Private Label Program

Power your own CBD brand with MHE Manufacturing products.

MHE Manufacturing formulates the best CBD hemp extract products on the market with very affordable pricing. MHE’s Central Coast California manufacturing facility produces small batches with full traceability from raw materials to finished goods. This ensures that our customers get the freshest and most effective products available.

MHE Manufacturing’s formulas are never made with synthetics or unnecessary additives. MHE sources all our CBD hemp extract from American family farmers that practice organic cultivation methods. MHE’s product line features locally-sourced, organic raw materials, and we will never cut corners by adding unnecessary additives to any our products, and we utilize recyclable packaging materials.

MHE Manufacturing’s Award-winning formulations are available for you to market as your own brand, skipping all of the very costly and time consuming R&D process. MHE handles all of the bottling, formulating, labeling and packaging to exacting specifications.

Direct from Manufacturer CBD Hemp Extract Products
  • Most competitive pricing with highest quality ingredients
  • Low minimum quantities
  • Fast turnaround lead times
  • Premium CBD Hemp Extract
  • No synthetics or unnecessary additives
  • Calibrated 3rd Party Lab Testing
  • Simple ordering process
  • Friendly and comprehensive client services
  • Brand new to CBD? We’ll walk you through the process

Premium Quality Hemp CBD Extract

CannaTrading’s Premium CBD Hemp extract is free of synthetics and unnecessary additives. Effective formulations at an affordable cost.

Value Added Relationships

Simple order process with fast turnaround times and additional consultation services.

Minimum Orders and Shipping

Low order minimums, shipping throughout the United States and international shipping available via freight forwarder.

Demand for CBD is Booming

The time to enter the CBD industry is now! The 2018 US Farm Bill legalized the industrial hemp plant, deeming it an agricultural crop for the first time in 50 years. The industry is estimated to have a value of $13 billion by 2026, according to a study by Reports and Data. Increased availability of information about the potential of CBD to provide therapeutic benefits is making consumer curiosity skyrocket. Customers want to know – will this work for me? Is it safe to use? Is it cannabis? Can my child use CBD? Will CBD get me high? What’s the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate?

CBD is used by people of all ages from infants to senior citizens. Pets are also enjoying the benefits of taking CBD.

As more hemp CBD products come available on the market, it’s important that you provide your customers with a superior product. MHE Manufacturing is confident that our Just-in-Time manufacturing process for tinctures and made-to-order CBD vape products deliver the freshest CBD products to you and your customers.

Entering the industry with a clean, effective and properly formulated CBD product gives you an advantage against the competition.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, CBD, is a non-psychotoxic cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp and the 2nd most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. CBD Shows Promise in These Areas of Potential Therapeutic Benefit:

  • Overall wellness
  • Calmness and decreased stress
  • Mood enhancement
  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety improvement
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Natural sleep aid

As more research is able to be conducted, the data compiled should substantiate the results that people around the world are already experiencing.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Broad spectrum CBD oil is full spectrum CBD oil with some or all of the THC removed. One benefit of broad spectrum CBD is that the entourage effect is still possible. The entourage effect refers to whole plant medicine where all of the cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically in the body.

Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD are superior to CBD isolate because the cannabinoid and terpene profiles remain intact.

MHE Manufacturing creates each formula to achieve the entourage effect. Our true broad spectrum CBD contains a miniscule amount of THC to ensure that the natural integrity hemp CBD is maintained. The amount of THC in our broad spectrum CBD is less than lab quantitative amounts (less than 0.3%).

Why MHE Manufacturing
Private Label Services?

The MHE Manufacturing team is passionate about CBD and its potential for healing. We stand behind our product with pride and confidence. We recognize the potential of CBD’s therapeutic abilities. We use our products ourselves. We trust our product.

MHE Manufacturing takes no shortcuts in making our products. We research ingredients for our formulas and combinations of plant-derived terpenes extensivelyto ensure the best potential for results exists. We will provide lab testing results to prove the quality and purity of our products. This allows you to provide a product to your customers that you can support with full confidence.

MHE Manufacturing uses only natural ingredients. Our products are all non-GMO, and are yeast, preservative, gluten, soy and sugar free. There are no chemicals or artificial flavors/colors in any of our formulas.

MHE makes it easy for you to start your own brand. Our ordering process is just 3 simple steps: complete an order sheet, submit your label for approval and pay your invoice. MHE provides label templates for you to drop your logo and background image onto.

MHE has a minimum order purchase of $2,500, but if that isn’t a leap you can take just yet, we offer wholesale pricing of 40% off of our retail branded products. We can also offer samples of our branded products at a 40% discount without minimum quantity requirements.

MHE’s industry experience and resources can help your new brand get started on the right foot. We want to see your brand succeed and thrive in this rapidly expanding and evolving industry.

While we do have standard products that we offer, that isn’t all that we can do for you. Aside from tinctures, vape and capsules we can accommodate custom orders as well. Some of the custom, special order products we can formulate for you include:

  • CBD water
  • Special order capsules
  • Topicals
  • Functional Beverages

If there is another product that you wish to have produced, let’s discuss it.

Let’s Get Your Brand Started

Please reach out to discuss your brand’s needs by calling us directly at 760-493- 4367, or fill out the form below. We will devote as much time as you need to answer your questions to ensure that you have all of the information you need regarding our products and your brand.