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The Benefits of Using Sublingual and Vape Cannabis Products

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Using cannabis alone benefits your body in dozens of ways. Sublingual and vape cannabis products are both easy to use and have multiple benefits for those that need to medicate away from home. Smoking dry cannabis flower isn’t for everyone. The industry has evolved fast and now offers multiple options for medical and recreational users, so that everyone has a method that meets their needs and lifestyle.

The guide below will discuss how these products work and why it would benefit you to try them.

Tinctures Offer Fast Relief of Symptoms

Tinctures are used sublingually. They are also available in several different formulas, from a general THC or CBD formula to symptom-specific formulas for symptoms like inflammation, sleep troubles and anxiety. The flavors of tinctures vary by manufacturer. A common flavor is orange as essential orange oil may be added as a flavor component. Some manufacturers use natural terpenes (found in flowers, trees, plants and herbs/spices) to enhance the health benefit of the product and improve its aroma and flavor.

To use tinctures, shake the bottle up well so the ingredients can mix together. Fill the provided dropper all of the way. Empty the dropper’s liquid under your tongue and hold it there for at least 1-full minute. You can hold the liquid under your tongue for up to 2-minutes if you’d like.

The cannabinoids start to absorb sublingually and start working within just a few minutes. If you have a sudden return of pain, anxiety or other symptoms, you can calm them quickly by keeping a tincture on-hand. Keep in mind that if you use a THC-containing tincture, you shouldn’t drive for at least an hour to 90 minutes afterwards to ensure that you are able to do so safely.

Various Tincture Formulas

As briefly mentioned above, there are varying tincture formulas available. Manufacturers tend to have an exclusive formula. Some tinctures are just THC or CBD oil combined with essential oils and some do include additives/unnatural ingredients. It is ideal to view the formula’s ingredients on the label before purchasing it to ensure that it is a 100-percent all-natural product.

Tinctures including essential oils and natural terpenes offer additional health benefits. For example, tinctures to help with sleep often include terpenes like nerolidol and terpineol add to the sedative properties of the formula. These terpenes help the CBD or THC help you fall asleep and get a better quality night’s sleep.

Use Tinctures Anywhere

Tinctures are in small bottles, so they even fit into small clutch purses. You can take them anywhere with you, as long as you have a medical cannabis card for THC-containing tinctures. If you don’t wish to use your medicine in plain view, you could easily excuse yourself to the restroom to use your medicine.

Vaping is a Discreet Way to Medicate

Not everyone is “420-friendly”, so if you’re visiting a friend or family member that isn’t, you can still use your medicine without them even knowing. One of the big benefits of vaping cannabis is that it is discreet. The vape batteries are slim, so they fit into your pocket or the center console of your vehicle well. The vape pens take up very little space, so you can toss one into your small purse too.

Typically speaking, a few hits from your THC or CBD vape pen can help you achieve relief anywhere. People around you are more likely to think you’re using an e-cigarette and not a cannabis vape pen.

To use a cannabis vape pen, make sure the battery is charged. To charge them, just screw the battery into the charger and plug it into any USB device. When it is charged completely, you’re ready to attach a cartridge and start medicating.

When storing your vape pen, do so with the mouthpiece of the cartridge facing downward. This helps protect the wick inside the cartridge and prevents leaks and overheating.

No Offensive Odor with Vaping

A major benefit of using vape pens is that the offensive odor associated with dry cannabis flower is removed. Most vape manufacturers add either essential oils, terpenes or other natural flavonoids to allow your exhale to have a pleasant smell – often something fruity. Some strain specific vape pens taste just like the flower, but the exhale is so mild that those next to you would assume it’s an e-cigarette.

Even if you’re out at an event, away from home or in an uncomfortable setting, you can still head to the smoking area and use your vape without anyone being the wiser.

Vape Works Fast to Relieve Symptoms

What happens when you use too much THC? Anxiety and paranoia almost always set in, you may feel awful or may just not like being that medicated. Sure, you can have a snack, do some exercise or just go to bed, but you can also bring your head back down out of the clouds. CBD vape is ideal for reducing the strong effects of THC quickly. Typically, a few pulls from your vape pen and waiting a few minutes will help even you out.

Vape works fast to relieve a sudden onset of symptoms. If you use CBD vape, like I do, you can use as much as you need to in order to feel better. CBD has no psychoactive effects, so you won’t feel “high”, you’ll just feel better.

There is nothing worse than a sudden anxiety/panic attack – especially in a public setting. You can quickly calm those symptoms and relax yourself by heading outside, if you’re away from home, and using your THC or CBD vape pen. CBD vape pens cartridge formulas are often designed to calm the mind and body, so these may be the better option for when you’re away from home. They work for inflammation/pain as well.

Closing Comments

If you are a THC lover, it’s a good idea to keep CBD products on-hand. If you happen to use too much and don’t like the intensity of the effects, you can always reduce the effects by using CBD. From a personal standpoint, I use CBD vape more than anything else and have used it when dry cannabis flower has been too strong for me. CBD is often overlooked because it doesn’t get you high, but the real goal behind using medical cannabis is to feel better, and CBD does that for many conditions. Tinctures are also great, whether they contain THC or not, since they do act fast and last a little longer than smoked dry flower.

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