Unusual CBD Products

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Unusual CBD Products

Unusual CBD products are getting a lot of attention. In the beginning, CBD capsules were really all there was. Then came tinctures and vape. Edibles, topicals and transdermal applications followed. Now, CBD is making its way into more and more products. Some of these unusual CBD products you may have thought of yourself but didn’t think it was practical for large-scale production.

Where are all of these unusual CBD products coming from?

Popularity of CBD in Unusual CBD Products

The CBD industry is still pretty young. Now that science is starting to show its efficacy and potential, everyone wants a piece of the pie. But, too many manufacturers in one space making the same products makes an industry oversaturated and crowded. This is where creativity comes into play.

Sure, you are going to see more CBD tincture and oil companies coming into the industry – but not all tinctures and oils are created equal. Terpene blends, CBD oil quality and the amount of CBD in a product all matter. Each company may have similar products, but have different angles and different variations.

New ways of incorporating CBD into products are becoming available rather frequently. Sure – some may be a complete miss, but most are novel ideas that catch on quickly. The founders of these methods are quickly making names for themselves in this bustling industry.

How these Unusual CBD Products Come to be

Unusual CBD products start with a concept or idea. That idea is likely based on an existing product that seems to be popular or has shown success in mass markets. One thing that makes CBD an attractive ingredient in these products is the endocannabinoid system’s need for additional cannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system plays a role in the most major functions of the body. It works directly with the central and peripheral nervous systems to help your body maintain balance (homeostasis). It influences or impacts almost every system or function in the body.

Some of the influences the endocannabinoid system has on the body include:

  • Anxiety
  • The digestive system
  • Emotions
  • Energy consumption/production
  • Fat distribution
  • Hormone production
  • hunger
  • Inflammatory system response
  • Immune cell production
  • Mood
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Perception of pain
  • Skin health
  • Sleep cycles

The endocannabinoid system really does have a role in just about everything your body does. This leaves the door wide open for CBD companies to conjure up new and exciting products, even if some of these end up being more unusual CBD products.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to introduce CBD into the body. As technology in the industry improves, the types of unusual CBD products – and even some practical applications, increases.

cannabinoid receptors

Base CBD Products

As we mentioned before, there are a few CBD products that the industry started with. First – capsules and softgels. Softgels contain liquid and capsules typically use a dry form of CBD, like those offered by us here at Canna Trading Co.

Canna Trading Co product lineCBD tinctures became a practical, and perhaps the most popular way to use CBD. Tinctures come in all different flavors, potencies and qualities. Each formula is created for a reason. Some CBD tinctures simply contain an essential oil or flavor while others, like ours at Canna Trading Co., include specific blends of terpenes to support positive responses in the body.

Vape and topicals are also typical products within the CBD industry. They’re popular and again, are available in a wide array of blends and applications.

CBD pet products used to be considered unusual, but they’ve quickly become part of the “typical type of product” group. CBD for pets is increasing in demand and popularity fast. Pet parents around the world are reporting results. Science hasn’t caught up to the fact that mammals have endocannabinoid systems – humans and common pets are mammals.

Newer and Slightly Unusual CBD Products

You’ve probably heard of some of these unusual CBD products, but in case you haven’t – here are just a few. Some might not even seem all that unusual since there seem to be a valid application for CBD in just about anything – really!

CBD Toothpaste

Have you ever considered brushing your teeth with CBD toothpaste? It exists. CBD and terpenes are great friends. Terpenes are an important role in toothpaste. How else does it get that fresh, minty flavor? Some essential oils and terpenes possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This makes CBD toothpaste a novel idea.

Can you add CBD to your toothpaste? Sure. It’s best to use CBD powder or isolate, but small amounts of CBD oil will mix in without a problem. If you already have CBD tinctures on hand, why not make your own and see how you like it?

unusual CBD productsCBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories, yes these do exist, are fairly new to the market. These are an option for those with IBS and are said to be effective for menstrual pain. There are vaginal and anal suppositories made. Women are on the fence. Some love them; some can’t stand the idea of putting a suppository anywhere during that time of the month.

Suppositories work similarly to tinctures in how they’re absorbed. Both the vagina and anal passage contain capillaries. These capillaries are a direct like to your bloodstream – in which CBD needs to enter to circulate through the body. It’s said that they take about 15 minutes to start working and might last as long as 8 hours.

CBD Mixers

CBD cocktails are gaining curiosity from alcoholic beverage enthusiasts.  Several CBD companies are taking note of this and making CBD mixers specifically to add something new to your favorite adult beverage.

When your cocktail needs a little something extra, hunt down CBD bitters.

Bitters go well with:

  • Bourbon
  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Dark rum
  • Tea

Get creative and make some new recipes for your next gathering.

CBD Sweeteners

Although a little hard to find, CBD sugar and other sweeteners (like CBD honey) are available. These are great for cooking and baking applications – not to mention in your morning coffee.

You can also find CBD chocolate discs for making candy and dessert sauces. CBD stevia or sugar syrup can be used to make CBD caramel sauce.

CBD honey

Closing Thoughts

What are some of the most unusual CBD products you’ve heard of? This industry is evolving so quickly that it’s difficult to know what every CBD product on the market is. Not all products are available in all markets. What’s unique for your specific area?

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