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The Sacramento Cannabis Scene — Best Dispensaries and Clubs

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Sacramento Cannabis

Sacramento is more than just the capital of California. It has been a pivotal city in helping get standards set for recreational cannabis. The cannabis scene is a bit higher end in this city than it may be in others. The city has high standards and a big example to set when it comes to making cannabis a part of locals’ and visitors’ lifestyles. Much of the product available, in terms of dry flower, is all locally-grown.

Sacramento Fun Facts

Sacramento became an incorporated city in 1850. The area of the city is 100.11-square miles, which includes over 2-square miles of water.  While there are some urban areas of the city, it is considered to be mainly a metro-type city.

There is an eclectic mixture of cultures and lifestyles in the city. The arts are rather popular. Individuality and uniqueness are embraced in the music and visual arts community.

Sacramento is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the state of California. About 10-percent of the city’s population is part of the LGBTQ community. Several festivals surrounding the community are held throughout the year. Block parties can be attended between May and September.

When it comes to food and variety of cuisine – there isn’t much that you can’t find in Sacramento. Locally-sourced ingredients are featured at several of Sacramento’s “farm to table” restaurants. Maintaining the culture of supporting local businesses, the Farm-to-Fork festival features products from only local farmers and product makers. Sacramento has an excellent choice of locally craft beers to choose from.

Cannabis scene in Sacramento

Looking for a Designer Cannabis Outlet?

Connected Cannabis is where the serious cannabis connoisseurs go. There is a large selection of high-end extracts to choose from as well as some of the most exotic strains in the area. Connected Cannabis can be thought of as an upscale industry specialty store.

Connected Cannabis has four other locations – Stockton, San Francisco, Belmont Shore and Santa Ana.  Their standards are high as they aim to offer only the best to those walking through their doors.

This dispensary caters more to medical cannabis patients. Their array of edibles is also impressive. One of Connected Cannabis’ goals is to provide a option for every preference and lifestyle.

Looking for Longevity in the Industry?

515 Broadway is an established cannabis company in Sacramento. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, collectively. The location is easy to remember as it is the same as the business name.

When you need an expert to help you determine what the ideal product for you is – their staff is top notch. Staff members take several tests and receive ongoing training ensuring that every customer has an excellent experience. The goal is to ensure that each customer leaves with a product that will benefit them the best.

The friendly atmosphere helps newcomers feel comfortable. The variety of products may be overwhelming. There is no rush at 515 Broadway, the  dedicated staff provides treats every customer as the individual that they are.

515 Broadway has strict quality standards. .

Seeking a more Home-Like Environment?

Walking up to A Therapeutic Alternative may leave you scratching your head. It looks like a house but is a cannabis club. This is the spot you’d take someone of an elder generation to that wants to feel comfortable about trying cannabis. The exterior is a residential Craftsman-style home.

This must-visit retailer caters to recreational and medical cannabis users. A Therapeutic Alternative sends all products to a third-party lab for purity and quality analysis.  The lab testing results include a complete list of cannabinoids in each product.

This is an upscale retailer that caters to those that seek the best in a comfortable environment with knowledgeable staff. The idea is to make you feel like you’re in your own home. What sets this cannabis shop apart from others in the area are some of its additional free services like yoga, support groups and sound therapy. You can also get a massage, meditate or engage in Reiki while visiting. Chiropractic services are also offered, it is best to check with the staff to see when those services are available.

Newcomers Welcome

When you are brand new to this amazing plant, visiting a dispensary or retailer that caters to newcomers may be ideal. An upscale, modern-designed storefront may be the right option for you. Abtain Wellness Center may be a familiar name. Montel Williams is one of the location’s initial investors. Montel has been very vocal about his use of CBD products.

New users receive individual counseling to ensure that the ideal product for their needs is what they leave with. Ensuring that each medical cannabis patient or recreational user has the product that will suit them best is what Abtain strives for.

The educated staff is enthusiastic when providing information to patients and recreational customers. Abtain is a top cannabis retailer in Sacramento.

Prefer Collectives?

Some cannabis users prefer to patronize a collective. Others may prefer a location that commercially cultivates or sources from multiple cultivators. If the collective-scene is your thing, Northstar Holistic Center may be the right Sacramento cannabis retailer for you.

This is a boutique-style cannabis retailer, meaning that the products are high-end. There is something for everyone here, even if you have a tight budget. This is where you’d go in Sacramento to find those rare or hard-to-find strains.

This is a private collective that works diligently to ensure that the quality is superior.

Closing Thoughts

After visiting your chosen club or dispensary in Sacramento, take a cannabis tour through the city. Mentions of a cannabis-themed dinner or special nightlife events happen on tours frequently. Enhance your experience of the city by partaking in the vibrant nightlife scene. Sacramento is for the discerning cannabis connoisseur, craft beer lover and quality-food enthusiast.

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