Your Top “Are CBD” Questions Answered

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Your Top Are CBD Questions Answered

Next in our series of top CBD questions is the “are CBD” category. Sure, you could go and search all of your questions individually, but having these handy guides that address several in one place are much more convenient. Canna Trading Co. enjoys educating our readers and making things easier to understand about this industry. CBD is still quite confusing to many because it’s still pretty “new” to a lot of people. Our goal is to make things easy to understand and provide guides that are easily accessible to answer the many questions you might have.

Are CBD Edibles More Effective than Tinctures?

There are multiple delivery methods for CBD. It’s often asked which are the most effective. It’s not a cut and dry answer. For some people, edibles are ideal. For others, tinctures, vape, topicals and other delivery methods are more effective for their individual needs.

The bioavailability of edibles like gummies, brownies and prepared foods is lower than other CBD delivery methods. This is because it is in a food item which travels through several systems of your body and the digestive system before it’s distributed to your bloodstream. Please review our guide on Why the Bioavailability of CBD Matters. This will also help you understand what percentage of the CBD in the product you’re using actually becomes available to your body.

The dose of CBD is often higher in edibles due to the bioavailability. It is important to learn how to calculate how much CBD your body is actually getting from the dose on the package. This will help you gauge how many milligrams your body receives and if it is appropriate for your body’s individual needs.

CBD edibles that are hard candies or those that stay in your mouth a little longer tend to reach be close to the maximum bioavailability for edibles because the sublingual glands in your mouth are able to absorb and distribute some of that CBD a little faster.

gummy bearsAre CBD Buds Legal?

This is a complex question. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act and is once again an agricultural crop. There are still just a few states that still haven’t legalized CBD in any form in their states – like Idaho. In Idaho, any amount of THC in a product deems it illegal. Their state law has not been updated.

The USDA is working on reviewing proposed hemp regulations for many states now. Even though hemp is legal at the federal level, most states don’t have appropriate testing equipment to differentiate hemp from cannabis – they can only detect the presence of THC, not how much. This makes it difficult.

What you can do is keep ALL of your paperwork including receipts and ask for a copy of the lab report for that specific strain and batch. Keep it with your product at all times to help prove that the flower you have is really hemp. Hemp, according to federal definitions, must contain 0.3% THC or less.

In most of the U.S. CBD flower is legal. It’s best to review your state’s laws prior to purchasing CBD flower just to be sure.

big hemp flower buds in a glass jar

Are CBD Patches Safe?

Transdermal CBD patches aren’t available in all markets but are available from some online CBD retailers. Generally speaking, as long as you don’t have any sensitivities or allergies to typical medical-grade adhesives, you should be fine. Your skin is able to absorb the CBD topically. Several of the patches on the market today are designed to stay on your body for 24 hours.

Do not apply the patches to the same spot every day. Make sure you use a new location daily and clean that location first. Patches stick to freshly cleaned skin better.

It is ideal to review the type of material that the patch is made of and the type of adhesive that is used first. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to the materials, it’s best to avoid those brands.

If you cannot use CBD patches for any reason, consider topicals instead. Canna Trading Co. offers Relief CBD Muscle & Joint Cream and Refresh CBD Facial Cream. You can also use any of our CBD tinctures to make your own topicals at home. Search our blog for the dozens of recipes that we have available for DIY CBD topicals, facials and at-home spa treatments.

Are CBD Edibles and Beverages Legal?

CBD companies cannot offer CBD in food items or beverages for interstate sales according to the FDA. CBD also cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement. You can make your own CBD edibles and beverages at home. If you have a local cannabis dispensary or CBD store it is likely that CBD edibles and beverages are available.

It isn’t known when the FDA might come out with regulations for CBD edibles and beverages, but that’s okay because we have dozens and dozens of recipes for you on our blog to include CBD in just about any type of food or beverage. If you can’t source it locally, it’s just as easy to make your own CBD edibles and beverages at home.

Hemp oil and CBD – Are they the Same?

Yes, CBD and hemp oil are the same thing. This is so confusing for consumers. There are 2 oils that come from hemp plants – hemp oil and hemp seed oil. Hemp oil contains CBD, hemp seed oil does not. Hemp seed oil is often sold as hemp oil on wholesale, mass retail websites in ridiculous volumes for very cheap prices. You might think you’re getting a good deal, but the truth is – retailers like Amazon really have no idea what hemp oil is. CBD brands cannot say CBD on Amazon – Amazon prohibits it. So, they have to say hemp oil instead – which does nothing but confuse consumers.

Here’s how to know what you’re getting if you do choose to stray from Canna Trading Co. products and venture into one of those mass retail websites:

  • Hemp seed oil is not measured in milligrams
  • Selling 35,000 mg of hemp oil for less than several hundred dollars is just not feasible
  • If it is a 1 fl. oz. bottle and it says that there are 35,000 mg of hemp oil (CBD) in the bottle, that dose is far too much and is an unreasonable dose
  • Compare prices with legitimate CBD manufacturers like Canna Trading Co. We keep our prices affordable and post our lab reports.
  • Mass retailers don’t require lab reports and don’t follow up with these brands to ensure that the products they’re selling are real CBD, are clean/safe and use safe ingredients

To ensure that you’re buying safe, clean CBD products – stick with established, respected brands like Canna Trading Co.

Canna Trading Co. 1500 mg Vanilla CBD TinctureClosing Thoughts

We hope that this helps clear up some of your questions. We’re more than happy to elaborate on any of them and answer any questions that you might have. There is never a “dumb question” when it comes to CBD – education is important and we’re here to help you understand what you’re taking, how to take it and how often to take it – and anything else CBD related.

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