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Getting the Most Out of your Cannabis Flower

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Cannabis isn’t cheap, so getting the most out of your purchase is pretty important. We’re going to give you some tips to make sure you’re getting the most use out of your purchase. One thing you can do is try different delivery methods. Some use less dry flower than others.

Refreshing Dried Out Buds

Sometimes you come across a batch that is pretty dry – no grinder needed. But, it burns super fast too, so, it becomes wasteful and less beneficial because you may not be getting where you need to be to find relief. A simple trick is putting about a tablespoon of orange, lemon, grapefruit or lime peel into the container with your dry buds. The natural oils from the citrus peel will help rehydrate your cannabis.

Now, it’s important to know that your buds will also take on the flavor of the citrus you’ve added, so make sure you use a citrus fruit that you like.

When stripping the peel away, you only want the white pith and outside. Make sure that none of the fruit is included as that can add too much moisture and lead to molding. You don’t need a lot, only about 2 pieces about an inch or so long in an eighth of dry flower will do the trick.

Storing your Dry Flower

The way you store your dry flower may be the culprit of it drying out faster. Keeping sunlight away from your buds is important. Exposure to heat and sunlight further dries them out.

Choose a storage container that is opaque (not see-through). It needs to be air tight and not opened up a lot. The more frequently air gets to your cannabis, the faster it can dry out.

The area you store your cannabis in should be no warmer than room temperature. A dark, somewhat cooler storage location is ideal.

It is important that your container not be packed full. Even though the cannabis is dried and cured, it still needs room to breathe. When it is packed tightly into a container, condensation can build up. This can lead to mold and can ruin your buds.

Making Dry Flower Work

Sometimes cannabis can be so dried out it crumbles to dust in your fingers. It’s not unusable, you still have options. If you have a multi-level grinder that has a kief keeper in it, put it to good use. Take some of your kief with the crumbly flower dust and a little wax concentrate or resin scrapings from your pipe or bong and roll it together into a ball.

Roll that ball into the kief/flower dust mixture again so it doesn’t catch on fire when you are ready to take a hit. Take small hits, combining the resin or wax concentrate with the kief and flower dust makes a powerful combination. You are likely to cough a bit, but keep a bottle of room temperature water close by and it will help soothe your throat.

Don’t Toss the Stems

Save your stems. If you happen to be low on funds, you can grind the stems, mix in some kief and resin and still medicate. Some stems are thick and hard to grind, so consider smashing these in a baggie with a rolling pin or meat mallet.

You can also use the stems to make “tea”. Steep the stems in slightly boiling water for an hour. Add tea bags plus your favorite flavorings and you have a cup of medicated tea. It may not be very potent, but you may still benefit from the cannabinoids infused into the tea.

Stems can also be ground to add texture to facial scrubs. They need to be ground fine so they don’t scratch the skin. Combine the stems with your favorite facial scrub mixture or your own homemade concoction and follow the normal instructions.

Stems and pineapple skin/core are good for a quick inflammation reduction infusion. Put the stems and pineapple core and skin into a saucepan and cover them with water. Let this cook for about 45 minutes and strain the mixture. Pineapple skin is good for reducing inflammation and the core will help add some flavor.

Making a Bowl Last Longer

Pipes come in varying sizes. Some are meant for holding just enough for a few hits and others are made for longer sessions or sharing with friends. There is a technique to help you get the most hits out of your bowl. First, don’t roach the whole top. Pick a small section and take the first hit there. Finish all of the dry flower in that spot and then move to the spot right next to it.

By finishing one section at a time, you’ll be able to maximize the hits from your pipe or bong. When you’re about half way done, stir the bowl. This will help the resin from the burned flower adhere to the remaining flower for a few more intense hits. Stirring also prevents the dry flower from continuing to burn when you’re not hitting it.

If you medicate alone, consider getting a bowl saver. If you can’t find one to fit your pipe, just use plastic wrap or Press-N-Seal. Not only does this prevent the dry flower from drying out more or becoming stale, it also prevents spillage if the pipe should accidentally be dropped or tipped over.

Consider a Humidor

There are humidors made specifically for cannabis. These help keep the buds from drying out too much and becoming cannabis dust. Dispensaries in some states do sell them but they are also available online for purchase.

The inside of the box is divided up into sections so that you can keep your different strains separate. The box is designed to ensure that humidity stays out and your cured buds don’t mold. It also helps keep them fresher longer, so if you’re just a light user or require multiple strains to treat multiple ailments, this is ideal for getting the most out of your dry cannabis flower.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that these tips help you get more out of your dry cannabis flower. If you have another method or have questions, please feel free to leave us a comment or question here. With the cost of cannabis in legal markets, it’s ideal to keep your dry flower as fresh as possible so that you have an enjoyable experience even if your stash has been sitting around for a month or two.

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