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How to Choose the Right Bong for your Personal Cannabis Use

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Do you know how to choose the right bong for your personal cannabis use? Size matters, as does material and type. Hitting a bong may help you take a bigger hit, but that bigger hit may also put your head too far in the clouds. This guide will give you tools to help you choose the right bong for your needs.


The material that your bong is made from plays a role in visibility and weight. Ceramic bongs may have a more sculpted design, but these are also a bit more fragile and the material doesn’t allow you to see in side. While these bongs do stand up better to heat, you may be at a disadvantage.

Some bongs are made of metal. These are less than ideal as they do not stand up well to heat, are harder to clean and hit a lot harsher. Steer clear of plastic bongs altogether. These break easily, can burn you and may melt. 

Glass is ideal when you are looking for a quality bong. Triple thick glass is even more ideal. With glass, even if it is colored glass, you can still see inside. This is helpful because you can see the size of your hit. It’s easier to be prepared to cap off the top than to be forced to inhale more than your body’s capacity.

Glass stands up really well to heat and is rather easy to clean, if you have a pot large enough to fit the bong into for the boiling process. Bottle cleaners work well in bongs to help get resin out of the hard to reach areas.


Sure, a 6-foot bong is quite impressive – but is it practical? Not really. The taller your bong is, the harder you have to pull. This puts more strain on your throat and upper body. It may also mean that you’re pulling a much larger hit than you can comfortably ingest.

Shorter bongs, such as 1 to 2-feet are much more practical. These are easier to store, easier to clean and easier to use among friends. You’ll be able to take a more reasonable sized hit that may not make you choke as bad.

Even going for a 3-footer isn’t out of range in terms of practicality. You can still cap the top so that you can take more than one hit from a single pull. This is beneficial because it doesn’t cause you to light the dry flower multiple times where you may not be able to stop the burning fast enough to not waste a bunch of flower.


Bowl Size and Composition

This is where you may have a hard time making a decision. You can purchase multiple stems for your bong so that you have an option when you’re partaking alone, with just one friend or several friends. For your own use, a smaller bowl with a lightweight stem may be a better idea. You’ll waste much less flower packing a hit or two at a time.

When you just have one person to share with, a bowl that will fit 3 or 4 hits is ideal. Since bong hits are typically bigger than what you would take from a pipe or joint, you don’t need to pack as much.

For a group of friends, figure one to two hits per person. Also consider the weight of a party bowl. Some can be rather heavy and can be difficult to pull out to release the hit.


There’s no other way to say it – dry bongs are just harsh. Depending on the strain you’re using, you may irritate your throat more by taking a huge rip from a dry bong. You’re also more likely to cough – and cough hard. In some cases, you can cough so hard from a dry bong that you may become dizzy or see “stars”. This isn’t a good time.

When using a dry bong, use a smaller bowl and take smaller hits. This will help prevent you from having a 10-minute coughing fit. Your lungs will also thank you. You’ll need to have more to drink close by because a dry bong hit takes a bigger toll on your throat, so you’re likely to be thirstier afterwards.


Using water in your bong may help you take a nice smooth hit. The moisture it adds to the smoke helps the inhalation process. It’s important to keep the water just above the stem’s bottom so that you’re not getting your flower wet or sucking up water. You want to create bubbles so that the smoke gets some moisture into it.

If you have a respiratory issue, consider using warm water. It will be similar to a humidifier effect where the smoke you’re inhaling is wet and warm.

It may make it difficult for you to realize how much you’re inhaling since the hit will be smoother. If you’re new to using a bong, start with small hits to help you get used to it. Once you get your perfect water temperature figured out along with your lung capacity, you can reach for the stars and start taking bigger hits.

A smoother bong hit makes the experience more pleasurable, and may become your preferred method of smoking cannabis.


Ice bongs are a lot of fun. A cool inhalation with a little moisture behind it is easier on the throat. For those with sensitivities to cold air, this may not be your best option. A bong that’s 2 to 3-feet tall is ideal so that you have ample room for ice.

Choose a bong that is wide enough to hold the ice cube size you typically have on hand. You may want to actually measure an ice cube that you have at home and take that measurement with you to pick out your bong to ensure that you’ll have a good fit.

When stacking ice into the bong, don’t fill it all of the way up. You’ll want a couple of ice cubes in the bottom, because this creates a water and ice effect when the cubes start to melt. Leave a few inches ice-free at the top. If you pull hard, you may end up sucking up an ice cube that may cause you to choke a little.

Stagger the ice cubes the best you can so that the smoke has a pathway to the top. If you notice that you’re pulling really hard but aren’t getting a decent hit, you may need to use a poker to move the ice cubes to clear the way for the smoke to rise.

Closing Thoughts

Bongs can be a lot of fun and may help you medicate to a necessary level a little easier than with a pipe or joint. If you haven’t used a bong before, it may take purchasing a few before you find one that you really like. Make sure the weight of the bong isn’t too much. Make sure the bowl and stem you choose aren’t too heavy for the composition of the bong. Always empty your bong water after every use – stale bong water will make your next session less pleasant from the stale flavor.

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