Your Top 5 “How CBD” Questions Answered

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Your Top 5 "How CBD" Questions Answered

How CBD is the start of so many questions about this cannabinoid. We have the answers to the top 5 “How CBD” questions. It’s important to us that you have the knowledge you need to make informed and educated decisions. We’re always here to help via phone, email and live chat on the Canna Trading Co. website, but we also wanted to provide you with some quick guides with common questions.

How CBD Oil is Extracted from Hemp Plants

The most common method of extraction is Supercritical CO2 extraction. This involves using specific pressures and temperatures to force the oil out of the plant. The temperature is low while the pressure is high. This is one of the cleanest and safest methods – it’s also the preferred method of CBD oil manufacturers.

Other extraction methods, like ethanol or butane extraction, can leave behind residual solvents and chemicals that aren’t so great for your body.

Stories about How CBD Changed Lives

Others want to know how CBD changed someone’s life. Society is especially interested in stories from others with similar situations or health conditions. Because of restrictions on what we can say and display, Canna Trading Co. does not have a section for reviews, testimonials or consumer’s success stories. It isn’t that we don’t want to know how CBD has helped someone, it’s just that we’re restricted on what can be said.

Websites that do not sell CBD products can have how CBD changed my life type of stories.

How CBD Bud is Made

CBD bud is also called CBD flower. How CBD flower is made is a common question and the answer is simple – hemp plants flower just like cannabis plants. Once the growing process is complete, the plants are harvested. Then the untrimmed flowers hang upside down to dry and cure. Once that process is complete, the buds are trimmed of excess leaves and stems.

CBD flower is becoming increasingly popular. CBG flower is right behind it in popularity.

CBD flower must also test at or below 0.3% THC to be legal to sell via interstate commerce and anywhere that isn’t a licensed dispensary.

There are several more strains of hemp than there were a few years ago. This means that there is also more variety of cannabinoid and terpene profiles available for those that don’t want the high associated with high THC cannabis products.

It’s best to store your CBD flower in a dark container where light and heat cannot reach the flower. This causes the cannabinoids to breakdown faster, decreasing effectiveness and potency. If you purchase CBD flower and it is in a stink sack like package, transfer it to a dark, airtight container. If you can afford one, a Cannador is great! It maintains proper moisture so that your CBD flower maintains its integrity longer. A Cannador is a humidor for cannabis and hemp flower.

hemp flower in a glass jar with shake

Hemp Flower

How CBD Isolate is Made

When raw CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants, it is full spectrum CBD oil. This means that it contains all of the cannabinoids and terpene that the hemp plant had in it when it was growing. THC levels decrease as the plants are harvested and dry. Other cannabinoid concentrations can also decrease as the plant cures, dries and is processed.

Multiple filtration processes are completed to remove unwanted plant matter and other elements from the oil.

When it comes to CBD isolate, the oil must undergo several additional filtration processes to separate out just the CBD molecules from the other cannabinoids.

The disadvantage to CBD isolate is that it is just CBD. There is no entourage effect. There are no other cannabinoids. There are no terpenes unless they are added back. The entourage effect is when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of a cannabis or hemp strain remain intact throughout the extraction and filtration processes work synergistically together in your body. When any single cannabinoid has been removed from the equation, it makes achieving the entourage effect very difficult. With isolate, it is impossible to achieve, as we mentioned.

For some people, however, their jobs rely on them not returning a positive THC drug screening. That means that they are only able to use THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. This may or may not be effective if the body needs a multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes.

How CBD Topicals Work

Consumers often think that you have to swallow, inhale or eat CBD for it to be helpful. This isn’t the case. CBD topicals are often combined with other natural ingredients, terpenes and essential oils. Essential oils have recognized and accepted therapeutic uses just like terpenes do. This helps the CBD’s efficacy in a topical application.

Your skin is able to absorb the CBD from the outside. The best approach to applying CBD topicals is to use a very small amount and rub it in until your skin doesn’t feel wet or greasy. Some CBD topicals are made with beeswax and other oily bases, so these require a little extra rubbing in. Always wash your hands immediately after applying the CBD topical as some essential oils can be irritating to the most sensitive parts of your body.

Skin cells are able to absorb what you apply to your skin. Only a very small amount of CBD is actually going to make it to your bloodstream, but that’s okay. You want topical relief, not interior relief. CBD topicals, however, do penetrate the skin better when certain terpenes are added as some help with absorption. CBD topicals that include essential oils and terpenes are able to go a little deeper to get to muscles, tissue and joints.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you have a better understanding of CBD and the “how CBD” common questions after reading this guide. We do our best to bring you helpful information that you can understand. It’s important to us that you understand what you’re reading so we always attempt to explain things in simple terms. Please feel free to ask for additional information or reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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