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Cannabis and CBD Oil Treats and Accessories from Halloween Leftovers

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CBD oil and cannabis oil combined with Halloween leftovers make great snacks and some can also be made into accessories – like smoking devices. With the right strain, your creativity may be running wild – get in the kitchen and go through your Halloween haul or party leftovers. You may just have the ingredients and supplies on-hand to make some of these re-imagined creations.

Cannabis Candy Pipes

Taffy candies are popular on Halloween. The good thing about using these for a temporary or creative pipe is that you can still eat the candy afterwards. For this fun project you’ll need about 10 pieces of taffy, a small piece of aluminum foil, a pin and a pen or chopstick.

Start by warming the taffy in your hands so it’s pliable. Stack 6 pieces and press them together to make the shaft. Take the other 4 pieces and stack those together to make the bowl portion. Press the shaft to the bowl. Use a pen, with the innards removed, to start making a hole in the shaft. Do the same with the bowl portion but move the pen in circles at an angle to create an indent in the top. Go through the shaft portion again to ensure that you don’t have a blockage.

Once you think you have a clear path, try sucking air from the shaft. If you’re successful, you’ve created a good path for air and smoke to travel through. If you have trouble or get no air, work the bowl portion hole again.

When your candy pipe is ready, use the small piece of foil and fit it to the indented portion of the bowl area. Use the pin to poke several holes in the bottom to allow smoke through.

Pack your bowl and enjoy.

Remove the foil when you’re done and inspect the candy to ensure that there are no cannabis remnants on the inside. If none are present – enjoy eating your candy pipe.

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Medicated Cannabis or CBD Oil Rice Cereal Treats

Rice cereal treats are also popular on Halloween. These can be reinvented to make new treats and can even become a crust for no-bake cheesecake and other no-bake desserts. For this application, you’ll need cannabis oil, CBD oil or cannabutter.

Heat peanut butter in the microwave and add a teaspoon of cannabutter or 1 dropper of cannabis or CBD oil to about ½ cup of peanut butter. Dip your rice cereal treats in the peanut butter and place on a wax paper lined baking sheet. When all of your rice cereal treats are dipped, place the baking sheet in the fridge for 1 hour.

Add an additional layer of texture by sprinkling toasted hemp seeds over the top before placing the treats in the fridge.

If you’d prefer chocolate instead of peanut butter – use coconut oil and cannabis or CBD oil together to make a candy coating. You’ll need 1 tablespoon each for 8 ounces of chocolate.

To use the rice cereal treats as a crust for a no-bake dessert, simply cut the treats into thin strips. Microwave them for just 20 seconds to make them pliable. Press them into the pie or cake pan and refrigerate. To make it a medicated crust, drizzle cannabis or CBD oil over it before sending it to the fridge to set.

Make your no-bake filling and add it to the crust. Make a medicated chocolate or caramel drizzle by adding cannabutter instead of regular butter to homemade caramel. You’ll use cannabis or CBD oil with coconut oil to make the chocolate drizzle. Oil will not work well in caramel – it will separate. Butter is a different kind of fat that works better with sugar and cream.

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Medicated Cannabis or CBD Oil Buttered Caramel Apple Cider

If you had a party at your place, you’re likely to have apple cider and/or caramel apples leftover. It makes a great medicated drink the next day – especially if you made hot spiced apple cider. Add butter to apple cider? That might throw you off, but it’s delicious!

Start by cutting 2 caramel apples into small cubes and placing it in a saucepan on low. Allow the caramel to melt slowly as the apples soften. Add ¼ cup of the apple cider and turn the heat up to medium so the apples can start to breakdown. As the skins separate from the apple cubes – remove them.

Use a potato masher to make applesauce in the pan. Then, add at least 8 cups of apple cider. Add a couple of cinnamon sticks if you have some on-hand – if not, just add 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon before you add the apple cider.

Next, you’ll need a teaspoon of cannabutter per serving. This creates the buttered caramel apple cider. Top with whipped cream when serving.

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Tipsy Sour Gummies

Sour gummy candies and gummy worms do melt down rather easily. This makes them usable for additional treats. You can add cannabis or CBD oil to the pan and let the two cook together. You’ll want the gummies to start to melt down with just a little bit of water. Use 1/2 cup of gummy candies and ¼ cup water to start. Only use 1 dropper of cannabis or CBD oil since this makes enough for a serving. Heat on medium in a nonstick saucepan.

Once the gummy candies are half melted, add the cannabis or CBD oil. Grab your favorite silicone mold and spray it with nonstick spray.

Try to choose gummy candies that are all the same color or colors that work together like red and blue, red and yellow, green and yellow, red and orange or yellow and orange. These will create pleasant colors.

Pour the melted gummies into your silicone molds and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Remove from the mold and enjoy.

If you don’t consume the entire batch in one sitting – make sure to place the extras in a tightly sealed and labeled container. You don’t want the kids to get into these candies.

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Closing Thoughts

When you make these medicated treats, make sure they are stored where the kids cannot get to them. Always mark your medicated treats so that you know which ones are yours and which can be shared with others. Reinventing some of your Halloween treats is fun and allows you to medicate and have a snack.

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