Top Athletes Who Love CBD

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Athletes who love CBD

Athletes who love CBD are coming out and being more vocal about their success with the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. While most can’t use anything related to cannabis while playing or even in training, off-season and after retirement is when you see more athletes using CBD. Some athletes who love CBD are getting into the industry and starting businesses of their own. Others work to advocate for professional sports organizations to relax their policies regarding cannabis and cannabis-related items.

These are some of the Athletes who Love CBD

The list of athletes who love CBD is growing. At first, they were afraid to speak out about their support of the cannabinoid for fear of retaliation from their associated leagues. Now that athletes have tried CBD for themselves and have reported having success with it, they’re letting their voices be heard.

Mickey Gall – UFC Fighter

Mickey Gall is a UFC fighter who just happens to love Canna Trading Co. CBD products. Staying in optimal health is tough for a fighter. Their training is demanding and it depletes the body sometimes. Mickey says that he uses Canna Trading Co. CBD products to support recovering from those tough workouts and fights.

Gina Mazany – Female MMA Fighter

Gina Mazany is one a member of the athletes who love CBD group. This MMA fighter has openly said that she uses CBD before a fight. She says that it supports pre-fight anxiety.  She’s not alone. The MMA and UFC fighting community are big fans of CBD. Some, like Nate Diaz, have used CBD vape on camera during an interview.

She’s said, “There are so many ways that CBD can benefit everyone in one way or another.”

Former Detroit Lions Players Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims

Calvin Johnson was once a star receiver for the Detroit Lions. He’s now retired and is advocating for the NFL to loosen its cannabis use penalties within the league. Johnson also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016, and needed a little help getting through the show. He used a CBD topical while on the show due to swelling in his ankles.

His personal experience with CBD led him to team up with Rob Sims.

Sims said, “When I was finished playing, the prescriptions from the docs stopped. It’s a slippery slope when you come out of the league and you’ve got all the Oxy and Vicodins or whatever you have to manage the pain. There has to be a substitution and cannabis ended up being that for me, and helped my wife who suffered from Crohn’s disease.”

The pair has been prequalified for a Michigan dispensary license.

More NFL players are coming out in support of CBD and medical cannabis use.

Former Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Rob Sims

Marvin Washington – Former NFL Defensive End

Marvin Washington is one of the more vocal athletes who love CBD. He said he didn’t use cannabis when he was active in the NFL. He’s got a lot of aches and pains resulting from the abuse his body took while playing. Today, CBD is a part of his everyday routine.

His choices of delivery methods are topicals and tinctures. Washington says he uses topicals on sore muscles and joints.

Marvin Washington isn’t just one of the athletes who love CBD; he’s also an advocate for cannabis law reform. He’s involved in a challenge of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act that ropes cannabis into the same category as dangerous drugs like heroin, LSD, cocaine and other deadly substances.

Eugene Monroe – Retired Baltimore Ravens Player

Eugene Monroe was a lineman for the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a cannabis and CBD advocate. He’s gone as far as donating $80,000 toward researching the benefits of CBD for traumatic brain injuries. Monroe is already a part of the cannabis industry in his partnership with Green Thumb Industries.

Monroe is fighting along with dozens of retired and current NFL players to get the league to loosen up its policy on cannabis use. Players want to be able to choose what they use to help their bodies recover from the excessive physical demand of the NFL season as well as helping their bodies recover from injuries.

Eugene Monroe playing for the Baltimore Ravens

David Ahrens – Former NFL Linebacker

David Ahrens played for the Indianapolis Colts. He was prescribed opioids for years due to pain resulting from years of injuries. He played for 10 years. Following his retirement, he was turned onto CBD and hasn’t turned back since.

He said, “I enjoyed a 10-year playing career [from 1981 to 1990]. I have taken more pain pills in that time than most people have in their lifetime. I wish I had known about the benefits of CBD much earlier.”

Chris Camozzi – MMA Fighter

Chris Camozzi is another MMA fighter that isn’t hiding his CBD use. He uses CBD for supporting inflammation and fight-associated pain. By his own admission, using CBD helps him remain capable of continuing to participate in MMA activities.

Camozzi suffered a devastating knee injury and used CBD to help him recover. He hasn’t put it down since. He’s gone as far as saying that it’s “drastically improved his overall health and wellness”.

Ryan VandenBussche – Retired NHL Enforcer

Ryan VandenBussche played professional hockey for 14 years and suffered over 20 concussions on top of dozens of other injuries. He wanted something other than doctor-prescribed opiates to support his recovery. Once he found out about CBD and tried it for himself, he became an advocate.

He’s not only a CBD user, but he’s also an educator that helps people understand what CBD can and can’t do.

He’s had success with CBD and is working on turning his 64-acre farm in Canada into a medical cannabis cultivation location. His goal is to help people well into the future.

Closing Thoughts

Athletes who love CBD aren’t just saying that they do – they’re making their voices heard. All over the world, in every sport – players are voicing their support of league substance abuse and ban changes. Athletes want options and they want a non-addictive option, a non-intoxicating option – a safer option than manmade pharmaceuticals. The amount of support for CBD among athletes only grows as more studies indicate that CBD could support them better than opiates.

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