The Differences Between Canna Trading Co. CBD Tinctures

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The Differences Between Canna Trading Co. CBD Tinctures

We’re often asked how Canna Trading Co.’s CBD tinctures are different from each other. We wanted to take the time to put this information into a guide. It’s important to us that our customers, and those interested in using our products, understand the difference between the tinctures. Several of our tinctures are versatile and can be used in multiple applications.


Terpenes are present in all plants and some trees/shrubs. They are responsible for giving plants their flavor and aroma. That’s not their only job though. Terpenes also have recognized and accepted therapeutic uses.

Canna Trading Co. uses terpenes in several of our tinctures. The terpene blends are different in each formula. Since terpenes have different properties, it’s important to create the right blend with terpenes that work well together or share similar properties.

The terpene blends between our Alchemy, Sleep Aid Tincture, Inflammation Tincture and Anxiety Calming Tincture are all different. Each terpene is selected on its individual and complementary merit.

Terpenes also help add to the flavor of Canna Trading Co. CBD tinctures. Each tincture has a separate flavor. Alchemy is a little more peppery in flavor whereas our other tinctures may lean more toward citrus and pine flavors.

You are likely receiving a small amount of terpenes every day just in the foods that you eat.

We have several handy guides to help you learn more about terpenes and how you might be able to determine which terpenes are in a CBD tincture by the product’s flavor.

Please review these guides for additional information:

We encourage printing out or bookmarking the above guides for future reference. You can also use the search function on the Canna Trading Co. website to search “terpenes” for several additional guides regarding these amazing molecules.

CBD tincturesFlavored Options

Canna Trading Co. also offers vanilla and peppermint tinctures. These do not contain additional terpenes. Our flavored options are kept simple. Vanilla and peppermint both have terpenes in them already.

We do not use alcohol-extracted flavorings. We prefer to use non-alcohol extracted, distilled vanilla and peppermint oils. This helps us keep the flavor natural. Canna Trading Co. is also careful with the amount of flavor that we add to the tinctures. The goal is to deliver a subtle vanilla or peppermint flavor. We don’t want to overwhelm your palate.

Properties of Vanilla

Vanilla might be something you think of when it comes to baking and coffee creamer. It’s also a relaxing and calming aroma for many. Aside from it being a pleasant aroma and flavor, it does have some therapeutic merit on its own.

Some of the properties of vanilla include:

  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antidepressant
  • Anticancer
  • Anti-inflammatory

Some information also suggests that vanilla may support healthy skin. If you like to make your own spa treatments, moisturizers, soaps and creams you might consider using our Vanilla Tincture in your recipes. You could also rub it right into your skin as well.

Properties of Peppermint

Peppermint is used in many different types of products including topicals, shampoo, bath soaks and food items. Peppermint tea is great if you have a sour stomach. Peppermint is also delicious when it is combined with chocolate.

Peppermint is more than just a refreshing flavor and aroma.

Some of the properties of peppermint include:

  • Muscle relaxant
  • Analgesic
  • Breath freshener
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial

You can use our Peppermint Tincture as instructed on the package or you can also add it to your evening tea, ice cream, pudding and other foods. It can also be added to whipped cream.

Organic Olive Oil Tincture

Our Organic Olive Oil Tincture is also kept very simple – it is just our broad spectrum hemp CBD extract and organic olive oil. Our organic olive oil is locally sourced. This tincture can be used as-is or can be used in multiple different recipes and DIY spa treatments.

Olive oil does have a few recognized benefits of its own, including:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-cancer
  • Gut health

Olive oil is also a rather healthy oil. The suggested serving of olive oil is 1 tablespoon. There are 119 calories in a serving. It is also a source of vitamins E and K.

Here are a few ways to use our Organic Olive Oil Tincture in your everyday recipes:

  • Pesto
  • Aioli
  • Homemade mayonnaise
  • Tossed with pasta
  • Added to vinaigrettes
  • Brushed on toasted bread and rubbed with garlic
  • Tossed into whole grain salads
  • Drizzled on top of soups and stews
  • Drizzled over cooked proteins as a finishing oil

Olive oil is also a great moisturizer. You can take a few drops of this tincture and rub it into your skin as well. This is one of our most versatile tinctures.

Different Canna Trading Co. CBD Tinctures for Different Times of the Day

Many of our customers have use several of the Canna Trading Co. CBD tinctures at different times of the day. This is okay to do. It just isn’t suggested to use the Sleep Aid Tincture during the day unless you work overnight and typically sleep during the day. Since the terpenes are chosen to support a better night’s sleep, it is best to use this tincture when you are prepared to go to bed. It isn’t sedating to where you can’t function, it is just designed to help support your body in falling asleep and achieving a restful sleep.

If you experience increased inflammation or anxiety at a usual time of the day, it would be ideal to take the corresponding CBD tinctures a little bit before those expected times so that your body can support those experiences better.

Our Alchemy tincture can be used at any time of the day or night, as can the Organic Olive Oil Tincture, Vanilla Tincture and Peppermint Tincture.

Closing Thoughts

If you have any questions about our CBD tinctures please do not hesitate to send an email, contact us via social media or call us at 760-493-4367. You can also comment on this article or any others on our blog with questions. We are always here to help.

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