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5 Ways to Use Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture

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5 Ways to Use Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture

Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil tincture doesn’t have to be taken just orally. There are several other ways that this tincture can be put to use. We want you to get the most from your tinctures, so we’re sharing several ways for you to use our CBD tinctures in creative ways, starting with our organic olive oil tincture.

Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture as a Skin Moisturizer

Have you ever thought about olive oil as a skin moisturizer? Most of us only think of it as an ingredient in salad dressings and marinades. While olive oil is delicious and is great for cooking, it’s also great for your skin.

Canna Trading Co.’s organic olive oil comes from a farm just a few miles from our facility. It’s organically grown and pressed. Our organic olive oil CBD tincture is the freshest CBD tincture you can buy.

Olive oil has multiple benefits for your skin, not only as a moisturizing agent but also to help improve your skin’s overall health. According to Healthline, olive oil fights bacteria which can be one of the causes of frustrating acne breakouts.

Additional benefits of olive oil for the skin and face:

  • Rich in vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Antioxidant properties from higher concentrations of squalene

What is squalene? Squalene is a poly-unsaturated hydrocarbon liquid. It occurs naturally in plants and some animals such as sharks. Your body also naturally produces squalene, but in lesser qualities. Its job is to help lubricate and protect the skin.

If you notice a few dry spots on your face or skin, rub a few drops of our Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture in well. You can apply it more than once a day if you need to.

Organic Olive Oil TIncture

Olive Oil Smooths your Hair and Nourishes your Scalp

Humidity and the natural frizz that hair can have can make it hard to look great when you need to the most. Bad hair days might make an appearance more often than you might want them to. Olive oil helps hydrate your hair to help keep the frizz down.

The Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture can be used in a simple way – apply a few drops to damp hair and cover it with a shower cap. Let the olive oil sit on your hair for about 20 minutes and rinse it out. It’s absolutely okay if there’s a little olive oil residue left in your hair because it will also help your hair feel smoother and softer. You can apply these treatments weekly.

While we’re on the topic of your head, your scalp might also need some attention. When your scalp gets dry, dandruff can become a problem. The vitamin E found in olive oil may help with fighting off that embarrassing dandruff. Try this combination – a single squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of our Organic Olive Oil CBD Tincture. Mix this together and massage it into your scalp.

Natural Makeup Remover

While you might be using Canna Trading Co. Renew Facial Cream, you can also use our Organic Olive Oil Tincture to help remove makeup at the end of the day. Did you ever think about olive oil as a makeup remover? Some commercial products can cause damage to your skin or dry it out. They might also cause irritation.

All you have to do is apply a few drops of our Organic Olive Oil Tincture to a cotton ball and wipe the makeup away. Use a mild soap to wash away any additional makeup residue. Then, you can apply Renew Facial Cream to moisturize your skin and keep it healthy looking.

Olive Oil for your Nails

What can’t olive oil help? This versatile, natural and heart-healthy oil is also helpful on your nails. You can use the Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture on your cuticles and as a nail soak. Cuticles are often ignored and become ripped, sensitive or brittle. Painting your nails when the cuticles are damaged can be painful.

Here’s how olive oil can benefit your nails and cuticles:

  • Soak your hands in white vinegar and warm water for 5 minutes. Use equal parts of vinegar and water.
  • Dry your hands completely.
  • Apply just a drop of the Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture to each cuticle and lightly spread it out.
  • Let the tincture sit on your cuticles for 10 minutes to absorb.

When it comes to keeping your nails healthy, olive oil might help them grow because it is rich in vitamin E. Your nails may seem impermeable, but they can absorb liquid like olive oil. What you’ll do here is put 1 cup of good quality extra virgin olive oil in a small bowl. Then, one full dropper of Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil CBD Tincture. Stir gently and soak your nails for 20 minutes. Do this once a week for as long as you want until you’ve reached satisfaction with your nails.

healthy fingernails and cuticles in nature

Add Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture to your Hair Styling Products

If you use styling products on your hair on a daily basis, some of those ingredients might be taking the shine away from it. Some of the ingredients may be drying out your hair, causing damage or making it brittle. If you mix a little bit (a few drops) of Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture into your styling product, you’re helping your hair’s health.

As we’ve mentioned a few times here, olive oil is a great moisturizer. It might help your hair look and feel healthier.

CBD organic olive oil tincture

Closing Thoughts

If you just love the flavor of olive oil and want to get a dose of CBD you can absolutely use our Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil Tincture orally. But, if you want to get creative and really put your CBD tincture to use, give some of these options a try. Olive oil is versatile and benefits the body in multiple ways – it isn’t only for cooking.

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