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Top Orange Tasting Cannabis Strains

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top orange tasting cannabis strains

These orange tasting cannabis strains are pretty popular in most legal cannabis markets. Many cannabis users are partial to a particular flavor profile. Orange is a popular choice as it is refreshing, awakens the taste buds and can make a strain more enjoyable. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top orange tasting cannabis strains for those who prefer a familiar flavor. Choosing a strain with an orange flavor may help you decide on a healthier snack when the munchies kick in.

Our Top Orange Tasting Cannabis Strains

There’s nothing like the bright, citrus flavor of a fresh orange. If orange is one of your favorite flavors, give these orange tasting cannabis strains a try. Think about your munchies ahead of time too — orange slices, fresh orange, orange smoothies, chocolate orange candy or even an orange creamsicle. 

Tangerine Dream

This orange tasting cannabis strain fits right in and is a good option or a medical cannabis patient’s rotation.Tangerine Dream is a well-balanced hybrid. Its flavor is bright and refreshing – like you’re eating a fresh tangerine. This hybrid came to be by crossbreeding Afghani, Neville’s A5 Haze and G13.

When you need fast pain relief but are particular with your cannabis flavors – Tangerine Dream is an ideal option. It’ll help keep you focused, energized and relaxed. In higher doses though – it may pull a reverse on you and leave you couchlocked.

Higher doses may also bring about a slight headache and a little dizziness. No matter what dose you choose, have plenty to drink close by because your mouth may feel like it’s full of sand. Tangerine Dream can cause extreme dry mouth – but the intense dry mouth also helps you hydrate your body better.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is reminiscent of the soda, Orange Crush. It’s a little sour on the back end, but up front it is full of orange flavor that wakes up your taste buds – let’s not forget the fast acting cerebral buzz that comes along with it. A big benefit of this hybrid is that the effects are long lasting.

The orange flavor comes from the California Orange component of the blend. Blueberry is the other half of this strain’s genetics and is what aids the sweet, smooth finish.

A big benefit of Orange Crush is that it isn’t overwhelming. It has an average THC percentage of 15%, which is middle ground for novice and experienced users.

This hybrid is great after a stressful day when you just want to feel happy and mellow with a little boost of energy to make it through the evening.

orange tasting cannabis strains Orange Crush


Clementine is a sativa that helps energize the mind and body. The fresh citrus flavor has hints of sweetness too. This is an ideal strain if you’re having an “off” day. It helps uplift the mind to improve your mood and induces happiness.

It can help with daytime headaches and minor daytime pain as well. For those with high-stress jobs or living situations, Clementine should make those stresses easier to deal with.

You may crave a fruity snack afterwards. The parents of Clementine are Lemon Skunk and Tangie.

This is a strain for users of any experience level. In heavier doses, however, a little dizziness may be experienced.

Tangerine Kush

Tangerine Kush is for those that need a good indica strain in the evening. It is found easier in California markets. The buds should be covered rather heavily in bright orange hairs.

The effects don’t really last long, so you can microdose a few times in the evening, but the effects do present themselves quickly. Happiness and relaxation set in and all is right with the world again. After a busy, hectic day – Tangerine Kush can help you relax and force laziness for a little while.

Unlike traditional indicas, the effects of Tangerine Kush are mostly cerebral. There are some body sensations, but not as heavy as other indicas.

Tangerine Kush

Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie is a sativa that came to be from cross breeding the infamous East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie. The inclusion of Sour Diesel is where the sour part of the strain comes from. It does resemble the flavor of sour orange but is also a bit funky from the diesel and skunky tones. East Coast Sour Diesel does have some citrus flavor to it, so that does help add to the uplifting orange/citrus flavor.

The effects do come on quite strong and can be dizzying for novice users. The effects also hang around for a while – typically about 90 minutes in moderate doses. This is a good daytime strain for stress reduction, depression improvement, energy production and appetite improvement. It’ll help some with moderate pain too.

Be forewarned – the munchies are strong with this strain. It might be a good idea to make your meal beforehand so that you don’t overeat and fall asleep. This is one of the orange tasting cannabis strains that might have you visiting the kitchen a few times. 

Orange Velvet

Orange Velvet is a hybrid that may have you craving a creamsicle. It has a forward orange flavor with a creamy, vanilla-like ending. The aroma matches the flavor. It may be a good idea to have a box of creamsicles in the freezer waiting if you do locate this strain.

It’s hard to find these days, but is a helpful for those with minor pain, stress and depression. It’s also ideal for those that need their spirits uplifted. One of Orange Velvet’s main benefits is how long the effects last – up to 2 or 3 hours for some users. The effects are not overwhelming either – it’s a nice, mellow high that allows you to function and remain clear-headed.

Orange Velvet hybrid


Tangilope is a very interesting sativa. It is a combination of Tangie and Chocolope, so its flavor profile is very complex. Chocolope brings the complexity as it does taste a bit like dark chocolate and coffee. The terpenes in this strain, when cultivated properly, are very strong. The terpene profile makes the aroma of Tangilope smell exotic.

When you just need to have some fun if life has stressed you out, this is the strain for you. It induces happiness and makes you laugh. If your creativity has been lacking, Tangilope will help with that too. Energy also increases after a small dose.

This is one of the orange tasting cannabis strains that may be difficult to find. It’s more common on the West Coast than the East Coast. 

Double Tangie Banana

Double Tangie Banana is becoming more popular. This hybrid blends Banana Sherbet and Tangie. If you save the resin, it maintains its orange aroma. The flavor is fruity, with orange being the dominant flavor but it rounds out to end with the flavor of bananas.

This is an ideal hybrid for afternoon and evening use to help ease depression, increase energy and alleviate stress. It can also help with minor to moderate pain and may help those with eating difficulties.

Closing Thoughts

You may have noticed that Tangie is a common strain in many of these hybrids. Its deep orange flavor makes it a popular choice for strain creators and cross-breeders to maintain the desired citrus flavor. If these orange tasting cannabis strains can’t be found in your local market, consider requesting them. It may start a trend and bring some of these tasty, medicinally beneficial strains into the spotlight.

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