Is CBD Right for You?

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If you haven’t jumped into using CBD for one reason or another yet, what’s stopping you? While CBD might not be for everyone, how do you know if it’s right for you? We’ve created this checklist to help you decide and help you get started.

Since we’ve begun a new decade – one that will be exciting for the hemp industry, is taking a new approach to your overall health and wellbeing on that list? For some that might also include kicking manmade supplements and moving over to plants. If that is the case, this article will help you decide whether the switch to hemp-based products are the right choice for you.

Is your Current Regimen Working?

When you’re trying to figure out if CBD is right for you, the first thing you should consider is your current regimen. Is it working? Are you happy with the results you’ve received? Do you want to try something different?

If your current regimen is producing the results you require, why fix what isn’t broken? Sometimes a change is still needed. Your body can build up tolerances to certain things. It can become used to your normal routine. Sometimes changing your routine wakes up your body so that you’re able to accomplish even more.

How to Approach CBD

The first thing you should do when you’ve decided that you want to try CBD is speak with your physician. There are a few medication interactions that are known, but unless you are taking a medication for your liver or a blood thinner, you really shouldn’t have any issues. Your doctor will be able to help you determine if CBD is an ideal option for you.

Learn as much as you can. There is a lot of conflicting information circulating the Internet about CBD and its potential. It is true that thousands of studies exist showing the cannabinoid’s promise, but is CBD right for you? Science on human subjects is still lacking.

Now that many restrictions have been lifted, more information with significance should be becoming available within the next year or so. More studies and clinical trials are taking place around the world. Remember, just because a study or clinical trial doesn’t take place on U.S. soil that doesn’t mean the information is bad or should be disregarded. Countries around the world are just as curious about what CBD can really do as we are here. Other countries have fewer restrictions and have other questions to answer about this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

Talk to people in your local community that you see with CBD products or leaving CBD retailers. Find out what their experiences have been. Look online for testimonials and reviews, although not all CBD brands allow them since there are restrictions on what can be said in reviews and testimonials. It takes a lot of time to moderate reviews and ensure that they meet the criteria of what’s allowed since the FDA has yet to issue its complete and finalized rules for CBD.

CBD structure

CBD Structure

Take your Personal Ailments/Concerns Into Consideration

We’ve mentioned before that you don’t have to have a health problem to use CBD. This is another factor to consider when you’re determining if CBD is right for you. For some, it’s for the cannabinoid boost. For others, they’re seeking an alternative option for supporting specific symptoms or ailments.

Like we said in the previous section – do some reading. Do some research. See what others with similar symptoms/concerns are saying. Keep in mind that their result may not be your result. As with anything, natural or manmade, everyone has a different response to things.

You also need to consider that your ideal dose may not be the same of someone else. There are several factors that come into play when determining your ideal dose of CBD. It’s ideal to start with the manufacturer’s suggested dose and go from there. Give it a couple of weeks before determining if you need more, less or something entirely different. It takes a little time for your body to get used to CBD as it does with anything new.

Choosing the Right CBD Delivery Method and Frequency

When you’re ready to start using CBD products and you’ve determined that CBD is right for you, choosing the right company’s products is the next step. There are hundreds of CBD brands to choose from. How do you choose the right one?

Canna Trading Co. offers several different CBD delivery methods from topicals to vape. We care about what ingredients go into our formulas. Our formulas are made with care and intention of maintaining the integrity of the hemp CBD extract and terpenes we select for each formula. We don’t have packages of product sitting on shelves waiting to be purchased. Fresh hemp CBD products are what we offer. The freshest available. The highest quality ingredients are sourced. The hemp CBD extract that we use is handpicked by Canna Trading Co.’s owner. We’re picky about what ingredients we use so that we can provide the very best CBD products to you.

That being said, which CBD delivery method is ideal for you? If you’re not into vape, that’s perfectly okay. While vape is one of the more popular CBD delivery methods, some associate it with smoking. CBD vape is one of the quickest delivery methods since it is an inhaled form of CBD and your lungs can quickly distribute the cannabinoids and terpenes to your bloodstream. We also have 14 different flavors for you to choose from.

Canna Trading Co product line

CBD tinctures are the most popular way to use CBD. They are easy to use, offer a measured dose and are also a fast delivery method. When it comes to tinctures, the terpenes used in each formula vary. At Canna Trading Co. out terpene blends are created with purpose and intention. We’ve taken the time to look into the potential of each terpene, how it reacts with other terpenes and which terpenes work together similarly to ensure that it’s the right combination. For some people, more than one tincture might be the right combination.

CBD capsules are also easy to use. They also offer a measured dose. Capsules require digestion so it takes 45 minutes to an hour for that process to be completed in your body before you might notice the effects starting. There are no intoxicating effects with CBD, so you won’t necessarily “feel” anything like you would with THC and pharmaceuticals.

Topicals are ideal for those that just need a little exterior relief. We offer a muscle & joint cream as well as a facial cream. Both can be used several times daily. Always wash your hands after applying a CBD topical. They contain essential oils.

For those that enjoy dabbing, Canna Trading Co. also offers multiple flavors of our CBD Dabs. Yes, the dabs have the same names as some cannabis strains, but that is just because terpenes to replicate the flavors of those strains have been used. These are CBD dabs.

Closing Thoughts

Once you’ve determined if CBD is right for you, there are a lot of other things to consider before even taking your first dose. Why is it such a process? There are a lot of fake companies out there. There are a lot of products that say they’re something that they’re not. To make an informed and educated decision and purchase, start with a reputable company like Canna Trading Co. Make sure that what you’re taking is clean, safe and is what the label says it is. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, we’re here to help!

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