Making your CBD Products Last Longer

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When your cash flow is low or situations occur where you may have a period of time where you can’t order your CBD products, how do you make what you have last longer? In this guide we’ll provide you with helpful tips so that you’re still able to receive a dose of CBD when needed. It may not be your ideal dose, but it’ll still be a dose. Some people live on strict budgets, so getting the most out of CBD products is important.

Proper Storage

Storing your CBD products properly helps prevent CBD vape device malfunction and failure. It also helps protect your tinctures from exposure to heat and light. Capsules can be kept in the refrigerator, as can CBD tinctures and CBD dabs. If you opt to store your CBD dabs in the fridge, let them sit out for about 10 minutes before attempting to scoop a little bit up because it can make the dab concentrate a little stiffer.

Please review our guide on proper CBD storage tips.

What is your Typical Dose?

The first thing to take a look at when you need to make your CBD products last as long as possible is your typical dose. Do you think your body will be okay on a smaller dose? Have you considered combining CBD delivery methods as each has a different bioavailability?

Here is a breakdown of what the average dose is in the various Canna Trading Co. tinctures:

  • 400 mg tinctures = 13.33 mg of CBD per serving
  • 750 mg tinctures = 25 mg of CBD per serving
  • 1500 mg tinctures = 50 mg of CBD per serving

If you typically use a 400 mg tincture but need to make your CBD products last longer, consider stepping up to a 750 mg tincture such as Alchemy, which also contains terpenes. What you’d do here is take 1/2 dropper  servings instead of a full dropper.

Our 1500 mg tinctures do not contain the terpene blends that our 400 mg tinctures do. However, ¼ dropper of our 1500 mg tinctures is close to the equivalent of a full dropper of our 400 mg tinctures.

Should you need to switch to a different CBD tincture temporarily, the above breakdowns will help you determine how much to take.

Target tinctures

Consider Multiple CBD Delivery Methods

If you are able to cut your dose frequency in half, it could help your CBD products last longer. If you typically take 2 servings of CBD tincture daily, try just taking 1. Or consider a CBD capsule for one of those doses. If you don’t mind CBD vape, you could also consider using both CBD tincture and vape. The vape would be used instead of 1 dose of CBD tincture and as a booster throughout the day.

CBD vape is a quick delivery method. A puff or two may be ideal rather than another dose of a CBD tincture when you need to make your CBD product stretch further.

CBD dabs are another option to decrease dose frequencies. Dabs are concentrated and are thick. A very small amount, such as enough to cover the tip of a pen, may be the ideal amount for you.

On days when you think your body can make do with a little less CBD, decrease your frequency if possible. This will help your CBD product last longer.

Increase Stock of CBD Products

If you think that you will be unable to order your preferred CBD products for any reason, it’s ideal to order a little extra ahead of time. Doing so will help you make sure that you have your desired CBD products as you need them. Every individual body has individual needs. Some bodies may be able to go without CBD products for a period of time while others may not.

For example – if bad weather is expected a week or two from now, consider ordering 2 products instead of 1. Natural disasters can cause many industries, including shipping industries, to suffer. This can delay the delivery of your products.

Increased demand may reduce supply of product and/or ingredients for companies in many industries. When demand increases, those transporting products across the country can only do so at the pace allowed by law. Truck drivers can only drive so many miles or hours a day. Their trucks cannot all drive at highway speeds depending on state laws.

If your usual CBD product is unavailable, consider a different product from your favorite company, like Canna Trading Co. Our product line offers multiple options for our customers. Consider using a topical and another product to help your preferred product last a little longer.

If you expect to be without work for any reason or may have reduced income for a period of time, sign up for our email newsletters on our homepage. We send out coupon codes for discounts on products when we are running specials.

Space Doses Out Further

If you can’t reduce your dose of CBD, one more thing you can do to help your CBD products last longer is try to space your doses out further. Spacing out your servings a little further and perhaps, reducing the dose slightly may also help you stretch out your CBD products longer.

Here is a modified option for spacing out your doses. Take your normal dose of your preferred product, but opt for vape or a topical in between your typical doses. These two options may also help you get your CBD products to last a little longer.

Isn’t this ordering more product? It may seem that way, but if you think that your situation will cause you to be without CBD products for a considerable amount of time, purchasing your products while you can and slowly starting the process of spacing out doses and reducing doses is much easier to do.

Not everyone is able to just reduce a dose instantly. Some people may have to slowly decrease doses a little at a time to reduce the previous dose by half.

Rough patches can pop up at any time – weather, job loss, prolonged illness as well as other national/global events. Knowing how to make your CBD products last longer in the event that any of the aforementioned occurs is helpful information to have on hand.

Closing Thoughts

Canna Trading Co. always works hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. There are times when weather issues cause shipping delays. Sudden increases in demand can also delay products from going out faster due to the influx of orders coming it. Increased demand can also make it difficult for some ingredients to make it to retailers and businesses in various other industries too. If your normal CBD product is out of stock, consider trying a different product temporarily.

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