How to Use CBD Tinctures to Make Edible Food Art

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It’s time to get creative in the kitchen and use CBD tinctures to make edible food art. In this fun piece, we’re going to help you naturally color and flavor Canna Trading Co. hemp CBD tinctures and create food that’s too pretty to eat. Make sure you take photos of your creations and share them with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter – we’d love to see your inner artist!

First we’ll start with a few tips for making “dye” from vegetables and spices. Then we’ll get into mixing the “dyes” with Canna Trading Co. tinctures. We’ll wrap up with applying your vibrant dyes to bread, casseroles and other dishes.

Creating Edible, Natural Dye from Vegetables and Spices

Sure, there are things like food coloring and food gel and even edible markers available, but why not make your dyes out of vegetables and spices? It’s really easy to do. For vegetables, all you really need is a juicer. The good thing is you only need a small amount.

Natural Green Dye

You can make several different shades of green using different vegetables. For dark green, use spinach and kale together. For grassy green, use parsley and basil (or cilantro and mint). Lighter green can be made by juicing asparagus and lettuce.

You’ll only need a tablespoon or 2 of the juice to dye your CBD tincture.


Red cabbage makes blue juice. It’s often called a purple cabbage for its exterior color, but when it’s juiced, the liquid is blue. You can mix this with red to make purple or just juice some blueberries.


There are several ways to make red natural food dye. An ideal option is, of course, a red fruit like strawberries or raspberries. You can also use beets for a deeper red color. It’s best to roast the beets first as this will also help improve their flavor and make the color richer.

Golden beats make a golden yellow natural food dye. You can use a combination of red and golden beets to make different shades of red and orange.

Enhance your red with a little paprika. There are different types of paprika, so you can use the varying options to make different shades of red as well.


Yellow can be made a few different ways. Golden beets are the ideal option. You can also use yellow curry powder and turmeric. Turmeric is also great for inflammation.

Black and White

Yes, you can make black and white to paint food too. For black, you can use either black garlic or squid ink. For white, you’d just use coconut milk and a little gelatin.

Creating your CBD Tincture Edible Food Dye

Now that we’ve helped you create your colors, now it’s time to make your dye. It’s ideal to use gelatin to give your liquid a little body. Doing so makes it easier to work with, and you can pipe with it.

All you’ll really need is about ¼ teaspoon of gelatin powder per 2 tablespoons of vegetable juice. If you are using spices, just mix those in water. Gelatin is more cost-effective but sunflower lecithin is more ideal. It’s a natural emulsifier that doesn’t change the color or flavor of your natural food dye.

What you’ll do is blend your natural food dye with the gelatin first. Once it’s dissolved, let it sit for about 2 minutes and then add a dropper of CBD tincture. You’ll need to mix this quickly with a fork so that everything combines.

Add the liquid to a small bottle or syringe if you plan to pipe with it, otherwise you can just use a silicone paint brush.

Combining the Right Tinctures with the Right Flavors

Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture or Alchemy are going to be the ideal choices for this use of the tinctures. You can also use any one of our 3 target tinctures (Inflammation, Anxiety Calming and Sleep Aid) as well.

We’ll get into using the peppermint and vanilla options a little later.

Alchemy has a slightly warm, peppery flavor to it, so it pairs well with spinach, turmeric, curry powder, paprika and squid ink. The other 4 tinctures mentioned can be used with any of the vegetable coloring options listed above.

If you’re making a spicy bread, like a jalapeno cheddar bread and want to draw something pretty on it, consider mixing the Alchemy tincture with spinach juice and then again with turmeric. These flavors will go great with the flavors in the bread.

Now, onto the peppermint and vanilla tinctures. You can use those with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and coconut milk natural colorings. If you are making something like cucumber mint or another dye with mint, go ahead and use the peppermint tincture. It’ll add just a little more flavor.

Organic Olive Oil TIncture

How to Use your Natural CBD Food Dye

You’ve got these gorgeous natural dyes, now how do you use them? One thing you can use in multiple applications is whole grains. This includes rice, quinoa, barley and other grains, including oatmeal. How much fun would it be for your kids to get a plate with rainbow colored rice on it for dinner? They’d have no idea that the colors are made from vegetables. It’s a great way to sneak in some veggies for those picky eaters.

Freshly boiled pasta noodles are also ideal for dying with your natural dyes. It’s a good idea to let it drain a little bit and dry first. It’ll help the pasta absorb more of the natural dye.

Painting and piping with your natural dyes can be a little tricky. You need a rather solid surface. So, what you can do is paint or pipe on bread. Focaccia is a nice, flat and sturdy bread that is great for creating food art with. Yes, it will be too pretty to eat, but also delicious so make sure you get a couple of photos first.

If you want to make food art from dessert, you can paint and pipe onto white chocolate, gelatin and stiff buttercream. If you are going to paint or pipe your food dyes onto desserts, make sure they are hardened well first.

bite size food art

Closing Thoughts

As much of the world is spending more time at home right now, making something fun and creative in the kitchen might help with the boredom factor. You can also make a few extras for neighbors and leave little gifts on their doorsteps. It’s another way we’re helping promote creativity with our CBD tinctures to show you just how versatile they really are. Get creative while getting a little CBD at the same time.

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