How to Store your CBD Products Properly

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How to Store your CBD products Properly

Knowing how to store your CBD products properly can help you get the most shelf life out of them. It’s important to know how each different type of Canna Trading Co. CBD product should be stored. The same guidelines for our products can be used with all brands. In this guide we’ll walk you through each of the different CBD product types and offer suggestions to store them safely.

Our Tips to Store your CBD Products Safely

Below you’ll find our tips to help you store your CBD products safely and properly. You’ll notice something in common with most types of CBD products as well as some unique attributes of each product.

CBD Capsules

There are a few types of CBD capsules. Some manufacturers like Canna Trading Co. use a dry, powder form of CBD to make their capsules. Choosing this method allows an accurate dose and an easier digestive process. Other manufacturers use a liquid form of CBD in a gel capsule. This also allows for accurate dosing.

The best way to store your CBD capsules properly is in a cool, dry and dark place. The bottles should be opaque or dark. This helps protect the CBD from sunlight and some heat.

Storing your CBD capsules in your refrigerator is also an option – especially if you live in an area where it is very hot and/or humid.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

CBD Topicals

Learning how to store your CBD topicals is a little different. There are several different formulas and types of topical products. As a general rule with CBD topicals, keep them in a cool and dry place. The way that you store your CBD topical products will vary depending on how it’s made.

CBD topical creams, like our Renew CBD Facial Cream can be stored in the refrigerator if you wish. Applying chilled cream to your face can be refreshing – especially in the morning. Our Relief Muscle & Joint Cream can also be refrigerated if you prefer a cooler sensation for application.

If your preferred CBD topical contains beeswax or is more of a salve or rub, it’s ideal to just keep it in a cool, dark place. This helps maintain the consistency. Salves and rubs that are solids can melt or liquefy when exposed to the heat.

You can keep any CBD topical in your refrigerator or just in a cool, dark and dry location in your home.

Always wash your hands after applying a CBD topical. Many contain essential oils that can irritate sensitive areas of your body such as your eyes, mouth and genitals.

CBD topicals

CBD Vape

Whether you are using a disposable CBD vape pen, a pre-filled cartridge or you purchase CBD vape liquid to use in a different vaping device, the same rule applies – keep it in a cool, dark place. Over time CBD naturally crystallizes. Canna Trading Co.’s current manufacturing process ensures that your CBD vape products are not sitting on shelves waiting to be ordered. We prefer to ship out the freshest products possible, so unless you don’t vape much you shouldn’t have to worry about crystallization here.

That said, there are a few other rules to follow when learning how to store your CBD vape products. The first consideration is the type of heating element used in the pen or cartridge. Those that have a wick are more susceptible to leaking and malfunction. Canna Trading Co. uses CCELL ceramic disposable vape pens and cartridges. The ceramic heating elements provide even heating, don’t use a wick and are often more efficient.

If you are purchasing CBD vape liquid in a bottle and are adding filling a vape device yourself, make sure the liquid is stored in a cool, dry and dark place. If the bottle or packaging is not dark in color, it isn’t protecting the CBD from the sunlight and heat.

When you are not using your CBD vape, store it upside down. The mouthpiece should be facing downward. This keeps the liquid away from the heating element and/or wick. Doing so helps prevent leaks, device failure and other malfunctions.

When you’re ready to use your vape again, turn it upright and allow the liquid to move down toward the heating element. Wait until the liquid is touching the element so that you’re not heating it up without any liquid. This also helps prevent device failure and malfunction.

You might notice, when vaping, that you might need to pull a lot harder to get a good hit. This is likely because the battery is starting to deplete. If you are using a pre-filled cartridge, simply charge the pen. It’s also a good idea to have a backup battery so that you’re not having to wait to vape.

CBD Tinctures

When you store your CBD tinctures, there is one simple rule – keep it in a cool, dark place. Yes, you can also place your CBD tinctures in the refrigerator. The hemp CBD extract and carrier oil are likely to thicken just a little bit from being chilled. This is okay though. If you do keep your CBD tinctures chilled, just run them under slightly warm water for a few seconds and shake the bottle up well.

Always shake your CBD tincture bottles well before filling the dropper. This helps redistribute all of the ingredients evenly.

Hemp CBD extract is sensitive to light, just like olive oil. This is why you’ll notice that many CBD manufacturers prefer to use dark colored bottles. The dark bottles help keep out sunlight and a little heat. With proper storage of your CBD tinctures, the liquid inside is protected from spoilage.

CBD Edibles

When it comes to tips to store your CBD edible products properly, it depends on the type of edible. CBD beverages should be stored in the refrigerator. Baked CBD edibles such as cookies, cake and brownies should be stored in a cool, dry place or in your refrigerator. Candies and gummies can be stored at room temperature but it is best to make sure they are away from heat and light.

If the CBD edibles manufacturer offers storage tips or suggestions, it is best to follow those suggestions as they’ve likely tried a few different storage techniques.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to store your CBD products properly, it should help you prevent them from crystallizing, spoiling and malfunctioning. Storing your CBD products the right way helps you know that you’re protecting the delicate hemp CBD extract in the product. Should you have questions about how to store your CBD products from Canna Trading Co., please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’re always more than happy to answer your questions!


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