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How to Reduce the Effects of THC – When the Effects are Overwhelming

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If you are using a THC product for the first time, a new THC product or a strain that is stronger than you’re used to, the effects may feel overwhelming. For some, it isn’t pleasant and feelings of panic and worry often come about. There are a few tricks to reducing THC’s effects so that you can still feel relief without your head being in the clouds.

Below is a simple guide to help you prevent that overwhelming high when you don’t want it.

Learn your THC Threshold

THC thresholds vary depending on the type of THC product you’re using. Concentrates have higher concentrations of THC because it is pure THC. Whole cannabis flower varies in THC percentage depending on the strain and how well it was grown. THC oils are also pure THC and vary in strength.

Every type of THC product will affect you differently. When you use concentrates, oils and vape it is a different type of high where the psychoactive effects may not be overwhelming. In most cases, it is still a psychoactive effect, but you maintain a clearer train of thought and normal function.

The compounds in a strain will also help determine what effects you’ll feel and how. In concentrates, oils and vape, when THC is isolated, terpenes are often added to improve the efficiency of the THC since it is not a whole plant (full spectrum) product.

THC edibles are an entirely different animal and this is where cannabis users have the most difficulty. Specific strains aren’t often mentioned in edibles recipes, so you’re not always sure what to expect as far as potency is concerned. Some edibles companies use a THC isolate while others make their own THC butter or infused oil to use in products. Edibles don’t take effect right away and the effects can come on strongly at first – for some, too strongly.

It takes some practice to learn what THC percentage or concentration is right for you. Women build up tolerances to THC faster than men, so for women, one week a 15-percent THC strain may be enough and the next they may need a stronger strain.

Tip: If you find that your tolerance is getting too high, take a break from THC completely for 48 hours. It helps reset your body and reduces your tolerance.


Dry mouth is a common side effect of using cannabis and cannabis products. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can make the effects of THC seem stronger. Staying hydrated also helps you ward off the munchies because your stomach is full of liquid and doesn’t want food.

While you may crave a sugary, carbonated drink it isn’t the best idea when you need to stay hydrated. Water is always the best option. Yes, that is a bold statement, but it is true. If you’re not a fan of plain water, use a water flavor enhancer, but try to find one that doesn’t use sugar as it is just empty calories.

Increase Activity

Some cannabis products give you “couch lock” (laziness) where you don’t want to move at all. When you’re too medicated, this is the last thing you want to do. Your metabolism helps control how long you’ll feel the effects of THC. Those with a faster metabolism may not experience effects as long as someone with a slower metabolism.

When you overmedicate, get up and do something. Exercise like walking, biking or mild cardio helps. It forces your metabolism to increase and helps process the THC’s effects out of your body faster.

Suggested activities:

  • Dancing
  • Walking
  • Swimming (with supervision only)
  • Cycling
  • Treadmill
  • Stair stepper
  • Sit-ups and push-ups

These activities are not overly strenuous and aren’t risky to do when you are under the influence of THC, except for swimming. It really is best to have someone else present if you swim medicated.


Here’s something a lot of people don’t know about. Using a CBD only product if you’ve used too much THC can help reduce the effects. You’ll want to use a fast-acting CBD product.

Fast-acting CBD products:

  • Tincture
  • Vape
  • Oil
  • CBD flower

Author’s note: From personal experience, this does work! CBD vape helps me even out quickly when a strain or product is too strong.

You aren’t giving your body too many cannabinoids and CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s just cannabidiol. There isn’t a limit to how much CBD you should use because, again, it is completely individualized.

Tinctures act fast because the CBD starts absorbing sublingually (under the tongue) where it has faster access to the bloodstream. When using tinctures, use a full dropper and place it under your tongue. Release the liquid and hold it there for one minute, then swallow.

Oil is also fast acting as it is a liquid-based product so your body absorbs it faster.

When it comes to CBD vape and CBD flower, they make take up to 15 minutes to start working. You may also be able to remove all of the psychoactive effects you’re experiencing where you don’t feel “high” at all. Start with three puffs and wait about 10 minutes. If you still aren’t level enough, have a few more puffs until you’re regulated enough to be comfortable.

Refrain from Eating

Several strains induce “the munchies”. When you overmedicate, you’ll still not feel evened out enough for quite some time because your body has to digest the food you eat. Also, when you have “the munchies” you may feel like you’re a bottomless pit and can’t get full. This leads to frequent overeating, reduced metabolism and can lead to weight gain.

When possible, don’t eat to try to reduce THC’s effects, there are faster methods.


If you really overdo it, sleep is also an option. You may sleep longer than you’re used to, but when you wake, you won’t feel those strong effects, if any at all. You may feel like you’re moving a little slower, but some water and movement will help wake up your body.

Closing Thoughts

Many people end up in emergency rooms from using too much THC because they get scared and aren’t sure how to make the feelings go away. Try these methods instead. These are safe methods that do work. Nothing is worse than panicking because you feel too “high”. Knowing how to combat those strong effects and having CBD products on-hand at all times are the ideal ways to help you reduce THC’s effects to a level that is comfortable for you.

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