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Restaurants and CBD Oil Infused Food – An Insight

Health departments are cracking down on restaurants and CBD oil infused food. In New York, restaurants and bars have all been instructed to stop selling CBD-infused menu items. Controversy has also sparked in Los Angeles. It’s getting hard to find restaurants in the U.S. that have menu items including CBD, but they do still exist.

Know Your State’s Laws

Before you start searching for restaurants and CBD oil in the same sentence, or menus featuring CBD-infused items, you need to know the laws first. Is CBD legal in your state? Some states have recreational and/or medical cannabis laws, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that restaurants can have CBD items on their menus. Some states, like New York, have taken specific action banning restaurants and bars from serving CBD-infused foods.

Crackdowns are happening elsewhere in the country. The FDA has not issued guidance regarding the use of CBD in food items following the legalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill. So far, the only thing the FDA has really said is that, at least for now, the FDA says that CBD can’t be used in food. California says the same thing.

Los Angeles was once a hotbed for restaurants and CBD creations, and CBD cocktails – but not anymore.

Oregon, Colorado and New Orleans have the largest concentrations of restaurants offering CBD menu items. Arizona currently has a few options as well – but it’s still unknown what the FDA is going to do regarding the non-intoxicating cannabinoid and its inclusion on restaurant menus.

The laws surrounding serving CBD-infused menu items are so complex, it’s hard to know if it’s legal or not.

Currently, only 3 states in the U.S. have specific laws banning CBD entirely – South Dakota, Idaho and Nebraska. Some states have strict guidelines regarding CBD, stating that it’s only legal for people with a handful or single health condition (such as epilepsy) to possess and use the cannabinoid.

As we mentioned, read your state’s laws regarding CBD specifically. Make sure you can legally go to these restaurants and CBD be a legal option for you to enjoy.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria – Tempe, Arizona

On busy Mill Avenue CBD lovers can enjoy a cocktail or pizza with an extra addition at Spinelli’s Pizzeria. The pizzeria offers several CBD-infused cocktails. Guests can also add CBD to a single slice of pizza or the whole pie.

Mill Avenue is the focal point of Tempe. There are dozens of eateries and specialty shops. It’s quite easy to spend an entire day going from shop-to-shop, browsing and people watching.

pizza with CBD

The Mint Dispensary  – Tempe, Arizona

The Mint Dispensary in Tempe, Arizona opened a full-service kitchen in 2018. Since Arizona is a medical cannabis-only state, you have to have a valid medical cannabis card to enter and make a purchase. None of the menu items can be consumed on-site – the items must be taken home. There are a variety of items available on the menu, although the menu does not state if all contain THC or if some are CBD-specific.

This is considered to be the first dispensary kitchen in the country.


In California, several restaurants have offered CBD-infused menu items. However, with recent changes in the state, it’s best to inquire with these establishments to see if they are still offering these items. Although CBD is non-intoxicating, it’s still controversial.

These restaurants have offered CBD-infused items:

  • Steap Tea Bar – Chinatown in San Francisco
  • Bondi Harvest – Santa Monica
  • PopCultivate is a pop-up dining experience for adults only. It’s ideal to see where they’ll be and how to reserve your spot on their guest list, if they are still operating.

If you are searching for restaurants in California that offer CBD-infused menu items, if it is not all that recent, call the restaurant to see if those menu items are still an option.

Ankeny Tap and Table – Portland, Oregon

Portland is home to several top eateries. Ankeny Tap and Table sets itself apart from other establishments by offering CBD-infused beers. The beer list is seasonal. The offerings also rotate.

One beer that you can look for is Two Flowers IPA brewed by Coalition Brewing.

Monarch and the Milkweed – Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont is a busy city that is home to more than Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. This bountiful city is also home to a fine-dining restaurant that also offers pastries and a cocktail bar – called Monarch and the Milkweed. Of course, you’ll find upscale menu offerings, but CBD is available in several baked goods.

This restaurant even offers a few THC-infused pastries.

The Original Hemp Café and Lounge – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Much of the menu at The Original Hemp Café and Lounge is infused with CBD. Colorado Springs is a controversial area to have this establishment in since it bans recreational marijuana sales in the first state to legalize it in the country. Patrons can enjoy crepes, mocktails and various coffees all infused with CBD.

challkboard menu

Harlow – Portland, Oregon

Harlow is known by locals for its smoothies, elixirs and juices. The elixirs combine fruits, vegetables and herbs. Any beverage on the menu can have CBD added to it. Hot CBD-infused beverages have been tinkered with too.

CBD-infused ice cream has also been experimented with a bit. It’s a local favorite that is quickly becoming more popular as visitors read mentions of Harlow in multiple publications.

The Future of CBD-Infused Food at Restaurants

What does the future hold for restaurants and CBD? Right now, no one knows. The FDA has to make some changes so that areas where CBD was once seen on restaurant, coffee shop and bar menus can return those items to menus. The industry is constantly evolving, but the FDA hasn’t issued guidance regarding hemp-derived CBD since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp – CBD remains in a sticky gray area.

Medical cannabis dispensaries, and some recreational cannabis dispensaries do offer CBD edibles for those that want them and several CBD manufacturers do offer gummies, chewables and other infused items as well. But, CBD is expected to go mainstream in the next couple of years – reopening doors to restaurants and other establishments.

Closing Thoughts

Have you seen any advertisements for restaurants and CBD items offered on menus in your local area? Of course, if you have a high-quality CBD oil, like those offered here at Canna Trading Co., you can always add a few drops to your own meals at home. We also have dozens of recipes available for you to try if restaurants in your area do not have any CBD-infused items on their menus.