d like to put in the gift basket ahead of time and understand the dimensions of each product. You want to choose the right size container so things aren’t falling out if it is too small or it doesn’t seem very filled if it is too big.

Tip: If you purchase a container that is too big for what you have in mind, fill it with treats you know your friend or family member enjoys. Providing a few extra snacks might be welcome if they happen to have a strain that produces the munchies.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Portable dry herb vaporizers are great gift items. They vary in price, size and features. Higher end options are likely to have controls allowing a specific temperature to be selected.

When selecting a portable dry herb vaporizer, look at the product warranty. If the item does not come with a warranty, it is best to pass it up. An ideal portable dry herb vaporizer will be heavy-duty, have safety measures in place to prevent fires or spontaneous combustion and should be able to be taken apart for cleaning.

The benefit of a dry herb vaporizer is that the cannabis flower is still usable in other applications afterwards. Not all of the cannabinoids are burned away as a vaporizer doesn’t burn the flower, it heats it just enough to release the cannabinoids in vapor form. The leftover flower can be used in oil infusions, other cooking applications and as filler for joints or pipes. Some will use the leftover flower on its own when they’re in a private place.

Another benefit of the portable dry herb vaporizers is that the odor of cannabis is significantly reduced – in some cases, you can’t smell anything at all. So, this would help your friend or family member have access wherever they are (not in public, of course – and not behind the wheel) without telling the whole world they’re using cannabis.

Author’s Note: KandyPens is my favorite portable dry herb vaporizer brand. I have had a portable unit for over a year and it still works just as well as it did the first time I used it.

Vape Pen Battery and Cartridges

Cannabis vape pen batteries are rather inexpensive. It may be ideal to put two in the basket so your friend or loved one has a backup in case one battery dies. They are portable and charge on any available USB charging device (even most cell-phone chargers are USB these days, so you can disconnect the wire and plug in the vape pen battery). In the cannabis industry, the batteries are standardized to have 510 threading, so virtually any cartridge should work with virtually any battery. Manufacturers will always tell you to use matching items, but there really isn’t a difference from battery to battery. The biggest difference is in the cartridge material as some are glass and others are plastic.

To go along with the vape pen battery, consider purchasing a few cartridges. If you know what type of cannabis your friend or loved one likes, purchase those strains in vape form. If they need relaxation in the evenings, a general indica or hybrid vape cartridge will work fine. Also consider adding some CBD vape too. It won’t get them high, but if stress, anxiety, pain from inflammation or frustration is an issue, it may help them relax and keep a clear head.

Note: Canna Trading Company offers full spectrum hemp CBD vape cartridges at a low price. The CBD cartridges and other CBD products can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. legally. In the California cannabis market, Canna Trading Company THC vape cartridges are available. Use our store locator to find the location closest to you that carries our vape products.

CBD OIL Vape Cartridge

There are some multi use vape pens/portable vaporizers that allow consumers to use either dry cannabis flower, oil or hard concentrates in them if you want to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered.

Gift Card to Restaurants that Deliver

To add a little humor, along with thinking in advance references, consider a gift card to a restaurant that delivers. Pizza is a good option as many pizza shops are open later in the evening. Preventing your friend or family member from trekking out to get munchies is a good reason to spend a few extra dollars on a restaurant gift card.

Hard Candies

Dry mouth is something almost every cannabis user encounters. While not every strain makes your mouth feel like it’s full of cotton balls, those that do may make it difficult to drink enough water to combat it. Hard candies are ideal and may help your friend or loved one hide the fact that they have pretty bad dry mouth and may be high.

Low-Dose Edibles

If you wish to include edibles, make sure they are low dose. Edibles affect everyone differently. Try to find items that are 10mg THC or less to include in the basket.

Choosing to Include Cannabis Flower or Not

If you have legal access to cannabis in a recreational or medical cannabis market, by all means, add some to the gift basket if it’s in your budget. It’s hard to decide what strain to get the gift recipient, but try to pay attention when they talk about their cannabis use. It’s perfectly fine to ask them what strains or what type of cannabis they like as well. You don’t have to include a large amount, a couple of grams is sufficient.

Assorted Accessories

Accessories are always a welcome gift for cannabis connoisseurs. Start with several lighters – these go quickly for regular cannabis users. Also consider some empty joint cones – these have modernized how joints are made, rolling joints from rolling papers is almost a thing of the past.


Feel free to add a glass pipe, small bong, grinder or other smoking accessory. Be sure to include some pipe cleaners and a poker. Pipe cleaners help when it’s time to boil a pipe for cleaning as it’s difficult to clean in some spots.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that these tips will help you construct the perfect cannabis gift basket this holiday season. You can completely forego adding any cannabis or vape cartridges if you wish and just focus on goodies, topicals and accessories if you wish. Have fun putting your gift baskets together. If you’re having a holiday party that happens to be cannabis themed, consider cannabis themed “thank you” bags for all of your guests. These could just include something like breath mints, an extra lighter, a pinner joint, a bud and other small items to help them remember the evening.

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