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How to Spot a CBD Scam

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How to Spot a CBD Scam

When you want to start using CBD but aren’t sure what to look for, it’s easy to get caught up in a CBD scam or buy a bogus product. As demand increases, so do the opportunities to be scammed. Not all companies have consumers’ best interests in mind. In this guide, we’re going to help you spot a CBD scam so you don’t lose money or end up with a product that could be fake or contain harmful ingredients.

At Canna Trading Co., we take providing clean, safe hemp CBD extract products seriously. Our hemp CBD extract tinctures contain only natural oils, organically grown hemp CBD extract, natural flavors and plant-based terpenes.

Here’s what you need to look for to avoid a CBD scam.

Know the Different Terms for CBD Oil

CBD is so new that understanding the different terms used for it is very confusing to consumers. The hemp plant can be used to extract two types of oil – hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil/extract. It’s important to know that CBD oil can be represented by several different terms.

CBD oil can be listed as:

  • Hemp CBD extract (which is the term that Canna Trading Co. prefers to use)
  • CBD oil
  • Hemp CBD oil
  • CBD hemp oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Hemp extract
  • CBD extract

Hemp CBD extract, or any of the versions listed above, do contain CBD. If the CBD is full spectrum or broad spectrum from full spectrum, it will contain 0.3% THC or less. CBD that isolate or broad spectrum from isolate will not contain THC. Additional non-intoxicating cannabinoids are also typical in full spectrum and broad spectrum types of CBD products.

CBD tincture Alchemy

Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids. It is obtained in the same way that olive oil is – via cold pressing process.

Hemp seed oil does have several applications including:

  • As a carrier oil in hemp CBD extract products
  • As an oil substitute in low-heat cooking applications
  • A healthier oil option for making chocolate dessert topping
  • As a flavor aid for some herb oils and dressings due to its slightly nutty flavor

Hemp seed oil does have its merits due to the nutritional value of the hemp seed, but it is important to remember that it is not the same thing as hemp CBD extract/CBD oil. To make it easier to understand – hemp seed oil is from hemp seeds that are cold-pressed.

hemp seeds

Source of the CBD

Not all CBD products use CBD comes from hemp plants grown on U.S. soil. Some manufacturers use European CBD oil. While some European sources may be quality, it’s important to understand that the regulations overseas are different than they are here.

With European CBD oil, lab test results aren’t always available. You also don’t know exactly where in Europe the oil comes from, or the climate the hemp was grown in. Knowing how the hemp was cultivated as well as the soil quality is very important.

Canna Trading Co. uses hemp CBD extract that is grown by American hemp farmers with organic farming practices.

Mass Online Retail Seller CBD Scam Warning

If you are buying CBD products from online retailers, it’s very easy to be fooled by a great price – this is one of the great CBD scam tactics out there. Now, if you see a bottle of hemp oil or CBD oil listed on a mass retail site such as Amazon or Groupon – pay attention to the label. If you see a ridiculous amount of CBD (on Amazon it will say either hemp oil or hemp extract), such as 45,000 mg and a super low price – just steer clear.

In all honestly, Amazon is confused when it comes to what hemp oil really is. You will find many questions on listings for hemp oil (CBD) products where the answer will say that there is no CBD in the product. Well, this is not hemp oil then – it’s something else, like hemp seed oil. It’s also important to understand that hemp seed oil is not measured by milligram. It is measured the same way olive oil or any other cooking oil is.

Steer clear of these products.

Hemp seed oil is not a remedy or treatment for pain, anxiety or any other health condition – it is merely for nutritional value.

Tips for Spotting a CBD Scam

Keep an eye out for these things when buying from mass online retailers and resale sites:

  • Unrealistic amount of “hemp oil” listed on package (such as over 3,000 mg per 1 fl. oz. bottle)
  • Super cheap price (such as 10,000 mg for $15, as an example)
  • Hemp seed oil being measured in milligrams (this just isn’t how hemp seed oil is measured)
  • Products that say hemp oil on the label but also say no CBD – this is not CBD oil, no hemp oil – it’s something else
  • A hemp oil product that says there is no CBD but mentions things such as pain, anxiety, sleep or inflammation – again, if there is no CBD, it is not a CBD oil product and is something else (hemp seed oil, most likely)

There are many ways that things are worded to be accepted by a mass retailer. It is important for consumers to understand what to look for and what to avoid. It is vital that consumers understand that any medical claim is against FDA regulations when it comes to CBD. CBD product manufacturers are banned from saying that a product is a treatment, cure or remedy for any health condition.

No Company Website Linked to Products

If you are buying CBD products from an online mass retail site or resale site, it is important to look for valid company information, such as a link to a website. You should also be looking for an included third-party lab result that is recent.  If these things are missing, it could be a CBD scam.

If you search the brand name on a search engine and no actual company website is available – avoid that brand.

Closing Thoughts

In order for consumers to make safe, informed decisions, it is important to provide the necessary information helping them understand what to look for. The tips here will help you spot a CBD scam from a mile away. While some instances of a CBD scam are clear as day, some scam companies are getting very good at using what seems to be the right words – but the tools provided here will help you avoid being scammed, buying fake CBD products or buying products that could include dangerous ingredients.

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