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The Best Cannabis Strains for Christmas

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas-themed cannabis strain? Just like a holiday meal, there is a cannabis strain for every occasion. These strains will help you find your Christmas spirit and make the holidays a little more merrier and bright this year. These are the best cannabis strains for Christmas to look for in your local dispensaries.

Our List of the Best Cannabis Strains for Christmas

We’ve put together out list of the best cannabis strains for Christmas. Some make sense just by their names. Others may have properties with desirable effects for those that have a hard time getting through the holiday season.

3 Kings

3 Kings is nicknamed the “holy trinity” of cannabis strains. It combines Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Headband to produce a hybrid blend of multiple effects. The buds should be sparkling with frosty trichomes.

This is a very potent cannabis strain and should be avoided by novice users. Even the seasoned cannabis user should proceed with caution.

The variety of effects includes both body and cerebral effects with a little tingle tossed in the mix. This is an ideal strain for those with pain disorders, increased stress, a little holiday blues and those that have difficulty eating.

Christmas Tree

After spending the day traveling from house-to-house visiting friends and family, turn on your tree and sit down with Christmas Tree. This is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid. This should be the last thing you do on Christmas day as it will make you ready for bed.

The THC concentration typically reaches 25%. It is often said that the buds grow to resemble Christmas trees.

The flavor is an acquired taste as it is a bit herbal, but it is a relaxing herbal with hints of pine in the background. You may even smell a little pine aroma after exhaling.

While you may not need help falling asleep after a long day, insomnia can still arise. This is a great option for those with some leftover anxiety, discomfort, stress and difficulty sleeping. It may also help improve a sour mood.

cannabis strains for ChristmasSugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy may be listed as just Sugar Plum on dispensary menus. This is a fun sativa to use during the day when your energy starts lagging. The effects are mostly cerebral.

It is important to point out that this sativa has an exceptionally high THC level that averages 28%.

The effects come on quickly and are strong. The effects are also long-lasting. A little goes a long way.

For those with GI issues, glaucoma, stress, intense pain and mood issues – this is one strain that may help knock out several symptoms at one time. Make sure that you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available  because  this strain does induce cotton mouth.

Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is an uplifting sativa that is ideal for keeping you alert on Christmas Day. The kids may wake up early and you may need a little more than caffeine to get going. This can be a potent strain under the right cultivation conditions with THC soaring into the mid-20s.

It has the perfect flavor profile for the holiday season with bright citrus and relaxing eucalyptus.

If the holidays typically get you down, Hawaiian Snow will make it impossible to hold back the giggles. It’s a happy strain. You may just come up with the perfect design for a box fort with the kids after indulging a bit because Hawaiian Snow also aids in boosting creativity.


 This hybrid is one of the more popular cannabis strains for Christmas and may be available in more markets. Permafrost is an ideal hybrid strain for an afternoon pick-me-up. It has a fresh pine aroma that is ideal for the holiday season. If you burn a pine candle or melt pine wax in a wax warmer, no one will know that you’re smoking cannabis.

This strain also works well to help you relax but maintain impeccable focus at the same time. For those with ADHD, this may help you sit still long enough to enjoy opening gifts or watch a movie with the family.

It may also help those with a little congestion or asthma to open up the airways.

cannabis strains for Christmas


The Jesus hybrid cannabis strain is different than Jesus OG. This special blend combines Blue Dynamite and White Widow. It is a unique combination that smells lemony and herbal.

If paying attention is your downfall during the holidays, this is a good strain for that. Jesus also helps uplift the mind and spirit to improve your mood while also making laughing feel natural. This complex strain evens out to help relax your body too.

This is one of the most ultimate strains to seek out during the holiday season due to its complex profile and combination of effects that make it a near perfect strain.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a balanced hybrid that helps calm the mind while producing a little euphoria and boosting creativity. The uplifting nature of this hybrid complements its orange creamsicle with a hint of  lemon flavor well.

If you are prone to headaches, it might be best to avoid this strain. In heavier doses, it can produce a headache, but oddly may also help a headache. This is also a good strain for those with ocular conditions where eye pressure is an issue. It is also a good idea to have some moisturizing eye drops available too.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria may have you feeling festive enough to chime in on a family version of “Ave Maria”. This is a sativa that also helps boost energy. It is said to hail from Brazil. The parent plant was a result of breeding Silver Pearl with Mexican Haze.

You may also see this strain listed as Planck.

The effects are long-lasting and may help you find time for your spouse with its arousing effects.  You’ll have a good time laughing with family, friends and the kids with Santa Maria.

The flavor and aroma profile is invigorating with hints of fruit and flowers.

This is another complex sativa as it energizes, relaxes and uplifts. For those dealing with a little extra stress, the holiday blues or a lack of appetite – this is the strain for you this holiday season.

Closing Thoughts

These cannabis strains for Christmas might be hard to find in some markets. Cannabis may help you get through a long day of celebrating, if you choose a sativa for a boost of energy. You may also be able to maintain a calm mood and put the holiday blues away for the day. Microdosing might help prevent the need for a nap in the middle of the day.

If you prefer a CBD vape product but have a specific strain you enjoy the flavor of, consider one of Canna Trading Co.’s disposable vape pens. Choose your favorite strain and enjoy the same flavor without the high. If you can’t find one of the cannabis strains for Christmas listed above, CBD vape is a good substitute. 

Happy Holidays from Canna Trading Co.!

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