Getting Back to Normal Life with CBD

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Getting back to Normal life with CBD

As many states begin to reopen all or some businesses, it’s time to start getting back to life as normal. For some, life has remained normal. For those that have had to make big adjustments to their lifestyles, going back to what was “normal” might be a little difficult.

Easing back into normalcy might take a little time. There may be anxiety since we’re not quite over the pandemic yet. There may be additional stress from anxiety and worrying about safety returning to work. In this guide we’ll help you with a few simple steps that you can take to make the transition from staying at home to what used to be normal.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For those of us that don’t work in healthcare or another industry that requires gloves and face coverings, wearing masks is something completely new. They’re restrictive and hot. If you have to wear them all day, it can feel claustrophobic. We can remind ourselves all we want that “it’s just temporary”, but that doesn’t change how our brains react.

Personal protective equipment is vital right now – especially if you or someone you live with has a compromised immune system.

The type of face covering that is ideal is something that is made from fabric that covers from your nose to your chin. Those that have wires across the nasal bridge area are best because this allows you to have a snug fit that is just for your face. It also helps prevent your glasses and sunglasses from fogging up since no warm air is exhaled out of the top.

If you can have a face covering made specific to your dimensions, that’s even better. Try to locate a face covering maker (a local crafter or seamstress) that is making them with pockets for filters. Believe it or not, the H99 filters (heap filters) for vacuum cleaners are reusable. All you have to do with these is remove them after they’ve been in the mask for 3 – 4 hours, rinse with warm water and soap and let them dry.

Gloves have been said to be not entirely necessary, but hand sanitizer and washing your hands are a must. Wash your hands more than you use hand sanitizer. The idea of hand sanitizer is to use it only when you’re not able to actually wash your hands – which would be when you’re at a store, in the car or outside.

Before you leave the house, make sure that you have the PPE that you will need while you’re out. Double check, just as you to make sure you have your keys, phone and wallet.

safe grocery shopping during CoronavirusTake Short Trips Out

If you have experienced increased anxiety due to the pandemic, try taking a few short trips outside before diving into a full day at the office. This will help you ease into being around others – especially if they are not wearing face coverings or are not practicing social distancing. It’ll help you learn how to adjust to this temporary way of living. Maybe make your first trip out to a local park. It’s open air and there should be ample space to practice social distancing. Yes, you should still wear your mask as it has been noted that the virus can travel through the air. But, this will help you ease into being around people again.

How to Maintain a Safe Social Distance When Others Don’t

Not everyone is understanding the concept of social distancing. If you have already ventured out, you may notice that people in stores are not staying 6-feet from others. And many of those not maintaining a safe social distance are wearing masks. What does this do to those with anxiety? The levels immediately rise.

It makes it uncomfortable for people that struggle with anxiety. Some may have anxiety going out under normal circumstances, but in these strange times, anxiety is heightened for many. Before venturing into a store, take a dose of Canna Trading Co. Anxiety Calming Tincture. It may assist with supporting the response your body has to stressful and anxiety-triggering circumstances. Terpenes have noted and accepted therapeutic merit. The terpenes in this particular formula were chosen due to the notation of anxiolytic properties.

Getting back to normal life with CBD on board might support an easier transition to “business as usual”.

If you are at a grocery store, being 6-feet away from someone else is approximately 2 cart lengths. There is absolutely nothing wrong with politely asking someone to back further away or patiently wait their turn as you choose your item. Not everyone is going to comply with your request, some may even get nasty. Just because they may not be worried or concerned with contracting the virus – you might be and others need to be respectful of that.

When you are unable to avoid others or they are not maintaining a safe distance, you may have to take it upon yourself to just back away yourself. At stores, it may mean that you have to abandon what you were looking at for a moment while others stand shoulder-to-shoulder to grab their items. It may make your trip longer, but obtaining your items without others right on top of you may help keep your mind at ease.

CBD Oil CBD Products CBD For AnxietyWhen to Use your CBD

As you return to normalcy and anxiety flares up, use your CBD as soon as you notice increased tension or any of your warning signs. You can also take your CBD before leaving the house, but it’s also a good idea to have something portable with you – just in case. Your normal dose may not suffice when anxiety is heightened. This may mean that you might need a little more than your normal dose. This is okay, just increase in small amounts.

For some CBD users, a capsule in the morning and evening works well. Some still need a few “booster doses” throughout the day and this can be done with tincture or vape. Getting back to normal life with CBD delivery methods that are fast acting or fast delivery may suite those sudden triggers better.

Triggers can cause anxiety to heighten without notice. This is why it’s ideal to have a fast CBD delivery option with you at all times. These products would be a CBD inhaler, CBD tincture or CBD vape.

Closing Thoughts

Not everyone is ready for life to go back to normal. But getting back to normal life with CBD available might help that readiness along a little better. It may too soon for some, and it’s okay if that is your belief – you aren’t alone in that belief. All you can do is your best to cope with going back to life as normal, even if you have to ease into it slowly. The best way to approach getting back to normalcy is to do it at your own pace on your terms.

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