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Munchies After a Big Meal? Tips to Prevent Overeating after Medicating

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Even when you know you’re full and you just ate, some cannabis strains can still give you the munchies. But, how do you resist the munchies? With a few tips to prevent overeating after medicating, you won’t have to sit back and feel guilty because you ate everything in sight.

If you happen to really enjoy a strain but know it causes the munchies, consider microdosing. It may help you reduce the amount of snacking that you do.

Avoid Munchie Causing Strains

Most strains have a valid description available online. It is important to read every detail about a strain before purchasing it. Not only will you know what effects to expect from the strain, but you’ll also learn what the potential negative effects are. Strains that are for lack of appetite or nausea are almost always going to give you the munchies.

Some cannabis terpene and cannabinoid combinations cause different reactions in the body – such as enhancing the smell or flavor of food (or other aromas) that may trigger thoughts of being hungry. A lot of the time, you’re really not hungry, it’s just the strain enhancing your senses to make you think you need to eat.

Hot Coffee or Broth

Hot liquids help make you feel full. If coffee is your thing, make a big cup and sip it slowly. Try to finish it while it’s still somewhat hot though. Flavoring the coffee may help combat any specific cravings you may be having.

Hot broth or stock may also be a good option. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so full after a bowl of soup with a stock base, the temperature of the liquid is one reason. Of course, you could have a bowl of soup too – but limit it to just one bowl and eat it slowly.

Plenty of Water

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Most cannabis strains cause dry mouth anyways, so you’ll be thirsty. Water can help you feel full, which is why some doctors suggest drinking a full glass of water before a meal to prevent overeating.

If you’re not a fan of plain water, use water enhancer drops in whatever flavor you enjoy. When you have the flavors you enjoy, you’ll want to drink the water. Not only are you helping your body by keeping it hydrated, you’re preventing yourself from making unhealthy food choices. It is common for cannabis users to crave unhealthy foods while feeling its effects.

Hard Candy

While hard candies won’t fill you up, they can satisfy a craving. If you typically crave sweet items, have a variety of hard candies available so that you can choose what will soothe your craving the best. Since hard candies last a while, they might feel more satisfying since you get to enjoy them longer.

Pay attention to the ingredients on the package. Try to pick healthier candies with lower carbohydrate counts. Carbs can slow down your metabolism, which may lead to weight gain since you’re not motivated to get up and move around. Your body also processes food slower when the metabolism slows down.

Choose options that have natural ingredients that provide some sort of nutrition to your body. Look for options that include real fruit juice, pulp or puree. Find options that use natural ingredients to make chocolate candies. The healthier you go with your candy choice, the less guilty you feel if you do end up having more than one piece.

Be Active

Instead of raiding the kitchen, get up and do something. The distraction will take your mind off of feeling like you haven’t eaten in a week. Take a walk, play virtual reality games, go swimming or house chores. Whatever you can do to be active may help you keep the munchies away – or at least keep your mind off of it.

Being active also helps increase your metabolism so that the effects aren’t as strong as when you’re just sitting around. Before you know it, the effects will be worn off and you might be relaxed enough to head to bed if it’s close to that time. Activity may also help burn off some calories if you did give into the munchies.

Make Snacks in Advance

Consider making your snacks in advance. When you make snacks sober, you’re better at making healthy choices and controlling portions. If you make snacks for multiple days, label it. When you are medicated, you’ll be able to tell yourself that you can’t have tomorrow’s snack, just today’s. Play tricks on your own mind, it can work.

Portion out your snack and store it in a container. Try to get everything you’ll need for that snack together ahead of time. Fishing around for ingredients may lead to making poor choices and overeating.

Snack ideas:

  • Fruit and cheese
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Salad
  • Veggie straws
  • Kale chips
  • Roasted broccoli (may not sound appetizing but it’s addicting and contains carbs)
  • Cheesy cauliflower tots
  • Trail mix
  • Popcorn with trail mix
  • One brownie or other baked good – portioned and ready to go
  • Smoothie – smoothies are surprisingly filling
  • Frozen chocolate peanut butter Greek yogurt – just 1 cup of Greek yogurt and a few tablespoons of chocolate peanut butter make this treat – freeze for 2 hours and there’s your snack
  • Whole wheat pasta salad with protein, cheese and vegetables

These may seem too healthy for your tastes, but they are satisfying and won’t make you feel guilty afterwards. Not every case of the munchies can be avoided, even if you just finished eating a meal beforehand.

If you crave something spicy, consider a reduced carb tortilla for a simple quesadilla. The flavor is no different than a regular tortilla, you’re just not eating a bunch of empty carbs. Use your favorite shredded cheese, shredded chicken or steak (or whatever meat you have leftover), diced green chiles or jalapenos and olives if you like them. Brush one side of the tortilla with olive oil and set it in the pan, then add your ingredients but make sure that cheese is the first and last thing you put inside. Add the second tortilla and brush it with olive oil too. Smash it down, let it cook a couple of minutes, flip and make sure both sides are lightly browned. Top the quesadilla with a good salsa, cilantro leaves, sour cream and some chopped jalapenos. Make it more satisfying by adding some refried beans.

Quesadillas feel like a meal, but if you use a soft taco size tortilla, it’s just a really gooey, filling snack.

Closing Thoughts

The munchies can be annoying when you know you’re really not hungry. It’s hard to resist sometimes, but you can still help your body by choosing a healthier snack option. You’ll still have your craving satisfied but don’t have to worry about gaining a ton of weight doing so. One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese and fresh fruit. The cheese has a little fat, the fruit has the sweetness – so I’m usually perfectly satisfied. I also enjoy making cheesy cauliflower tots and the frozen Greek yogurt too.

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