The Latest Trends in CBD

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The Latest Trends in CBD

As the industry grows, trends in CBD come and go quickly. Some stick around as they’re found to make sense for those trying them. What are the latest trends in CBD? Do they make sense for you? Of course, some might sound a little silly, but that’s likely why they’re called trends.

CBD Workouts

For the last several months, those using CBD before, during or after a workout has significantly increased. For some it’s for supporting better responses to inflammation triggers and for others, it’s supporting better reactions to stressors or anxiety-inducing situations. There are several different ways in which CBD workouts make sense.

CBD topicals are also a common factor in CBD workouts. Using a topical rub, cream or salve might help with aches and pains from the essential oils and additional ingredients in the formulas. CBD topicals are also popular after workouts.

Some say that CBD is helpful in recovering after a workout, however, there is no scientific data to back this up – it’s merely anecdotal information from those that use CBD based upon their personal experiences.

MMA Fighter Mickey Gall uses Canna Trading Co. products after workouts. Watch his video using Canna Trading Co. hemp CBD products on YouTube.

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CBD Facials and Spa Treatments

You may have noticed that more spas are offering CBD facials and other spa treatments. We’ve also provided several recipes for DIY facials and spa treatments that you can make at home using Canna Trading Co. tinctures.

Many people like to use CBD in their facials and spa treatments for the terpenes. Terpenes have recognized merit when it comes to health and beauty. Some even enjoy adding a few drops of CBD oil to their daily moisturizers. Canna Trading Co.’s Renew CBD Facial Cream already has CBD in it, so the mixing is already done for you.

CBD massages are also gaining popularity. There are now several different brands of CBD massage oil available, but of course – you can also make your own at home using the Canna Trading Co. tincture that you already have on hand. Massages are great for relaxation and following injuries. For those with chronic muscle, spasm or other back pain issues – a massage may be just what the doctor ordered to release tension that might be causing more pain and/or spasms.

CBD Bath Bombs

The CBD bath bomb trend seems to come and go. There are now companies that are making CBD bath bombs, but you can also make your own at home pretty easily. It’s fun to get into a fizzy bubble bath, but how much CBD is your skin actually soaking in? The science isn’t available on that yet, but it’s something that people seem to enjoy.

The fun thing about CBD bath bombs is that you can make your own using any combination of essential oils that you want. So, you could combine essential oils purely for aromatherapy to relax or you could combine a certain set of oils for muscle aches or even for skin health purposes.

Colored bath bombs

CBD Coffee and Water

CBD drinks are still trending. As soon as CBD coffee and CBD water hit the market, they immediately became a trend. Most of the doses of CBD in CBD coffee are small, around 10 mg. However, the bioavailability of liquids is a little higher than in CBD edibles. Most of the CBD coffee products available are in coffee pods. If you don’t have a coffeemaker that uses pods, you could open the pod and put it into a traditional filter with additional ground coffee.

Some wonder how CBD water is made since oil and water don’t mix. There’s a special process that breaks down the particles of CBD so small that they combine with water. Most of the CBD water available is made with CBD isolate. It’s just easier to break down into these miniscule particles.

It’s preferred that CO2 extracted CBD isolate is used as this process already makes the particles so much smaller. This also increases the bioavailability of the CBD in water. When the particles are so miniscule, they are able to enter the bloodstream faster.

When we say that the particles are smaller, we mean nano-sized. A CBD molecule is becomes one-millionth of its original size.

Some CBD water manufacturers use a process called micro-emulsion. An emulsion is a process of combining multiple liquids that really shouldn’t go together – like oil and water or oil and vinegar in salad dressings.

CBD Skincare Products

Also trending in CBD is CBD skincare products. These products range everywhere from CBD lip balm to CBD makeup. Yes, these products do cost a little more than your typical products. You also aren’t likely to find these in all areas of the U.S.

If you are looking for CBD skincare products, it’s best to look at local CBD retail locations. You’re more likely to find them online though.

When it comes to these skincare products, you use them as you would any other skincare product. You apply the makeup the same. You use lip balm as often as you need to.

Most CBD skincare products are made using natural ingredients. It’s important to read the label for the list of ingredients to ensure that they don’t contain anything that you might have an allergy or sensitivity to. Even with natural products, if you have an allergy to avocados, you’ll likely have a sensitivity to avocado oil – the same goes with different nut oils like sweet almond or walnut oil.

When removing CBD skincare products, it’s quite simple. Most of the time all you need is warm water and mild soap.

makeup applicators and eyeshadow

Closing Thoughts

These trends in CBD don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The good thing about trends in CBD is that they seem to stick around. None of them really seem to be fads that are heard about for a couple of months and disappear. When new brands come out, it sparks new interest and rejuvenates the trend all over again. That is one thing that helps keep CBD and all of its uses in the spotlight.

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