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Steps to Effectively Lower your THC Tolerance

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It’s easier to increase your tolerance to THC than you might think. Eventually, your body will require more cannabis to achieve the same relief or effect – which can get very expensive. There are methods to use that can help you lower your THC tolerance while still reaping all of the benefits of cannabis. We’ve provided a few steps below to help you maintain your budget, achieve relief and still use the amount of cannabis your body needs.


Microdosing is ideal because you’re providing your body with smaller amounts of cannabinoids at a time. This is helpful because too much at once can bombard your system and confuse the receptors in your body. When you microdose, just use 3 to 4 hits from a pipe, bong or joint at a time. Do your best to wait a few hours before your next dose.

Another benefit of microdosing is that you can still keep a clear mind without getting too cloudy. Every strain has a different cannabinoid and terpene profile, with that also comes varying THC levels. THC isn’t the only thing your body needs, the cannabinoids and terpenes matter too. More THC doesn’t necessarily mean the strain is better if it doesn’t have the necessary compounds your body needs to obtain relief.

Vary Strain Type

As with pharmaceuticals, your body can become used to or too tolerant of a single strain if it’s the only one you use. Take some time to research strains that have similar cannabinoid and terpene profiles to a strain that you obtain the most relief from. Using different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes may benefit your body better as each works to alleviate a specific symptom.

The effects of each strain are going to be different as well. When looking at strain information, make sure that the potential negative effects of the strain are not effects that you are attempting to avoid – like paranoia, anxiety, headaches and dizziness. Dry mouth and dry eyes are quite common and are easily remedied with extra hydration and moisturizing eye drops.

When you’re using different strains, your body can’t get too used to the blend of cannabinoids and become complacent. Variations allow your body to accept the varying profiles and put them to work the way your body needs them to.

There may also be certain times of the day or certain situations where you need a different blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for a specific reason. During the day you may need more energy, so some sativa and sativa-dominant strains may be more beneficial. In social settings you may require relaxation or anxiety relief but not want to take a nap, so a good hybrid may be the best answer. At night, indicas are often ideal as they help your body relax and can aid improved sleep, among other symptoms.

Vary Strain Potency

Sure, high-THC strains are exciting and impressive, but using those all of the time is a large part of why your tolerance also increases. As we mentioned above, more THC doesn’t necessarily mean better. In most markets, the higher THC strains just command bigger price tags. Using nothing but strains containing 20-percent or more THC builds your tolerance quickly. It may come to a point where you no longer feel the effects of cannabis at all because your body is so used to a lot of THC.

Try to incorporate strains with lower THC levels, even those closer to 10-percent THC. There should not be a specific time of day when you use the lower or higher THC strains either – base your strain choice off of your immediate need rather than focusing on how much THC it has. Although the THC percentage will be lower, your body is still getting cannabinoids.

Incorporate Low-Dose Edibles

Consider including edibles into your daily cannabis routine. They do take 45 minutes to an hour to take effect – when the edible is a baked good or solid food. Beverages, hard candies and chocolates are likely to take effect faster as they start to absorb sublingually and take less time to digest.

Do not use cannabis flower, vape or concentrates while waiting for edibles to take effect. This may cause the edible to hit your body too hard, leaving you with an unpleasant experience.

Try to keep the doses of the edible below 25mg. This should still help your body for several hours. Having relief for an extended amount of time will help cut down on your use of flower, concentrates and other forms of cannabis that you may use.

Whenever possible, use strain-specific edibles. Make sure it is a strain that will aid your symptoms and provide relief. Do a little research on your own if the strain is a hybrid that you are unfamiliar with. Surprise effects that may not be what you prefer to feel may result in a negative experience.

Incorporate CBD

CBD has many benefits and can provide relief from anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, epilepsy and inflammatory pain – to name a few benefits. It can also help with improving digestion and reducing cravings for alcohol, hard drugs and nicotine. While CBD won’t produce a high, your body is still getting a vital cannabinoid in a higher concentration than what is found in cannabis strains.

When incorporating CBD, use a full spectrum hemp CBD product. This is whole plant medicine with nothing stripped from it. There is a minimal amount of THC, typically 0.3-percent or less, but this helps to create the entourage effect – the synergy of all available cannabinoids working together.

Consider starting your day with a 25mg CBD capsule or dose of tincture plus plant-based terpenes. The terpenes may help the efficacy of the CBD oil while providing additional benefits to your body. Terpenes have accepted therapeutic benefits and are derived from plants, herbs and some trees/shrubs. They can also aid in improving the flavor of plain CBD oil.

Closing Thoughts

If you are a heavy cannabis user with a higher tolerance, you may experience cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome – which results in abdominal pain and excessive vomiting. The symptoms are similar to the flu but without the fever. Lowering your tolerance and regular doses can help prevent this. Giving your body too many cannabinoids isn’t necessarily an extra benefit as it can cause over-stimulation. Smaller amounts a few times a day tends to work better to maintain balance in your body.

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